All about the web series starring Kelsey Sanders, Natalie Floyd, Samantha Cope, and Noelle Lange.

    privatePrivate is a web series about romance, privilege, and murder.

    Reed Brennan can’t believe her luck when she’s accepted to Easton Academy, an exclusive New England boarding school.

    Life on campus is an endless parade of cute boys, parties, and special privileges—especially for Easton’s elite Billings Girls.

    Reed is dying to become one of them, but the Billings Girls aren’t nearly as perfect as they seem.

    The girl who used to live in Reed’s room met a tragic end, and with shocking discoveries and dark secrets lurking around every corner, Reed will be lucky if she survives her first semester.

    Starring Kelsey Sanders as Reed, Natalie Floyd as Ariana Osgood, Samantha Cope as Noelle Lange, and Tristan Mays as Taylor Bell.




    1. KalebsGirl Said:

      umm…is there anymore episodes? this was so short and confusing…boring there more? i love the books….

    2. Cathy Smith Said:

      i didnt see anything bcuz the account is disabled

    3. Caroline Fray Said:

      does anyone know where I can watch the show in a different language than Spanish ?

    4. marquis Said:

      where can i find the full episodes?

    5. kk Said:

      same question

    6. relaxa Said:


    7. Diana Said:

      Where can I find the episodes to the web series? I have looked EVERYWHERE! Please. Someone.

    8. Alicea Said:

      I love the books but the series are very short kinda entertaining but
      boring. I am a big fan but I am disatisfied.we need more series
      to make it fun cant wait no longer.. Big ratongs to the author..

    9. Vincent Terrace Said:

      I am the author of over 30 books on television and would like to include pictures from your web shows Private and Talent in a new book on Internet TV. Since I am limited to what I can say here, please contact me for more detailed information, including the publisher. Thank you.


    10. Renae Said:

      Where is the video?? Where else can I watch it?

    11. Michelle Said:

      These are NOTHING like the books, which is highly disappointing. They’re on YouTube. but not very many. Reed didn’t start out in Billings as the webisodes portray. I would be much more interested in watching this if it was what actually happened in the books. I love the books.

    12. Tara Said:

      I can’t even watch the episode. Does anyone else have this problem??

    13. Jules Said:

      the first episode wasnt anything like the books. recheck your info!!!!

    14. buy madden 16 coins ios Said:

      To hell with that bitch!

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