Special Pre-Order Bundle for THE ORIGINALS Book

    Check out the exclusive cast poster!


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    1. juliana Said:

      Love you guys daily vampires want the book and perfect love all demon cat too

    2. Amanda Said:

      Thank you for this offer, I’m a big fan of The Orginals, and to have a poster would be awesome! I filled out the form yesterday with all the info required and was wondering if I was to get a confirmation email? Because I never got one. Also,how long will it take for the poster be delivered? Any response would be great appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!

    3. Carmenbracero Said:

      I love this show and I will love the book too. Thank you who write the books and show

    4. zodos Said:

      i soooo love the originals. am in love with the series

    5. Lisa from Harlequin Said:

      Hi Amanda,

      Yes, it does not send a confirmation e-mail, but when you completed filling out the form, a confirmation note should have appeared on-screen. It will take about a month for the poster to arrive after the time that you submitted your details.

      Thank you!

    6. Brandon Sharp Said:

      I pre-ordered the book and submitted my order #, but never received a poster. Can anyone assist with this?

    7. Jennifer Perry Said:

      I also pre-ordered the book and submitted my order number, and have not received a poster. Would like some information on the shipping process.

    8. Jennifer Perry Said:

      I still have not heard back from anyone, and have not yet received a poster. It is very frustrating to not be able to contact anyone directly about this, since this promotion has obviously not fulfilled itself.

    9. tiffany and co Said:

      Howdy my loved one. ! . ! I anybody to say thaway from this article is instantanious, nice written and are definitely almost all decent infos; I wouldn’t normally like to peer more posts like this : d

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