The Nine Lives of Chloe King Movie: Read the Script to the Shocking Conclusion! (EXCLUSIVE)

    Two years after the ABC Family series ended, the screenplay for the proposed wrap-up film is officially here!
    Grey Damon, Skyler Samuels, Benjamin Stone

    Photo Credit: ABC Family

    Raise your paw hand if you can recall the chaos that ensued in “Beautiful Day,” the explosive series finale for The Nine Lives of Chloe King. If you don’t, here’s a quick refresher: When viewers last saw Chloe King (Skyler Samuels), a descendant of the ancient Mai race, she had lost one of her nine lives courtesy of the assassin Simone. Brian (Grey Damon) appeared to have succumbed to Chloe’s fatal kiss, while Jasmine (Alyssa Diaz) and her mom, Valentina, the leader of the local Mai pride, were attacked by the unpredictably violent Zane (Daniel Sharman) and left to die.

    When the show ended, TNLOCK viewers were left clamoring for answers to all their burning questions. What was The Order’s mission? What were Whitley Rezza’s true motivations? What happened in Alek’s (Benjamin Stone) past? Was Meredith (Amy Pietz) ever going to learn about her daughter’s secret identity? And was Chloe going to choose Brian or Alek? Well, thanks to ABC Family and Alloy Entertainment, fans of the cult sensation are finally receiving a sense of closure by making the script to the unfilmed movie available online. Scroll on down to read the shocking ending in its entirety and to tie up all those loose ends!

    *UPDATE: If you’re unable to view the script below, click HERE for your chance to read it!

    The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Salvation by Alloy Entertainment

    The TV movie was penned by executive producer Dan Berendsen, who now runs Baby Daddy, and Ron McGee. The Nine Lives of Chloe King starred Skyler Samuels, Amy Pietz, Grey Damon, Grace Phipps, Benjamin Stone, Alyssa Diaz and Ki Hong Lee.

    So fellow Chloe King fans: Did the script wrap all those intense cliffhangers up for you? Tell us in a comment!

    Theo is a television enthusiast/digital editor at Alloy Entertainment. A conspiracy theorist at heart, this Greek gal is constantly on the look-out for horcruxes and is still trying to make sense of Lost Season 6. She’s been a devout TNLOCK fan since Day 1. Follow her musings on entertainment at @theodorag13.


    1. Yudit Said:

      It says that we cant read it because it was uploaded privet and the public cant read it. is there another way to read it, i’m dying to read what happened

    2. Theo Said:

      @Yudit Hi, Yudit. We tested it out and the script is showing up. But we want you to be able to read it of course: What browser or device are you using? Could you clear the cache on your browser and refresh? If that doesn’t work, let us know. Thanks so much!

    3. Kristen McNamara Said:

      I was unable to read the script because it was just blank page

    4. Nikita Said:

      Give us the movie!

    5. Theo Said:

      @Kristen McNamara Hi Kristen! Please note that we just tested out the page and the script player is working fine. However, you might not have the necessary software or might be viewing from your phone so we updated the post to include an alternate method of reading it. Hope that helps! 🙂

    6. Huda Said:

      I would love to see the movie for this,the chemistry between the actors was great!
      The script shows up fine for me 🙂

    7. Carmela Said:

      Why didn’t this become a movie? Why ABC, Why?

    8. Vera Said:

      After reading this…. I haven’t read everything yet, I intend on doing that tonight, but why, oh why didn’t you make the movie?! This would have been perfect, a terrific movie! Congrats Dan Berendsen and Ron McGee for writting the most amazing script ever made. It’s a shame abc family didn’t go further with the movie idea! Would you think of starting a kickstarter? I wouldn’t mind donating something so this movie could be made! I loved what I read so far! Thanks alloy for sharing the script!

    9. amy Said:

      Ohmigod! I loved that script! I would adore to see it as a movie… I love how it wrapped up… out to give anything away, but I love who ended up with whom and can’t get enough…. I want more! But I’m thankful for what I got. Thank you for releasing this… wasn’t sci fi, or whatever they are calling themselves these days, interested in picking this up? (Movie or TV show?) It seems right up their alley….. a 3 episode mini series is what they love to do (and are pretty good at if you ask me)

    10. L. S. Said:

      Why!!! I would love to see this played out as a movie. I was so disappointed when the series was cancelled and then got excited at the possibility of a movie and being disappoint what it didn’t come to pass. After reading the script I now want to see it in action! Thank you for sharing the script but PLEASE consider making it into a film so we can cherish it along with the short lived series!

    11. holyshit Said:


    12. Laura Said:

      That was amazing! Absolutely loved it! Especially the ending! Now the only thing that could make me happier is if they made the film

    13. Sabina Said:

      Thank you so much for posting the script! As one of this show’s biggest fans I really appreciated that the show got its closure. I would love if it became a movie but reading the script is the second best thing. I loved how the story was told and how it ended!

    14. Bre Anna Moss Said:


    15. Angela Said:

      ughh so sad the series didn’t continue. I twas actually my favorite show on abc family

    16. Kayla Said:

      I loved the script! Perfect ending! I would love to be able to watch it even more so that I read it, but I am happy to have closure.

    17. Kathleen Said:

      Thank you! It was great to have closure. Great story.

    18. Canzada Said:

      They HAVE to make this movie. It sounds like it would be amazing!!!! I’m so glad they decided to let us see what actually happened after he kissed her in the old theater though!!

    19. Vanessa Said:

      OMG! I love love the movie script! Whilst I was reading it, I read it w/ Alek’s English accent, Paul’s funny mannerisms, Amy squealing, Chloe & Jasmine kicking ass! Thank u Dan & Ron for this extraordinary, brilliant, funny, exciting script! I’m sleep deprived now but I couldn’t contain my excitement! It was worth it! U didn’t disappoint us fans! I hope Abc Family really does this movie! How they can pass up this amazing opportunity is beyond me! Pls pls do the movie!!!!

    20. Brittany K. Said:

      Is the movie going to be posted today at 9? I heard that and just wanted to check to see if it’s true. I was a HUGE fan of the show and really really want to see the movie!

    21. J Said:

      i loved this show!(especially alek/benjamin stone. i totally wish this script had been made a movie. i read the entire thing in less than half a day

    22. Lee richter Said:

      Yessssas chalek!!!!!! *squeels and jumps up and down with joy*

    23. mary Said:


    24. aimee Said:

      IT WAS SO GOOD. I can’t get over how perfect it was. Is there really no chance a real movie can be made? *sigh* But seriously, TNLOCK writers, absolute perfection. Best ending ever too, tbh.

    25. Jamie Said:

      I NEED THIS!! You have to make it into a movie

    26. Moni Said:

      Please make the movie! Now that the show is airing again you’ll have even more followers. Would be a great end as TV movie for ABC!!

    27. Jennie Said:

      Totally enjoyed the script, too bad it took two years to get it to us. And why abcfamily canceled it in the first place, I will never know. They always cancel the good shows and then keep the crap ones on…Would love to see this made into a movie!

    28. Anny Said:

      This is one of my favourite shows and I NEED THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. chloe Said:

      i loved the ending, loved the script loved that Jasmine didn’t die and i am so happy that Brian went to college although i prefer him dead! thank you so much Dan Brendson sorry if i spelt your name wrong!!

    30. Chalek Said:

      i love Chalek!! loved them from the beginning!! and hated BRIAN!!!!!

    31. Pilo Said:

      I am disappointed…i thought that the ”great news” were that finally a movie was going to be made…please make it!!! don´t you realize how many people want it?? DO THE MOVIE!!! and Skyler Samuels should be again Chloe… i can´t think of anyone better…

    32. Sarah Fortes Said:

      Oh my god this is amazing!Why the film has not been done?

    33. Stephanie Said:

      They should bring back the Nine Loves of Chloe king!!!!!! Keep the show Baby Daddy but they should cancel the other show they are playing! If they can’t do that then the least they can do is make this show into a movie. I think the owe that much to the viewers. They can’t just make a season and end with a cliffhanger, all their viewers and fans on their toes and then not tell them anything else! I say bring back the movie or give us a movie!!!!

    34. Stephanie Said:

      The Nine Lives Of Chloe King*
      I say bring back the tv show or give us a movie!!!!*

    35. Jacquelyn Said:

      OH MY GOD, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! I was so in love with the show, and I have been longing for even another second of it, so to get a conclusion is amazing! I wish it could’ve been on screen, but I still am so happy we got a script!!!

    36. Ayna B. G. Said:

      Please, oh please make this script to a movie. I really wanna see it happen, not just read it. I was so looking forward to this movie and after having read this script I would love to see it on screen and buy it on DVD even more.

    37. starla Said:

      This needs to be made. I loved the show and was very sad that a second season wasnt made. Someone needs to pick this up. It doesnt have to be ABC i mean if enough ppl ralley together maybe the CW or anyother production would. I think the show didnt have as much revenue due to the fact of pretty little liars had come out and there was a lot of hype about that show and the time slot kinda sucked for the age demographic needed. It’s a great show regardless and a movie IS NEEDED not just wanted.

    38. Crystal Said:

      I just finished reading it & it was absolute perfection!! Of course I wish they would’ve just made the movie..I still have some hope for that..but at least I know how it would have ended (:

    39. DrStrange10150 Said:

      I haven’t read it yet, but it is nice to be able to have some closure for the show. It’s just too bad that ABC Family will not allow it to be made as a movie.

      Thank you for allowing us to see this.

    40. MF Said:

      Love this! Make it a movie!!!

    41. Alex Said:


    42. Emma Said:

      What? This show is going to be off the hook!!

    43. Celine Said:

      Omy freakin GODD, i loved the script and I loveee Alek, why aren’t you guys making the movie?? I mean this is the best script ever and I would be sooo happy but I think I’m sure I’m not the only one
      This TV Show is as good as the Vampire Diaries and I’m the biggest fan of tvd, so I’m guessing that this could make a lot of money, so why won’t you just start filming the movie so that everyone’s happyy
      pleaseeeeeee I’m begging you
      xoxo Celine

    44. Michelle Said:

      When is the movie coming out? Please tell me there will be a movie!

    45. Gia Dattel Said:

      When you say online, do you mean a specific website, Netflix, Xfinity online, etc. Please elaborate!

    46. Ariel Dor Said:

      This was literally amazing and I’m so happy she ended up with Alek, PLEASE MAKE THE MOVIE you have no idea how many people will be thrilled and how much money it will make !!!!!!!!!!

    47. Tina Estes Said:

      why not just make the movie for rent on pay-per-view,dvd or something? This is down right stupid, If networks are going to bring out shows & not sure if they will do well then they need to make endings for them so that they can be watch or bought on dvd or in the box set when they sell it so at least it will have an ending so the one’s that did like & watch it will have closure…remember kyle-xy they did the same thing & left everything open!

    48. ASHLEY Said:

      I was so mad when the show didn’t come back. I love the show and miss it. Why didn’t it come back?

    49. Kira Said:

      I wish they would film this. I mean thanks for the script and all, it was fantastic. But I think for the fans to have real closure will be when the movie is made and aired on television. To me the script release is just a major tease. Please please please film this with the original cast from ABC Family, it would be totally amazing!!!!!

    50. nadia Said:

      OMG, i loved it! perfect! I have never read straight through something in my life until this… wish they would have filmed it. and I LOVE that she didn’t end up with Brian…it was to predictable, not to mention, her character was very different then that of the books anyways. so naturally, this Chloe made different decisions.
      Please bring the show back…at least film this.

    51. Kristen Said:

      Please make the movie!

    52. Diane Guilmette Said:

      I followed the series and after it went off air I read the books it was based on. I am so glad to finally have a resolution to what happened to my favorite characters. Thank you for making this possible.

    53. Baiba Said:

      Please, ABC make a show continuing from this script!! there are lot of fans of The Nine Lives of Chloe King who want to see characters acting..

    54. Rebecca Said:

      AWWWW wow why isn’t this a movie I just fell in love with Alek all over again !!! hahahaha Please make it a movie !!! I have missed this so much might end up watching the series again and then waiting on the end !!

    55. amelia Said:

      please make the new season,it’s great to read,but i want to watch them too. please please please 🙂

    56. emma Said:

      Why can’t you guys make the show because the script is confusing?
      Please make the new season!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Melissa Said:

      I LOVED THIS!!! I really wished that the script was put into production because I would have loved to see the cast act this script out. All my cliffhanger questions were answered, my fav. pairing made it to the end which was something that I was praying for(and something I’m so glad for because I was worried on that particular outcome after finding out the end pairings in the books). I truly just want to see Chalek get their deserved ending on screen! Having it on paper isn’t enough with them!!

    58. Madeline Said:

      I absolutely loved it, the whole thing, the beginning, the middle and the ending, especially the ending. Someone absolutely has to make this into an actual movie, I was so upset when the show ended and super excited to know about a movie, the script is cool, but I really wish I could see it in action. Whatever idiot thought I’d be a bad idea not to make this movie needs to have a meet and greet with Chloe’s claws.

    59. Janelle Said:

      You should definitely film this movie!!!

    60. Leah Said:

      This was a great resolution for the show. It would be awesome if they could make the movie. Even if I highly doubt it would happen. I would buy the movie. Thanks for letting us see the script.

    61. Jazmin Said:

      I watch this season over and over again it never gets old it’s nice to know the ending I thought it was supper cute ! I’m so glad they end up together I think this would be an awesome movie they should deffinetly film it !

    62. Houda Said:

      Loved it, but I was kind of hoping for Chloe to tell Brain she loves him. I love Alek but Chloe and Brain look cute together, and I think Brain is cuter

    63. Houda Said:

      Thank you for the script but please please film the movie,but this time make Brain Chloe’s lover caz he told her he loves her so many times but not a time she said it back. So please please please make Brain Chloe’s love if there’s a a film for this awesome script, please ans thank you

    64. KKGirl Said:


    65. summerrose Said:

      Mine wont work and i am freaking out can somebody please tell me what happens because i cannot live without knowing what happens!!! PLEASE anyone!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 the nine lives of chloe king if my best friend! 😉

    66. ヴィトン ショルダー Said:

      ロレックス クオーツ

    67. Sarah Said:

      I would just to like to point out that technically the curse would be broken since Chloe loves Alek and Alek is a son of the Pure, so she really didn’t miss her chance to break the curse. Also this was super super super good and should definitely be made into a movie!!!

    68. Евгения Said:

      Я не смогла понять, что тут написано, но мне хочется, чтобы хотя бы через несколько серий, когда зрители уже смиряться с тем, что Браен умер, он всё-таки ожил. Например, у его бабушки есть связи в Ордене и есть средство от этих Майя. Ну очень хочется! Очень жаль, что сериал закрыли. Сам по себе он интересный, но если его закрыли из-за низких рейтингов, то скорее всего из-за первых серий (или 1-ой серии), где на крыше Алик рассказывает, что они все из древнего рода Майя.Не надо раскрывать карты

    69. Евгения Said:

      Продолжаю своё сообщение: Надо было потянуть и не сразу рассказывать зрителям о Майя. Заинтриговать на пару серий.
      Продолжения конечно очень хочется.Если сравнивать с “Дневниками вампиров” и “Тайным кругом” – то “9 жизней Хлои” больше похож на “тайный круг”, который, увы, тоже закрыли. Эти 2 сериала более эмоциональные, драматичные и в то же время интересные. А “Дневники вампиров” уже из пальца выжимают, постоянный сюжет и никакой ИНТЕРЕСНОЙ любовной линии (после 3 го сезона).ХОТИМ ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЯ!

    70. Евгения Said:

      А ещё можно чтобы Браен просто стал парализован. Если его не будет в новом сезоне, то не будет интересна линия с его мамой, а так это ещё одна сюжетная линия может быть.

    71. Евгения Said:

      I want Chloe+Brian = to be together!!! And all of us (my friends) want to watch new series. PLEASE!!!)))

    72. J Said:

      Oh no!!! The 10th series was so romantic! Brian and Chloe must be together! He truely loves her, it couldn’t be a lie in last episode, when he was crying “I love you!”. May be then Brian was perplexed (confused, tangled), but he mustn’t belive his dad so simply! He must to investigate (understand, to check) if Chloe is really related to his dad’s death. When the man or guy love the girl, he tried to cover her, to find justification (to justify). P.S. I’m foreigner, sorry for mistakes:)

    73. Jane Said:

      Please… Brian is so sweet.. He is a perfect lover (guy) for Chloe. He loves her hard, more than strange shady Alex (who doesn’t know exactly who he is and on whose side he will be). May be it’s not so bad, that they (B&Ch) alienate, estrange for a while (it’s an interesting intrigue), but then they must understand each other! Kiss and be together… And you prefer to disapoint us in Brian and in love. He can’t be a bad character. Please, make Chloe with Brian:)

    74. chervonne Said:

      I am so happy that Chloe chose Alek. I absolutely thought that she would of chose Brian because of the book. I just want to know when is the movie coming out. I would love to see it and I been waiting for years for this movie. I was sure that you wasn’t going to make a movie but, now I am convince that you’e going to make us(fans) happy in so many way when you make our dreams come true.

    75. Kay1 Said:

      OHMIGOD, PLEASE MAKE THE MOVIE! I love The Nine Lives of Chloe King so much. Please make the movie. The script is good to read, but to have the movie made so fans could watch it and see the perfect kiss between Chloe and Alek would be the best thing in the whole entire world.

    76. lilac Said:

      that just made my life way better
      finally alek and chloe are together i watch alot of abc family show and i think by far the is the best one im really sad they cancelled the show. anyway thank you so much to whoever had the idea of uploading it.

    77. Atika Said:

      Please make the movie, we’ve been dying for a while just to wait for the next season of the nine lives of chloe king movie:'(

    78. Tati Said:


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    82. Geri Said:

      Now I don’t understand.Do they make a movie or not?

    83. Eva Said:

      We can do it. I want to see this movie so much)) Please)) Russia

    84. Nikita Said:

      So like this sript! It’s must be on the s teen!

    85. Nikita Said:


    86. Anne Said:

      Please make this happen, cant you ser how much people are begging for it? (Myself include)

    87. Katy Said:

      Ohmigod. I LOVED it!! It should most definitely be a movie it is so good!!! I especially loved it because at first I was like ugh… I will hate this it is a Brian and chloe love story ending. BUT SUCH A MAJOR TWIST I MEAN I LOVE CHALEK I HAVE BEEN FOR THEM SINCE THE BEGINNING. .I cannot express how much I loved this. it HAS to be a movie or I swear ABCfamily is such a major group of dumbasses.

    88. cayce Said:


    89. lymariz Said:

      I need a movie I was so mad they cancelled I hope either someone picks it up because its not like most shows it sticks out. I am so in love with Alec so CW please pick up or someone make movie out of this!!!!!!!

    90. lymariz Said:

      Omg I love it but they are missing like what’s up with her father was it him writing her or no?

    91. Emma Said:




    92. Sabrina H Said:

      I’d love for the movie to happen please please please it’s kinda like My Name is Earl (they ended that with a to be continued too 🙁 i hate not having closure)why oh why put us all threw that 🙁

    93. Leanna Said:

      I really wish this could be a movie or better yet another season. The Nine Lives of Chloe King was a really great show and loved by many. it’s really a shame that it had to come to an end after one season

    94. Sarah Said:

      This really is a great script. It totally wraps everything up beautifully. I would love to see this movie. The show really did need an ending.

    95. Megan Said:

      I read this script last night and it was magical. Before that I watched the last ten episodes and let’s face it: the season finale was extremely upsetting!(I’d say even more than playing Flappy Bird!)

      Howsoever I’m glad you published the script, because now we’re having a beautiful ending. I’m wishing so deeply, that it could be made into a movie, but I guess TNLOCK is really shut down. I know fans would have watched this movie, they’d have loved it and I know I won’t forget this show.

    96. Maruschka van Veen Said:

      I wish the made this movie, 10 episodes was to little for this story. I also really liked Alek & Chloe together and would have love to see this happen.

    97. Ingrid Colon Said:

      OMGGGG film the movie :((( plzzz

      i want to see it cuz i loved the script!!!!!

    98. Jennifer Hoey Said:

      I loved the script and hope they make this into a movie! I really wanted the loose ends tied up and I really liked the cast. I never read the books, so I wasn’t invested in any of the couples, but imo Brian/Chloe didn’t click for me. They were cute but in a sibling sort of way. I loved Skylar’s Chloe and Benjamin’s Alek! They brought out the best in each other and the chemistry was through the roof! They are nuts if they don’t bring this cast back to give us closure! Chalek 4 ever!

    99. Nicole Said:

      Omg im inlove with this movie and the script is just awesome cnt wait to see it!! <3

    100. Hannah Said:

      I want the show to come back forget the script even though it was nice to know what happened i still wa t the show back it was one of the best things i have ever seen it was a d still is my FAVORITE show if all time BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

    101. Crys Said:

      Why didn’t this happen? Though I am beyond thrilled Chloe and Alek were end game, I’d rather see it more than read it. Come on ABC you can still make this happen. You have the script now get the actors back and make this fantastic movie continuation of the amazing show!

    102. Renee Said:

      I really, really, want a movie! Alek is terrific, cannot believe he and Brian are…related. This would be spectacular!

    103. Zoey Said:

      I LOVED it. The ending was just perfect. I miss the show!!!

    104. Zoey Said:

      PLEASE make the movie!!!you gave us a script, but why not go all the way and film it! I’m sure the cast of the show would love to come back. It would be the best movie!

    105. theresa Said:

      Loved the series I was sorry ABC Family cxld it. I was so left up in the air that I bought the 3 books the series was based on. The ending was different in the books but I like the twist the screen writers made. So it was a happy ending for all. Thank you for shareing it!

    106. namjoo Said:

      OMGIGOD!!!♥♥♥ I feel in LOVE. Ughhh why ABC family, why? This movie script is far more better then Pretty Little Liars, ( I used to like PLL but its getting really boring now, but when I saw this show again I just wnted so much more! Can you please somehow make something work out for another season
      Or make the movie! I’m pretty sure it will get A LOT of hits. People are waiting for something, I know that the shiw is about a year old but can’t you promote it? please find away!

    107. namjoo Said:


    108. Julia Said:

      I have been waiting years for any sign of anything, just today I read the book series and watched the whole series(season 1) and my curiosity got the best of me, thank god it did because the ending was perfect!!!!

    109. Sandra Said:

      The script was amazing I would love to see this as a movie I really loved this show and the movie would be amazing I always knew Alek and Chloe would end up together they are perfect for each other still can’t believe Brian and Alek are related still its amazing I’m so happy that Chloe and Alek ended up together they are seriously my fav couple I love them

    110. Said:

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    111. Beyda Said:

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I loved it especially the ending!!!!!!!!!!!

    112. andrea Said:

      This was amazing! But we still never found out what happened to her dad? Is he dead? Why did he leave? Other than that thank you so much for this I really needed some closure

    113. Fernanda Said:

      Excellent work. I am from Chile and I had to read each page with Google Translate. But I still think they should do a movie or even better a second season. I love you TNLOCK
      PD: Sorry if my English is not very good, I’m taking the Google translator should translate the script into Spanish for people who do not speak English. Greetings from Chile!

    114. Fernanda Said:

      By the way I love Alek, good thing he stayed with, I love this couple, but they did not solve the mystery dad of Chloe. Alek I love you!

    115. Kayli143 Said:

      So is the movie actually going to made? or is the script all we, the NLOCK fans, are going to get for the rest of our lives? I think I speak for all of the fans when I say that the first and only season (of ten episodes) wasn’t as fullfilling as we would like. Yes, there were low ratings, but what about all of the unanswered questions? We get really into the first season to have it be cancelled and then only get a movie script, it just doesn’t seem fair for anyone, the characters or the fans!!!!

    116. acoulss Said:

      That would’ve been a great movie.

    117. kate Said:

      This is one of my favorite shows from ABC and I don’t really get why it ended but PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK.

    118. Olivia Said:

      Exactly why is this not being produced? This would be an amazing movie! Better late than never… Seriously, they never should have cancelled this show. It was my favorite! I would watch this movie over and over and it would not get old. Please produce this! 🙂

    119. Ashley Said:

      I did not get to read the script cause it was blank

    120. SAM Said:

      this was so great I loved it

    121. camille Said:

      When will the movie be released to the movie theater ? (the date)

    122. bianda Said:

      i needed this so much! i still can’t believe that the show is over, why can’t they even show this one episode! why! i hate not being able to watch this episode, but i love the ending so much and now i can live with my self knowing that chloe lived happily ever after with alek <3

    123. Shanelle Jones Said:

      I’m super bummed that the show ended without a final concluding episode but this script makes it a little better. I loved it!! I was hoping she would chose Alek in the end!!

    124. Hanna Morrow Said:

      I really miss the show and I love the ending its to bad the show ended I wish I could see more episodes I want to know what other trouble Chloe will get into.WHY ABC FAMILY WHY!

    125. michelle Said:

      love love love the script I do have one question what happened to chloe dad als please make the movie it will be awesome sooo happy chloe ended up w alek awesome and answer some questions thank u soo much

    126. Katie Gunzenhauser Said:


    127. cleo kalatzis Said:


    128. Adil Said:

      No one ever told me there was a script. But I still loved it.
      Please Make A Movie. I just want to see Alek’s face and the fight

    129. Lot Said:

      Loved the script, maybe start a kickstarter? Veronica Mars did it after 10 years and it worked out great! I would totally support this movie too!

    130. Elizabeth H Said:

      I really want this to be a movie, it would be so amazing to watch it not just read it.
      And I would totally go see this, or just buy because you know it’s amazing.

    131. Anette Said:

      What an amazing show! <3 Movie please!!

    132. Ana Said:

      When the second season will be????

    133. jasmine Said:

      Please bring the show back

    134. Patricia .S. Said:

      Sign the petition guys!!!!
      Well need 200,000 and we already have 167,167!
      Its 84% we just need 16%!!!
      WE CAN DO IT!!!

    135. Emelie S Said:

      I would like to have known what happened to her dad as well, that would have been nice. I get that he is dead but I’d like to know why and how it happened.

    136. Avion Said:

      Alec is sssssssooooooo bae

    137. Avion Said:

      I want to know what happens next

    138. Hope Treaster Said:

      I think u should back a second season.

    139. samantha Said:

      I love the TV show The Nine Lives of Chloe King where’s the movie at you guys were supposed to make a movie it’s on the website but I can’t find it I would love to watch the movie but I cant find it so please let me know where its at and I’m reading the book But still went to watch the movie so please let me know okay because I don’t know where it at

    140. samantha Said:

      Hey I totally love this tv show the nine lives of chloe king but I been trying to ride this and it keeps going down on me and I can’t ride It please fix it

    141. Kayla Said:

      Words can not express how happy I am she ended up with Alex. Please make this a movie or bring it back. I would love to see it on screen and the actors had such good chemistry on the show.

    142. Caoimhe Said:

      OMG!! Why couln’t they just make the episode?? That episode was AMAZING! Glad she ended up with Alek but like watching and reading fight scenes are so different and watching them is so much better. I’m raging we didnt even get to see the reaction on Meredith’s Face when she seen the claws or when Chloe was being killed those kind of reactions are the best.


    143. Brittney Muller Said:

      I was missing the series recently and happened upon the film script. I was happy to have some closure, but I think there could have been some improvement. I would have liked to have seen more detail on Alek’s background and The Order’s origin and mission. Definitely happy with how Chloe ended up with Alek. I really wish they had made this into an actual film! Their love story is the kind that makes your heart skip a beat! I couldn’t stop smiling reading the closing scene! Please reconsider!!

    144. Brittney Muller Said:

      I agree with a previous post that it would have been nice to have some additional clarity on Chloe’s dad’s life, death, and role in her story.

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    146. Alyssa Said:

      I know it has been a very long time since the series came out, as well as the script, however I think this series would be a great one to bring back, especially the movie. I am a huge fan it, and I know many other people are too. Please bring the series back, or make the movie!!!

    147. Shannay Said:

      Bring it back please

    148. Stan Said:

      Wow! I am so glad they wrote a finale! This really helps-I was so mad that they ended the series after one season-couldn’t and still don’t get it! Great ending!

    149. Skylar Said:


    150. life Said:

      I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your website. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. Do you have any ideas to help fix this problem?

    151. Jay Said:

      OMG! I am freaking out about this script right now! I just got finished reading this this morning and I’m very pleased with the entire script, especially the ending, and I would really like this movie to happen.

      I know it’s been a while but I don’t think it’s too late to get this started. This movie would be perfect and I just have to give congrats to Dan Berendsen and Ron McGee, you guys wrote something incredible, be proud!

      Please make this movie happen, same cast and crew and everything!

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