The 100 Cast Delights at WonderCon

    WonderCon drew fans from the Los Angeles area and beyond to celebrate their favorite television shows, movies, and of course, comic books. Members of The 100 cast and showrunner Jason Rothenberg were in attendance and fans enjoyed a panel discussion. Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Devon Bostick and Rothenberg took to the stage along with moderator Eric Goldman (IGN) to discuss this season.

    You can check out a run down of the panel here. The cast also conducted numerous interviews while at the convention, and here are a few to share with you:

    Eliza Taylor took a moment to chat with Access Hollywood about the show and the impact that Lexa’s death will have on Clarke.

    Lindsey Morgan sat down with Showbiz Junkies to talk about Raven’s decision to take the City of Light chip and then resisting its allure.

    Bob Morley discusses Bellamy’s storyline this season, including Bellamy’s less than ideal decisions at Arkadia.


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