All about the web series starring Meaghan Martin and Tyler Blackburn.

    WendyWendy is a web series centering around the main character Wendy Darling (Meaghan Martin), a teenage girl who begins to have dreams of a mysterious boy named Pete (Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars). In an effort to find him in the real world, she goes on a magical journey.

    After finding him, she needs to decide between the boy she loves and Pete from her dreams.

    The series features music by actor/musician Tyler Blackburn.

    Watch the full series here!


    1. taylork99 Said:

      is there going to be a second season?

    2. munnah nimely Said:

      i love this new show i can’t went to see what will happened

    3. Bethan Said:

      Have not watched it yet but really want to xxxx getting it soon xx

    4. Tyra Said:

      Wow I am the only one who found that ending to be a metaphor for sucide? They explained how depresssed she way and at the end she drowns and taken away by the man she dreampt about.

    5. Fiona Said:

      Is there anywhere this series can actually be watched?

    6. Anna Said:

      I want to be able to watch this in New Zealand, are you able to release the youtube videos so we can? Thanks

    7. caitlin Said:

      really!? i cant watch this where i live !! uhh. i only live in canada, NOT a different planet

    8. georgia Said:

      i can’t too.I’m from greece and i want so much to see the full series!!!Please do something about it!

    9. Kata Said:

      Same problem here; I watched 5 eps but cannot get through to the last one:( , need a link

    10. Heidi Said:

      I really like this show. Like everyone on here are you looking into makeing this into a show. If so good. Even if it’s just on the internet that would be cool.

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