Five Years After the Gossip Girl Pilot

    Gossip Girl Pilot Bus Scene

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    Last weekend I re-watched the pilot of Gossip Girl for no real reason – and it totally holds up, you guys! It’s awesome, but it’s even more awesome to go back and watch it knowing what we know now. For example, I was much more at ease watching the Chuck/Jenny roof scene knowing Chuck soon gives up forcing girls to have sex with him and just starts paying them for it. And even though I know Nate and Blair aren’t meant to be, it was fun to go back and remember what it was like to wonder if they were. And oh boy, remember when Taylor Momsen was cute and innocent and on the show?! The characters (and actors) have grown, hooked up, and been recast (check out Blair’s mom) in ways we never could’ve predicted, and I highly recommend going back and re-watching how it all began.

    But I have to warn you before you do this – there’s one thing that doesn’t hold up at all. I didn’t notice it when I watched the first episode six years ago, but it’s just so unrealistic and absurd that it really sticks out now.

    In the Gossip Girl pilot, Nate and Chuck RIDE THE PUBLIC BUS to school. And Dan Humphrey’s on it! Chuck asks if Dan is stalking him and Dan points out that he and Chuck go to the same school… they’re wearing the same uniform. Chuck replies with a dirty look. A great interaction BUT – what the OMFG is Chuck doing on a public bus?! Nate I can almost get. He’s kind of ashamed of his wealth and he really doesn’t want to be like his town car-riding parents. Plus, the Archibalds are just a handful of episodes away from bankruptcy. But Chuck?! There’s no way Chuck Bass rides anything public (especially something that costs only $2.25). Is this is major plot hole? Or had the writers originally envisioned a different version of this character? And that makes me wonder: what would Gossip Girl be like if Chuck actually rode the bus? Or…the subway?! I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure it’s a scary alternate reality that I don’t want to live in.

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    1. kacouzens Said:

      That is pretty weird that they rode the bus. I actually liked Nate and Blair as a couple. I mean, the books center around the Nate-Blair-Serena love triangle! Let’s bring it back please!

    2. Sophie Said:

      Did you notice chuck’s comments about his mother– a character we know he has been missing for years. He talks about her in a conversation with Nate

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