What We’re Watching: The Rabbit of Seville

    Bugs Bunny

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    In honor of us joining forces with Warner Brothers, I wanted to give a shout out to someone at the studio. While everyone is all about Batman right now for good and obvious reasons, the Dark Knight cannot hold a candle (or a carrot) to my favorite member of Warner Brothers: Bugs Bunny (no offense to my new bosses).

    While some people aspire to be superheroes, I aspire to be Bugs—I really do. He’s just so much cooler and funnier than I am. My favorite Bugs cartoon is The Rabbit of Seville. It’s Bugs and Elmer Fudd doing a version of Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville. I won’t bore you with the whole plot; it’s basically Elmer as a hunter chasing Bugs into a symphony hall, where they’re playing the overture to The Barber of Seville, and then chaos ensues. (This link will help.) Each beat of the story is exquisitely timed and just really, really funny. And honestly, I sometimes tear up a bit as I watch the climactic scene of Bugs (as the groom) taking Fudd (as the bride) up into the rafters above the stage for a short, ultimately painful honeymoon after they are married. I’m not sure why it gets me, given how silly it all is. Perhaps, it’s the sheer beauty of perfect storytelling, or maybe I’m a sucker for a happy(ish) ending. Anyway, glad to be playing for the same team as my hero now. . . . That’s all, folks!

    Joshua Bank is the Executive Vice President of Alloy Entertainment. He likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, he’s not into health food, he is into champagne . . . and playing golf, watching NASCAR (go Junior!), and spending time with his wife and three children.


    1. jeanne Said:

      As a life-long Bugs and Daffy fan, I applaud your aspiration because I share it! Bugs has a smart, understated cool – what more could we want from our screen idol?
      Jeanne Moran

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