First Day

    All about the web series starring Tracey Fairaway, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Jesse Kove, and Bailey Noble.

    First DayEveryone knows that the first day of school can make or break your high school career, and Cassie Mitchell (Tracey Fairaway) is stuck in the most embarrassing, dorkifying first day. “Stuck” as in, she’ll have to repeat her first day again, and again until she gets it right. Will practice make perfect? Or is Cassie doomed to get called on, called out, and passed over by her hot new crush for all eternity?

    Watch the full series here!


    1. Zauberei Said:

      Aw, this was a really nice post. In concept I want to put in writing like this additionally

    2. Niall Said:

      Hi. I remember watching this series a while back, and when I decide to come back and re-watch it, I find that every episode is unavailable to me just because I live in the UK.

      You should make your videos view-able by a foreign audience because you’d get a lot more views. I assure you. It’s really upsetting to find out that I can’t watch this series anymore.

    3. Casey :) Said:

      Well I’ve previously seen this on tv once and tried to get it online to download for the trip back to Australia, but it turns out its not available to foreign countries/places :( please make it viewable. I love it and would appreciate to be able to watch it again

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