Book Recommendations: I’ll Give You The Sun, Clariel, and More!

    Even though the Alloy Entertainment editorial staff members are constantly reading and editing as part of their jobs, there’s really only one reason we all got into this industry to begin with: we love to read for fun! And most of us will say that it’s our pleasure reading that inspires us and keeps us energized as we work with our authors to make their stories shine. Here’s a peek at what we’re reading for pleasure…

    Assistant Editor Eliza Swift is excited to start reading I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson: “This book came highly recommended by fellow Alloy editor Lanie Davis…plus I love that cover so much, I just HAD to have the book in hardcover! I’ve heard that the writing (like the cover) is gorgeous and stays with you—can’t wait.”

    I'll Give You The Sun book cover

    Penguin Group

    Annie Stone, Editor, is gearing up to finally read Tenth of December by George Saunders. “I know everyone else has read this by now—but we’re discussing it at a book group and so I finally have an excuse to catch up. Have heard wonderful things.”

    Tenth of December

    Random House

    Hayley Wagreich, Associate Editor, just finished Clariel by Garth Nix, the fourth book in the NYT best-selling Abhorsen series. She says “I loved being back in this amazing fantasy world, and wish I could carry around my own set of bells.” Next up for Hayley: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. “I love doll houses and Amsterdam (I’ve been twice!), and a sucker for anything that’s historical with a twist. So far this adult debut has been a promising read.”

    Clariel book cover


    Romy Golan, Managing Editor, says that next on her to-read list is Detour from Normal by Ken Dickson: “It’s kind of outside of the realm of what I usually read but a friend highly recommended it. Looking forward to this provocative insight into the mental healthcare system in the U.S.”

    Detour from Normal book cover


    What’s your latest great read? What are you picking up next? Tell us in the comments, below!


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