All about the web series starring Meaghan Martin and Tyler Blackburn.

    WendyWendy is a web series centering around the main character Wendy Darling (Meaghan Martin), a teenage girl who begins to have dreams of a mysterious boy named Pete (Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars). In an effort to find him in the real world, she goes on a magical journey.

    After finding him, she needs to decide between the boy she loves and Pete from her dreams.

    The series features music by actor/musician Tyler Blackburn.

    Watch the full series here!


    1. taylork99 Said:

      is there going to be a second season?

    2. munnah nimely Said:

      i love this new show i can’t went to see what will happened

    3. Bethan Said:

      Have not watched it yet but really want to xxxx getting it soon xx

    4. Tyra Said:

      Wow I am the only one who found that ending to be a metaphor for sucide? They explained how depresssed she way and at the end she drowns and taken away by the man she dreampt about.

    5. Fiona Said:

      Is there anywhere this series can actually be watched?

    6. Anna Said:

      I want to be able to watch this in New Zealand, are you able to release the youtube videos so we can? Thanks

    7. caitlin Said:

      really!? i cant watch this where i live !! uhh. i only live in canada, NOT a different planet

    8. georgia Said:

      i can’t too.I’m from greece and i want so much to see the full series!!!Please do something about it!

    9. Kata Said:

      Same problem here; I watched 5 eps but cannot get through to the last one:( , need a link

    10. Heidi Said:

      I really like this show. Like everyone on here are you looking into makeing this into a show. If so good. Even if it’s just on the internet that would be cool.

    11. Noura Eleid Said:

      Hi – where can we watch or purchase the Wendy series? It seems to have been permanently removed from Youtube. Are you planning to bring it back? Or pick up from where the series left off? For just 6 minute episodes, it had a way of drawing you in – so magical! I hope you’ll bring it back, even if only to make the series available to watch or purchase.

    12. Heather Said:

      Hey everyone I watch this web series on YouTube. Just type in Wendy Macy’s web series and then the episode number and it will bring you right to it.

    13. Rosie Said:

      The Playlist on Youtube is private, are the episodes still up because I would love to see them!!!
      xxxx Rosie

    14. Tabitha Said:

      Seriously though, I really want to watch these- how can i find/ buy episodes???

    15. Jane Said:

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