Alloy Entertainment March Madness 2013: Favorite Couples Final Round

    Klaroline versus DelenaThe moment we’ve all been waiting for ever since Alloy Entertainment’s March Madness event kicked off a few weeks ago has finally arrived: The final showdown. So which two sets of contenders made it into the last round? After popular pairings from Gossip Girl, The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries battled it out for the top spot in each of their respective brackets for several weeks, the competition has narrowed down to two TVD couples, Klaus and Caroline and Damon and Elena.

    By now, you know what to do: Vote for your favorite couple in each bracket. Then, check back at the end of the week to see won the 2013 title and all the glory that comes with being recognized as the sexiest couple of all the land.

    *Round 4 is sponsored by the new Kissed By An Angel novel, Everafter, an Alloy Entertainment book. Everafter is the epic story of Tristan and Ivy, a couple that’s so meant to be, he endangers his soul to save her.*

    Final Bracket

    • Klaus and Caroline (The Vampire Diaries) (51%, 10,543 Votes)
    • Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries) (49%, 10,257 Votes)

    Total Voters: 20,800

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    *Due to a few users running a browser refreshing program in several brackets during Round 3, our tech team will now sweep the polls to automatically remove extra votes from the same user. In upholding the fun spirit and fairness of this event, please note that only one per user is allowed. Thank you kindly for your understanding.

    *Update 4/5/13: The poll results will be swept over the weekend to remove any extra votes per user. Check back on Monday to see who won!


    1. Laura Said:

      Vote Klaroline <3 most epic couple EVER

    2. gio Said:

      Damon & Elena <3

    3. Jibobo Said:

      IN your faces STELENAS 😛 ..HOnestly Its Perfect Delena deserves the first place and Klaroline Second! 😀 Delena will win 😀

    4. jane Said:

      Im glad Stelena is out. Im not a KC fan but it’s not fair what they did in the last poll. Anyway, voted for my Delena 🙂

    5. shushma Said:


    6. monica Said:

      DELENA ALL THE WAY! <3333

    7. Angiee Said:


    8. Lune Said:

      Oh, this is so hard. I love DE, but… Klaroline is my OTP <3

    9. Riannon Said:

      KLAROLINE <3

    10. Rim Said:

      but I love them both…both DE and Klaroline…can I choose them both?

    11. Carolina Said:

      Klarolinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne <3

    12. Laa Said:

      Klaroline <3 Guys Vote for klaroline <3

    13. katérinati Said:

      Klaroline <3

    14. Sarah Said:

      Like they found that SE’rs are cheaters they are not against Delena ! And yes, do not cheat.

    15. Anne Said:

      Damon and Elena <3

    16. Mehmet Said:

      Klaroline 😀

    17. Ruby Said:

      I’m really happy that Alloy took the time to check for cheating in Round 3 and that they fixed it. It’s only fair towards the whole TVD fandom and especially towards KC fans. So THANK YOU Alloy!

      I’m rooting for Delena here, as I will ALWAYS choose DE, no matter what & I’m happy to go against Klaroline because they too have a pretty STRONG & passionate fanbase & it’s gonna be a TOUGH round of voting! But that’s OK, there’s no fun in winning easy. 🙂

      And whoever wins this, NO harsh feelings! 😉

    18. Deniz Said:

      Klaroline forever <3

    19. Klaroline 4 ever Said:

      Klaroline 4 ever I love !!!! Klaus+Caroline=<3 !!!!!!

    20. Katy Said:


    21. minnie Said:

      LOL at desperate Stelena fans who cheated..they know that in a fair fight THEY WOULD SO TOTALLY LOSEEEE… VOTE DELENA GUYS, KLAROLINE IS A COPY OF DELENA <3 dont let them win

    22. Ece Said:

      Klaroline forever <3 Klaroline will win!

    23. Maroussia Said:

      KLAROLINE! <3

    24. yasmin Said:

      Klaroline <3333

    25. Dilara Said:

      Vote for Delena #DEfamily let’s show them we will choose Delena no matter what 😉

    26. Rachel Said:




    27. shaiku Said:

      Klaus and Caroline. Always and forever shipping these two :))

    28. Jessica Said:


    29. Ellie Said:

      So… I love Klaroline and Delena and I can’t choose one couple.

    30. KlarolineTheperfectOTP Said:

      voted for klaroline! Seriously the best ship on the show! I like Delena too but after 4 seasons of the love triangle, I am over it. Klaroline keeps me coming back to tvd.

    31. MsNashFajardo Said:

      Glad that Klaroline reached the final round. its a big accomplishment already. Both ships deserved this. For me both ships deserves to win, if i have the power i would vote both of them. i love Klaroline as i love myself so i voted for it! no need to bash & trash talk guys. Lets love both ships.

    32. KlarolineFan Said:

      Klaroline !!!!!!! best couple ever ! <3

    33. GenuineBeauty Said:


    34. rita Said:

      i can’t vote . why ? i want to vote for my favorite ship delena but i can’t 🙁

    35. mrs somerhalder Said:

      Aaaaaaahhh I can’t decide! They’re both so perfect!
      But I think Klaroline will win because all SE shippers will vote for them
      I dont know who to pick!

    36. stasia Said:


    37. Selena Said:

      Klaroline <3

    38. katherine cullen Said:

      klaroline <3 <3 <3

    39. Lune Said:

      Stop being stupid. Klaroline is not a version of Delena. Both couples are amazing and epic in their own ways.
      And that’s funny, cause DE weren’t together till a few episodes ago. But did you give up on them? No. So we, KC shippers, won’t give up on Klaroline.
      I ship them Delena AND Klaroline, but sometimes this fandom really pisses me off.

    40. Maegan Said:

      Klaroline Forever!


      Kudos to Alloy for fixing whatever happened to the last round! Klaroline and Delena deserves to be in this round as much as the other couples do but let’s face it. Even from Round 1 I already saw this coming. Yay TVD Family! No matter what happens, it’s a win for us. 🙂

    42. beelzebub46 Said:

      Delena <3

    43. akalillyt Said:

      Klaroline ♥

    44. Nat Said:

      Voted for Klaroline cause I hate Damon with Elena 😀 Go Klaroline! TEAM STELENA FO LIFE

    45. Julie Said:

      Don’t forget that Delena is canon NOW! It wasn’t untill half of s3 but still you DE shippers didn’t give up on them! So I believe in Klaroline and I’ll vote for it. I love KC and DE, oh god it seems like you guys just love to be mean to eachother. we are all a part of the same fandom, let’s just act like that pls

    46. Delena For The Win OTP Of OTPs Said:

      @Savannah i agree with you to infinity Delena all the way<3

    47. Savannah Said:

      DELENA!!!!!! They have it all. Understanding, compassion, trust, honesty, passion. They are the best couple ever.

    48. Calyssa Said:

      I love Delena and Klaroline. I am a supporter of both, so this is a tough call. They both deserve it. They both have an unique love, and they are both similar as well as different to each other. This is so hard to choose…but bc I want Klaroline so very badly, I have to vote for them. There’s just something about Klaus and Caroline…I know they haven’t happened yet (and there is a chance that they might not) but I can’t help it. <333 May the best OTP win. 😀

    49. Delena For The Win OTP Of OTPs Said:

      Delena is fake please shut up thank you Delena is not fake rewatch s1-s3 again and tell me if all the interactions were fake and that her feelings weren’t real please don’t insult my otp because i have not insulted yours soo stop & just vote!

    50. RusFan Said:

      Only Klaus and Caroline! There are best!

    51. Kotę Said:

      It’s sure! Klaroline must win 🙂 The best couple.

    52. Melissa Said:

      Klaroline deserves first delena is fake . Because elena was turn it off klaroline imour eternal love and its inrpternationall

    53. Sarah Said:

      People who said ” Klaroline epic couple ” but they are not even together hahahahahahaha, KLAROLINE IS A PALE VERSION OF DELENA..

    54. Cornelia Said:

      Delena! Always and forever! i like KC too and they may become something but Delena IS something. It’s an OTP, it’s the greatest tv/book couple EVER. Vote for it!

    55. Tara Said:

      stelena should have been here!!!!

    56. Courtney Said:

      I like Klaroline, but come on. They aren’t even a couple and most likely they never will be.

    57. Ruby Said:

      I already spot comments by some sore SErs who are voting for KC just b/c they hate DE… LMAO! You’re just so bitter that you can’t beat DE on your own, aren’t you? ;)– Not that I care who you vote for, I mean: 1) I totally expected it; 2) Your fanbase already embarassed itself enough by getting caught CHEATING in Round3, ’nuff said; 3) KC have a strong fanbase, just like DE (& unlike you, btw) & I’d rather lose fairly against them than against cheaters. If KC wins, it’s b/c they deserve it. 🙂

    58. Thais Said:

      Delena é um Casal construído com o Tempo e é lindo a Sua Relação
      Klaroline gosto tb mas não é um Casal
      Delena Forever

    59. klaroline! Said:

      screw Delena,klaroline all the way!

    60. KodokuMaria Said:

      Klaroline! Because judging by the amount of twitter WWT they are this March Madness couple) They’re epic! And even more. They may only begin and begin as friends but their feeling will only grow stronger with or without them being on the same TVshow

    61. Coadou Said:

      Please no critic. I like as much the one as the other one and they deserve both to win. Of said not that the one deserves better that the other one because we have two big fanbase. Exactly everybody should be satisfied to be or against klaroline or against Delena.

      TVD is a very perfect serie

    62. Stephanie Said:

      Klaroline will win. Delena isn`t even together anymore. Klaroline is just starting. Klaroline = Epic Love! Even if their just friends!

    63. Leila Said:

      Although Klaroline is not yet officially a couple has a very large fan base. I love that. Let Fans Klaroline for the win 😉

    64. saranikolic Said:

      Ohh,come onn Klaus and Caroline are not couple! Don’t get me wrong I’m Klaroline fan,but they not even kissed,Damon&Elena needs to win!

    65. Bilqis Said:

      #TeamDelena 4ever♥ vote delena★not karoline

      #teamdelena 4ever♥vote Delena★not karoline

    66. christine Said:

      klaroline is epic

    67. Klaroline29 Said:

      always remain very impressed by the strength of Delena. After all this past you always held in your convictions and you are all tight elbow. I admire you a lot. Whom is klaus and Caroline or Damon and Elena I think that they have the best fan of the world. Then I am very proud as klaroliners to make this last round against you delena. That the best wins at least. klaroline forever <3

    68. Gökçe Yılbaş Said:

      I Think delena is the best !

    69. BLD Said:

      Not sure how ANYONE could be above delena. Peeps for the other side must be trying to stack the deck

    70. Luisa Said:

      Trapaceia denovo Stelena kkkkkkkkkkkkkk so assim elas ganham Trapaceando já as Delenas não fazem isso somos Muito Honestas!

    71. Mikaella Jones Said:


    72. IloveDamon99 Said:

      Well, unsurprisingly I don’t see Klaroline going anywhere, even though I really want them to, so I’m voting Delena!

    73. van Said:

      The only couple that could have a chance to win DELENA would Chuck and Blair.
      Delena won with almost 70%. (They are perfect!).
      If Klaus and Caroline know that winning is because all other railed against Delena.
      Excuse me, but it would be impossible to win Klaus and Caroline Delena under itself.
      I’m from Brazil and I know the power that has Delena, here and around the world.

    74. Kim Said:

      Klaroline <3333333

    75. Kim Said:

      Klaroline <33333333

    76. And Said:

      Klaroline <3 We need klaroline more than friends , for sure! They have something and are great a hot together ! Joseph Morgan is a brilliant actor and he is HOT HOT HOT! Klaroline must win

    77. Liza Said:

      Klaroline! And some people have been saying “i like klaroline but they are not a couple” but if we show julie and the writers/producers what we want, maybe they can make it happen. Think about it, Klaus have done a lot but Caroline is still there. Coincidence? I think not!

    78. stelenaforever Said:

      I love both Stelena and Klaroline because are real .And I am sorry for what happened in round 3 with the polls. So let’s vote for Klaroline !!! Even if I like a little bit Delena this season was awful so all I want is Stelena again <3

    79. holly Said:

      Klaroline!!! <3 Love my otp so much! <3

    80. Lois Said:

      I agree. Julie must realize what most fans want and is Caroline and Klaus together. Not any Camille or Hayley. Only Klaroline 🙂

    81. nikki Said:


    82. Inah Said:

      klaroline ftw!

    83. Anna Said:

      Delena!! Every time, anytime, always and forever!!!!♥

    84. Karmen Said:

      Omg. Can’t belive it. We are wining against number one ship on the show. You know what that means klaroline is becoming the number one ship. Yipee

    85. DelenaKlaroline Said:

      Seriously?! How do I choose between these two?!

    86. Marilena Said:

      Damon and Elena! 3 years build up! How can this compared??

    87. Linda Jost Said:

      Delena <3<3<3forever

    88. Richa Delena Said:

      Vote for them guys..!!Mkae them win!

    89. Klaroline is REAL Said:

      Delena fans that are trashing on SErs thinking that they’re voting against them .. Didn’t you vote against Stelena and encouraged others to vote for KC against them now you trashing them if they vote against you?
      Stop being so damn hypocrites and a double standards fandom .. that’s what you do always !

    90. Klaroline love Said:

      Delena build up then the only reason for Elena to be with him is to sired her with no choice or free will to choose? haha what an epic fail of a build up at least everything with KC is REAL no compulsion or sired .. vote for KC guys <3

    91. anaiddy Said:

      But I voted for KLAROLINE. I like the way KCers and DEers respect each other. May the best couple win.

    92. Amy Said:

      btw, who said klaroline won’t happen ?
      I’m in love with klaroline and I totally believe they will be together !
      i mean c’mon ,I love delena but I really think Damon deserves someone better than Elena
      for me ,I think klaroline=epic !!1 I love klarolien !

    93. Jenna Said:

      Now stop comparing Klaroline with Delena. The only similarity is that the guy is the “bad”. As if Delena it were the first story so. Sometimes some Delena fans annoy me. Klaroline may not be the main couple but does have its large fans base 😉

    94. TVDFan Said:

      Guys lets not fight! they’re both amazing couples. I am a Klaroline fan, and if we win then that would be amazing. But if Delena wins, then fair enough. I’m just glad we got in to the finals, surely this is some sort of recognition for the writers even if we don’t win? We NEED Klaroline to happen!

    95. christine Said:

      aommon guya lets vote for KLAROLINE we need to show the writers that how much we love to see them togather!! now this is abt life and death!! KLAROLINE FOR THE WIN<3

    96. Isobel Said:

      I hope this time the ratings are monitored. I want to Klaroline win but not with trap 🙂

    97. A.D. Said:


    98. rabia Said:

      klaroline <3

    99. A.D. Said:

      anonima rçrç

    100. Meg Said:

      I like delena. BUT KLAROLINE is what march MADNESS is about. they go from hate to like to unbearable tension. shipping them is insanity they are insanity. Delena belong together alright I wont argue that… but KLarolin definitly deserves this one because they are simple breathtakingly adventurous.. dangerous and unpredictable… they started as enemies became frenemies became somewhat friends and now they are real friends.this all is madness bc all is KLAROLINE <3

    101. Caroline Said:

      Now, this is my existential crisis: Klaroline or Delena? I ship both, but I have to go with Klaroline. I still love Damon and Elena, it’s just their relationship right now is going back right now, when Klaus and Caroline took a step ahead.

    102. Annie Salvatore (@damonisawesome) Said:

      I love both couples but I’m going to have to pick Delena. 🙂

    103. eli Said:

      DELENA ALL THE WAY! come on I know Klaus is hot and has a nice accent and I LOVE JOMO but as a character I could never forgive Klause for killing Jenna and Elena ( I know she came back to life but that’s not the point) to me it’s an insult to even compare Delena and Klaroline! it’s just as bad as comparing Jeremy’s death with Kol’s like SERIOUSLYYYYYY?!

    104. SmolderDevotion Said:

      I love Klaroline a lot! I ship Delena so much! I’d die for both ships, but the poll does say COUPLE. Delena are a couple and Klaroline aren’t yet. I can’t believe some SErs wasting their time voting for Klaroline when they don’t even ship them. Haha. Wow. Anyway, I can’t vote.

      The reason I can’t vote is because it doesn’t show any buttons to click. Any reason why they won’t show?

    105. SmolderDevotion Said:

      It finally lets me vote! 😀

    106. Helen Said:

      I see that the votes Delena are increasing fast . Llevavamos 300 of advantage and now only 100. Please, that restrict multiple voting no matter who wins. Although I hope it’s Klaroline.

    107. Bokilly Said:

      Klaroline is most amazing couple!!! GO Klaroline! Elena is boring!

    108. SmolderDevotion Said:

      Vote for a couple. Klaroline need to be a couple. I love both ships, but we need to vote for Delena! They were actually a couple. 🙂

    109. Sadie Morgan Said:

      I want to say both but i’m going with Delena!!!! <3

    110. Anahit Said:

      Klaroline is epic love.They will win!!! <3

    111. KlarolineForeVER Said:

      Delena already happened. WE NEED KLAROLINE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    112. Lana Said:

      Delena is the best! <3

    113. shushma Said:


    114. Delena For The Win OTP Of OTPs Said:

      Delena is not Klaroline & Klaroline is damn sure not Delena stop comparing they have nothing Delena…Klaus & Damon are nothing alike except for the whole being bad thing, but damon has changed klaus has stayed the same…i’m guessing some of you forgot how the sire bond was created but that’s ok, when it revealed that Elena’s feelings are indeed real DErs will have the last laugh, oh and stop insulting each other’s OTPs just shut up & vote thank you!

    115. Kat Said:

      Vote Delena!

    116. Kristine Said:

      I vote for Delena!

    117. Carolina Said:

      Klaroline all the way! I hate Elena and I can’t ship her with any of Salvatores because she became a bitch who plays with brothers’ hearts! And Caroline is selfless, devoted and strong! She is so much better. As well as Klaus is the best villain on the show. They are really magnificent together. We are in the world trends almost everyday so please GIVE US KLAROLINE!

    118. Leah Said:

      Stop saying Klaroline is a pale version of Delena. The only thing the have in common is that they’re both endgame! 😉 You CAN vote without hating on the other ship, in case you didn’t know… I really love both, but I had to go with Klaroline. 🙂

    119. Μαριλενα Κ. Said:

      Damon + Elena ♥ We beat Chuck and Blair. Do you think we can’t beat Klaus and Caroline?

    120. KlauSandCarolinE Said:

      Goo Klarolinee, the best ship on the show!

    121. Μαριλενα Κ. Said:

      @klarolinelover Do you want to remind you how round 2 ended? KC-65,207 DE-103,121 ! Oh and if you want the help of SE’ers take also this votes… 23,460. Still not enough…..

    122. Delena & Kalijah Said:

      Delena!!!!!!!! <3 <3

    123. Jenna Said:

      I vote for real love, Delena <3

    124. klarolinelover Said:


    125. Linda Said:

      Delena of course. They are the heart and soul of this whole show. Klaroline won’t exist next season because Klaus is going over to the Originals. But they are okay but Caroline has gotten on my nerves this season. I like her with Stefan better. Klaus doesn’t have a heart like Damon does.

    126. Anonymous Said:

      ahhahahahha wat happend to see and their votes hahhaha

    127. DEforLife Said:

      DE, DE AND DE!

    128. fascinating Said:

      This is hard i love both. Gotta go with Delena, i don’t see Klaroline going anywhere with the spin off in the air. 🙁

    129. TVD-♥ Said:

      I totally love TVD and almost every of their couples.
      But when it comes to KLAROLINE I can´t think of any other couple who´s that perfect to me!!! ♥

      I know that it´s very likely that DE will win this, but they had 4 seasons with lots of romantic scenes to win fans, right?!
      Klaroline fans have only about 6 minutes every episode where we can watch our favourite couple, but we enjoy EVERY second of it, no matter if they are fighting, dancing or whatever!!

      Greetings from Germany! xoxo

    130. renata Said:

      i more confuse than elena , i love the two couples. they look like and are praticly the same… but i got to be with delena, i meam we all ship this two are years ago, they have a beautiful and crazy history

    131. Hilal Said:

      Of course Klaroline 😉

    132. Jibobo Said:

      Oh come on people Klaroline is NEVER even gonna happen Klaus along with all the originals are leaving TVD so the closest klaus and Caroline will ever be will be like friends(even that sounds far too strechted having a truce is more like it) ..Delena on the other hand Is REAl!

    133. Delena Said:


    134. BlondeVampire Said:

      Damon = hot!!!
      Klaus = WOW! ♥♥♥

      Elena = annoying & selfish !!
      Caroline = amazing, honest & blonde!! ♥

      –> KLAROLINE!!!

    135. Delena & Kalijah Said:

      Delena is the heart of TVD!!!

    136. Celeste Said:


    137. matty Said:

      Why can’t you all vote whatever you want without insulting the other fanbase?
      Is it so tough?

      And this goes both to DEers and KCers.

    138. Xandra Said:

      c’mon, people, Delena is a ship that has been built since S1, they have magic, chemistry, passion, they do love each other. I’d prefer SE over them but I admit that DE is a great ship too.
      KC is just a stupid fanservice which ruined characters of Klaus and Caroline…

    139. KlarolineShiper Said:

      Klaroline is the best couple ever! They are epic! Go Klaroline!

    140. Klaroline Said:

      I ship both Klaroline and Delena but if I had to choose, then I choose Klaroline.
      I’m losing interest in Delena now. So my vote goes to Klaroline <3 Love them 😀

    141. Don't be angry, love Said:

      Klaroline all the way!!

    142. Saida Said:

      Damon & Elena – Always and Forever! <3

    143. Hooligan Said:

      Klaroline go go go beat to DE

    144. leticia Said:

      Damon & elena

    145. van Said:

      You guys are crazy? What kind of person do you think would become Caroline with Klaus?
      Who do you think would change?
      Klaus? Never!
      He would destroy all that’s good about Caroline. You are traveling.
      Klaus is not like Damon.
      After winning Delena Chuck and Blair losing to Caroline and Klaus
      I have to say that here is a joke.
      Klaus and Caroline a couple is not and never will be.

    146. yasmin Said:

      well klaroline will be over now that joseph has his own show, so my vote stay with delena

    147. Μαριλενα Κ. Said:

      Guys you know that one poll doesn’t change what will happen with Klaus + Caroline right? Klaus will leave from TVD. Caroline will stay…Julie doesn’t give a damn about polls. Cause if she did, we’d had DE from the beggining and SE never…Obviously….

    148. Only KC Said:

      Klaroline all the way. I’m also a Delena shipper but Elena’s character has become so irritating that I just can’t ship Delena as much even if I wanted to. Damon deserves better, sorry.

    149. Jasmine Pour Said:

      Well, I really like Delena but I am so in LOVE with Klaroline!
      So I am begging you all to vote for Klaus and Caroline so that Julie Plec can see how strong this fan base is and so that she makes Klaroline happening for real.
      Klaroline is just like Delena in the Beginning, they have a great chemistry and we all do know that they like each other, but he is a bad guy and she’s a good girl who loves another guy (YET)

    150. Giulia Said:

      People seriously, this is supposed to be fun, don’t bash on Klaroline thanks. And anyway, it’s not like Delena is that much more of a couple since it’s all because of the sirebond, anybody remembers that? Whoops.

    151. Kat Said:

      vote for delena

    152. Kat Said:


    153. Katedfdg Said:

      vote 4 delena kk 4eva

    154. cristine Said:

      Damon and Elena

    155. kt Said:

      Klaroline isn’t even a couple and they will never be a couple..

    156. hgf Said:

      Vote Delena!

    157. KT Said:

      They should change the picture to where KLAUS STABBED CAROLINE WITH A LAMP BECAUSE HE LOVES HER OH SO MUCH.

    158. Dani Said:


    159. damonandelena11 Said:


    160. Laura Said:

      vote Klaroline <3 they are meant for each other

    161. Gianna Said:

      Klaroline is amazing

    162. Venia Said:

      I am so disappointed with some DE fans.I was going that they will understand us since they have gone through a lot.Their ship became actually a couple after 4 seasons.Is that so wrong that we believe in Klaus and Caroline? Their scenes are magical and this couple certainly has chemistry! I used to be a DE fan but not anymore…Elena is not enough for Damon and let’s face the truth: At the end she will be with Stefan.So stop calling us fools for believing in KC since you aren’t in a better place

    163. Julie Said:

      Ugh, some people are just stupid. Stop with the hate, please. Just vote for your favorite couple.
      I LOVE Delena and Klaroline, but I think that Klaroline is most complicated and intense, idk. I just love them.
      Klaroline for sure.

    164. Sara Said:

      Klaroline and Delena are both so great, but I’m going to remain loyal and vote for DE.
      However, Klaus and Caroline have actually kissed. So ya <3

    165. dana Said:

      voting for klaroline like and idiot, idk

    166. Tachi Said:

      Puh leaseeee KLAROLINE!!!!

    167. Laura Said:

      KLAROLINE <3

    168. Tachi Said:


    169. Meryann Said:

      Klaroline !! Klaus and Caroline

    170. Julie Said:

      @Venia agreed. I mean, yes, Klaus and Caroline AREN’T a couple, but Damon and Elena weren’t till s4. And still, DE fans never lost their faith. So why should we lose our hope? No, we wont. And even if we don’t win this poll – cause DE obviously has a huge fan base, but so does Klaroline – it means nothing. Klaroline will still be the greatest couple for me. And if Klaroline wins, it wont change it for DE fans: DE will still be the most epic couple ever for them. So stop being assholes.

    171. JoMoandCaroline for ever Said:

      Of course will be a Klaroline ……

    172. Sage Said:

      Klaroline for sure! I used to ship Delena hardcore, but this season honestly just made me like them better when they weren’t together. And there’s the slight fact that Elena bothers the hell out of me. I love Klaus, I love Caroline, and I love love love their chemistry together. I’m sure if we win this poll, JP will pay attention and keep in mind for sure! Come on DE, we have a goddamned spinoff to split our OTP in two! There will always be a chance for DE. At least let us have this poll!

    173. Tea Said:

      Klaroline without thinking!…They haven’t even kissed but we love them so much.It’s enough for us to see them looking at each other and feel so much love.KLAROLINE ALL THE WAY!!!

    174. yourealldumb Said:

      all you faggots voting for delena need to shut the fuck up ok what the fuck is wrong with you KLAROLINE IS REAL OK BELIEVE.

      -eriCAT xoxo

    175. Kristina Said:

      I’m not a Delena or Klaroline shipper but I can’t let Delena win. so I will vote for Klaroline 🙂

    176. KIKA Said:


    177. Klaroline 4ever Said:

      Vote Klaroline! Only a few more votes b4 they beat delana!!! Come on, we’re almost there:) so much chemistry cannot be denied!!

    178. Clare Said:

      I voted for Delena, they are who I’ve loved since episode 11, season 1, although I enjoy Klaroline. I believe Klaroline will be gone next season. Joseph can’t spend that amount of time on two shows when they take a week to film with 14 hour days. Maybe a guest spot here and there. They were refreshing though, so much better than stale Stelena.

    179. z Said:

      if you are seriously comparing klaus and caroline, who btw are not real people, to real life situations eg. abusiveness, then u need to re-think ur life choices bc this is a FICTIONAL show about VAMPIRES. also, if you think klaus is actually worse than damon then u need to get your head out of your ass bc damon has done some pretty “evil” things too.

    180. Riku Said:

      Voting Klaroline. I don’t understand the fuss. These are both TVD ships. Why are some people so bent on making the other mad? Sometimes I just can’t with this fandom.

    181. hbz Said:

      Klarolineee forever! DE is already a couple, give KC a chance! we’re wayy more desperate 🙁

    182. lerolero Said:

      so some people are saying that klaus and caroline isn’t a couple a never will be ? Let remember that they were aren’t a couple stills 3-4 klaroline ever not a couple they have so much chemistry between both ! and YES THEY KISS ….. and elena don’t want Damon anymore because she’s gone , so for be real Klaroline have more chances that Delena .. Klaus and Caroline now are friends ..and in the next episode elena says to damon” I don’t feel anything for you damon … so just shut up .

    183. Mikki Said:

      I can’t believe how close this is, 50/50… Thought the winner is obvious. KLAROLINE 4EVER

    184. anna gabriela Said:

      klaroline forever.

    185. demi Said:

      I voted for Delena but Im not sticking around to watch the toxic TVD fandom throw insults at each other.

    186. anonomo Said:


    187. Delena Said:

      Omg delena vs klaroline !!! This is gonna be tough I love them both and they both deserve to be happy ….. but I think I’m gonna vote for delena, there’s something about delena that makes me always choose them no matter what ( like Damon said ” I will always choose you ” )


      Klaroline forever! Klaroline MUST win!

    189. Delena Said:

      Just the fact that delena and klaroline made it to the finals makes me happy no matter who wins they’re both winners to me

    190. Diane Said:

      I like Klaroline but I have to vote for the one couple who’s kept me watching for 4 seasons and that’s Delena. But we shouldn’t fight. I mean, Stefan/Elena were supposed to be the “it” couple and aren’t even in the running, so let’s celebrate both Delena and Klaroline.

    191. van Said:

      I’m Delena because I love Damon and I think he deserves to have the girl he loves.
      Despite knowing that Elena unbearable, boring, selfish and spoiled, he does not deserve.
      I also think that Klaus does not deserve Caroline.
      My dream would be a couple of Damon and Caroline. The most beautiful girl of the show.
      Would this be possible? I think not!
      I’ll vote for Delena remind Julie that after building a love story so beautiful she owes us that.
      sorry my english.

    192. Priscylla Said:


    193. Katherine pierce Said:

      vote klaroline!!!

    194. Beth Said:

      DELENAAAAAAAA love klaus and caroline damon and elena but went through a lot more! DELENA FOREVER.

    195. Sophie Said:


    196. Katherine pierce Said:

      i use to ship delena but i find elena is too annoying and plus she always brakes damon heart then goes for stefan. i ship klaroline all the way, i still have hope it plus caroline needs to get over tyler and hurry up and choose klaus.

    197. val Said:

      @alice are you kidding?did you see the writing for them this season?we should be happy about the sire bond?they treat them really bad 🙁
      im sooo pissed!

    198. MaFe Said:

      Damon And Elena The Best Couple Ever

    199. eva Said:


    200. fred Said:

      oh c con pour le stelena voila ce qui arrive a vouloir triché héhéhé pas bien même si le klaroline n’est pas un couple il a quand même torché le stelena MDR vive le klaroline et le delena.

    201. KLAROLINE Said:

      KLAROLINE! come on guys let’s prove to julie that they deserve a chance to be canon!

    202. Alice Said:

      guys delena is already happening, the whole point of us wanting klaroline to win is so the producers know we want it to happen. you’re kind of being pricks write now, like we get you like delena, so do the producers. you have nothing to prove.

    203. Larissa Said:

      We know dat Delena is “happening” but we waited fucking 4 season for them!! And our ship’s the one they most like to play n troll w us!! It need to STOP!! They need to see how big and passionate DE fanbase is… Especially know that the writers are just putting our whole story, all the DE moments and feelings in two fuucking worlds “SIRE BOND”!! That’s why we need to win it,because Delena always SURVIVE, n we need to survive this SB thing and all these tvd characters hate thing! DELENA ALWAYS <3

    204. Nicole Said:

      This was honestly the hardest things. Those are both my otps.D: it Delena prevailed. That was hard </3

    205. Paula Said:

      I agree with you.
      We know dat Delena is “happening” but we waited fucking 4 season for them!! And our ship’s the one they most like to play n troll w us!! It need to STOP!! They need to see how big and passionate DE fanbase is… Especially know that the writers are just putting our whole story, all the DE moments and feelings in two fuucking worlds “SIRE BOND”!! That’s why we need to win it,because Delena always SURVIVE, n we need to survive this SB thing and all these tvd characters hate thing

    206. Delena4ever Said:

      DELEEENAAAA 4 EVER !!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

    207. tvdfan13 Said:

      WE want delena to happen for REAL not just smits and peices we want the producers to
      know that plus we have waited 4 seasons !!!!! although their probably getting the messege since were in the final two and stelena didnt make it !!!!!!!!!

    208. Annmarie Said:

      Vote Delena <3

    209. Delena4ever Said:

      I love Klaroline too, but Delena is PERFECT <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    210. van Said:

      Alice which show you watch?
      Delena is happening?
      How, when and where?
      Julie is punishing us, testing us, us crazy.
      Stefan first, then the SB and now Elena without humanity, without feelings and without Damon.
      We have to show that Julie will not give up after 4 years.
      Delena is the most beautiful love story of all time.
      Delena forever!
      Sorry my English.

    211. TVD:theOTP Said:

      The best ships for last 🙂

    212. Emma Said:

      I don’t think we have genuinely seen DE in a relationship yet. 4 years and still waiting to know how Elena really feels, and to admit and say it without cop out sire bonds. I’ve felt cheated this season and it has really dampened my ship. Just stall tactics and fan base playing. I think they could of come up with a more compelling plot to keep them apart and interesting. Guess we’re all being played till the last episode, but it’s starting to makes the character of Elena look bad. Frustrating 🙁

    213. Hope Said:


    214. Raya Said:

      Klaroline FTW! Delena is played out and boring. On to the next.

    215. Stephanie Said:

      Delena isn`t even a couple anymore and they are boring to watch now. Klaroline is more interesting to watch!

    216. Lucía Said:

      Everything is Klaroline and Nothing Hurts ♥
      I Will Go Down With This Ship.

    217. cherry Said:

      KLAROLINE all the way bitches!!!!
      Let’s all face it. Delena is nothing compared to the epicness that is KLAROLINE! They have the greatest chemistry in tvd history having only a total of like 45 minutes screentime in the whole show and yet they rocked our whole world and turned our life upside down. I mean who does that. KLAROLINE DOES THAT! A thousand year old powerful hybrid in love with the girl who is never the one but is perfectly imperfect and who has too much love to give is ONE OF A KIND

    218. Sienna Said:

      I used to like Delena. And I still do, but they’re not my OTP anymore. Something about Elena’s new bitchy attitude really sets me off. I wish it was back then, with Damon compelling Elena to forget that he told her he loves her, but doesn’t deserve her. That was beautiful and heartbreaking. That’s all down the drain now. Something also about their background story and chemistry doesn’t seem as strong compared to Klaroline’s now. I love the sass and banter. KLAROLINE needs to be canon. <3

    219. Elise Said:

      Can I just say I am SO happy that they let Klaroline win and made sure Stelena didn’t with the cheating? That makes this whole thing worth it. These are the two ships who DESERVED to be in the final! Both these ships rock! GO DELENA AND KLAROLINE!

    220. Sanya Said:

      oh god this was a hard one i love them both,but klaroline is just epic and come on guys they are the couple no one thought would happen. everyone knew at some point delena would happen. klaroline on the other hand is a mystery if it happens or not and lets face it the allure of darkness is 2 strong 2 resist. KLAROLINE ALL THE WAY!!!!

    221. Kelly Said:

      DELENA FTW!!!

    222. Amy Said:

      More than anything, I want Delena to get a chance to be the kind of they can be. This season has destroyed so much for them, has made them a version of their former hot, unbeatable selves. We deserve a chance for them to be real. We deserve a chance to see the real Delena. But come on guys, no matter who wins, let’s play nice. More than Delena or Klaroline fans, we’re all TVD fans, and we are the (most popular) black sheep ships. Let’s support our ships and be nice while doing it.

    223. Leah Said:

      YAAY, Thank you Alloy entertainment for fixing the poll!!!!!!!!!

      KLAROLINE FTWW!!!!!!!! Even though I also ship Delena. :p

    224. Dalaric Said:

      They really should do a bromance poll instead of these couple polls since they get ugly. Why not Damon and Alaric, Sam and Dean? Oh, well, I still pick DELENA.

    225. flor Said:

      alloy doesnt let me vote like what the hell it doesnt have the little dot it just shows the poll and that delena is winning i havent even voted yet ;(((((

    226. Raine Said:

      GUYS! Stelena almost cheated their way into this poll. The fact that both Delena and Klaroline are even in the final is a win! These are the two biggest and best ships on the show. Just vote for your team and be happy they are both here! Don’t be nasty to each other!

    227. ayanna Said:

      Well I hate Delena she belongs with Stefan. Stelena always and Forever. They will find their way back. Damon can not love Elena the way Stefan can. As for klaroline, I love them together<3

    228. Chelly Said:

      yay klaroline all the way!!

    229. Begue Martine Said:

      Moi je suis Déléna depuis la première saison et je le serai toujours quoi qu’il se passe qui ne rêverai pas d’un homme comme Damon capable de tout par amour, même d’enlever son humanité à la femme qu’il aime simplement pour la sauver cet amour est épique et la moindre scène entre eux est remplie de passion et de fougue un amour vrai

    230. Jackie Said:


    231. CArmen Pino Said:

      Dalena!! Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    232. Becca Said:

      so much fighters…ahahha Klaroline!!!

    233. Damonandelena11 Said:

      DELENA!!!!!!! Sorry but Klaroline can’t compare to the consuming love, the passion, the adventure, the unpredictableness, the twin flame fire, the amazing journey that Delena has…..

    234. Jen Said:

      Never have I ever witness such great acting from two actors who have compelled me to fall in love with their characters individually and their characters together. Klaus and Caroline deserve to be acknowledged for the fiery passion that remains a mystery between them. No matter how long it takes, they are endgame. A poll will not say otherwise.

    235. Cheryl Said:

      Klaroline >>>>> Any other ship >>>>>> Delena

    236. karen Said:

      Klaroline is winning! YAY

    237. Alli Said:

      Sorry @Leyla just an hour miss and we enough 50-50 but must vote to win many fans and the worst is that there is no representatives of TVD in the poll is only Klaroline the others were eliminated : (

    238. Larissa Said:

      Okay, klaroline shippers are starting to piss me off saying that they shipper are bette and they “deserve” itr… Come on, u guys are starting to act like a SEr, u have a OTP that has less than 1 season, that’s NOT a love story, and u guys didn’t suffered and never will suffer 1/3 of all the DErs have already suffered, Klaroline as any other shipper will never understands what’s cry, suffer and have ur heart broken for 4 YEARS!! I have nothing against KE, i kinda ship it too… +

    239. Larissa Said:

      … But DE is the best shipper ever! We survived for 4 whole seasons and years, and till now we still can’t have our couple together happy!! There is always something on our way, giving us a journey, and we’ll never let the ‘bump’ in the road let us down… Because we stay with Delena till the very end!! DELENA IS DESTINY!! Vooteee <<33

    240. Caroline Said:

      Klaus and Caroline always first, at least in my heart ♥

    241. Destiny Said:

      Delenaa!! o/

    242. christine Said:

      klaroline should win in any case!!i love eveyword that jen said..:)

    243. @beangelic1000 Said:

      Just like to point out to Stephenie who posted that Delena are not a couple anymore, WRONG, they were never a couple in the first place, we are atill waiting after 4yrs for them to be official as a couple, and that isn’t until after the cure and SB SL is done before Damon can find out if Elena’s love for him is Real.

    244. Madz Said:

      I love both BUT my heart beats for Damon and Elena. Voted for Delena.

    245. Madz Said:

      I bet half of this Klaroline voters are frustrated and jealous SE/Stefan shippers who has nothing to do with Klaroline but will have weird fun watching Delena loose. *Just Saying* DO NOT REPLY. This is not forum, I am not gonna discuss. LOL.

    246. klaroline Said:


    247. divya Said:

      klaroline all da way….delena is outdated

    248. Becky Said:

      Guys, we can argue as much as we like, but the point is that the top 2 ships on this show are Delena and Klaroline, NOT Stelena. So can we all celebrate that? B/c both of our ships have been screwed by forcing Stelena when it’s just not happening anymore: Delena gets screwed b/c it can’t be “real love” it has to be a “sire bond” even though “a sire bond only exists if they were in love with their sire before they turned” (…???) and Klaroline gets little to no screentime. DE & KC FOR THE WIN!!!

    249. Sarah Said:

      Uhmmmm, I’m gonna just vote for Klaroline because they are like a married couple. Yeah they might not be canon like Delena, however it doesn’t take away anything. Klaroline ship is becoming massive, we are a threat now. Underdogs! So yeah, good day lovelies. 😉

    250. Silvia Hou Said:

      I’m gonna vote Klaus&Caroline. Seriousely, I don’t care about DE,I never did.

    251. Em Said:

      Klaus and Caroline

    252. Silvia Hou Said:

      Klause & Caroline is best CP in the show

    253. Anahit Said:

      Go Klaroliners!!!

    254. Sparrow Said:

      Klaroline is also funny without a kiss or without a sex its more interesting. Forwood doesn’t exist is just boring sex. Klaroine and Delena are the best.

    255. werty Said:

      i hope if klaroline does win, the writers can see the results and see just how popular they are so that the ship will live on even when klaus is moving shows.

    256. Katerina Said:

      KLAROLINE *)

    257. Mihaela Said:

      Delena forever!

    258. mandy34 Said:

      my vote is simple. i like klaroline but they are not going anywhere with them. JP uses this ship to make people watch the new show. it’s obvious that candice accola won’t go there, but just for some appearence. I love delena since the beginning, their story is the soul of tvd, so I vote for them and I will always do.

    259. seriesfan Said:

      Hi TVD fans i come in peace in the name of Klaroline and Delena. ahmmm I too am a Delena fan but atleast this ship already had sailed can you please give the Klaroline ship to send a very forceful message to Julie. I mean solidarity is the key..let’s all unite and let Klaroline win this poll i mean the Delenians already won countless and multiple poles already.just saying 🙂 thank you!

    260. seriesfan Said:

      * let’s give the Klaroline ship a chance or an opportunity to send a very forceful message to Julie Plec
      * polls

      too much typo.ugh!

    261. Warda Said:

      I M Running a page of Klaroline
      Surly i m gonna vote for Klaroline.
      I Ship Them Realy hard

    262. luckydimple Said:

      Team Klaroline forever!!!


      I agree! DE and KC ships are already winners, yep. Both of them. I just hope that Klaroline REALLY wins this round so people can tweet JP like crazy about this poll and then she’ll see how Team Klaroline worked hard for it because we really want it to happen. Maybe she’ll see how epic Klaroline could be. 🙂

    264. Jomo’s dimples Said:

      well, KC & DE are my favorite 2 CPs, what should i do? lol

    265. Toni Said:

      Delena and klaroline, ❤

    266. heather Said:

      I really wish klaroline would win, this means a lot to the KCFamily. I know the DE family loves their ship too but as a TVD Family, lets take turns to win. we know that DE family is strong that’s why they have the power to decide who wins this poll. Pretty please? delenars?

    267. Hamza Said:

      Klaus and Caroline….

    268. Linsay Said:

      Hey guys! BTW if you ship both couples, please vote for Klaus/Caroline cuz Delena is already obviously endgame (and Julie Plec’s fav couple too) but if Klaroline wins then we can show JP how much we love them and maybe we’ll get a kiss before Klaus leaves for the Originals spin off… Thnx

    269. TVDlover Said:

      I love both Delena and Klaroline but i’ll always choose DE

    270. qökce Said:

      DELENA <3<3<3<

    271. silvia Said:

      i vote for klaroline, obviously..they have the most amazing chemistry of all the pairing of tvd..i dont care about delena or reasons to watch tvd now are klaus and caroline…so klaroline brought me to tvd! and they have to win

    272. qökce Said:


    273. shenjianshenai Said:


    274. N Said:

      Team Klaroline! they are EPIC!

    275. Tara Said:

      Delena is the worst ship ever, so I’m gonna vote for Klaroline.

    276. DaranGrom Said:

      Россия за Кларолайн.Russia for Klarolayn.

    277. thuthuy Said:

      But How to VOTE???

    278. thuthuy Said:


    279. Gin Said:

      KLAROLINE !!!

    280. Caroline Said:

      Klaus and Caroline ♥

    281. Bakkeekk Said:

      Klaroline. All. The. Way

    282. Rachel Said:

      I will vote for Klaroline. Just want to show how amazing and epic Klaroline is.

    283. Ken Ken (_nianOTP_) Said:


    284. DEforever Said:

      I like Klaroline but DE is my OTP. They deserve to win this more than any other ship. KC isn’t going to happen. Klaus is getting his own show, they aren’t even a couple! DE rule TV!

    285. S Said:

      Delenaaaaa forever!!!

    286. lila123 Said:

      I vote for klaroline because everybody knows that in the end elena is going to choose stefan. Although her and damon make apretty good pair Caroline and Klaus have a more complicated and beutifull love story.
      vote:klaroline. :)!!

    287. Jomo’s dimples Said:

      #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline #Klaroline

    288. tvd Said:

      so totally agree with lila123
      vote: klaroline:)

    289. S Said:

      Delenaaaaaaa foreverrrr!!!!

    290. Dilara Said:

      I mean of course you can ship who ever you want and if thats Klaroline it’s okay but I just don’t get it! What love story are you talking about? Cause I can’t see it but Damon and Elena have something the beginning of the show. They care to much, they love to much, they have understanding, they have passion, adventure and even a little danger and they have their eye sexs, attraction, forgiveness… And I can understand that you lova Klaroline but saying that they are better Delena is ridiculous.

    291. Ezgi Said:


    292. Fosecot Said:

      I Vote for klaroline

    293. van Said:

      Lucy what you’re talking about?
      Whose fans want revenge?
      Sorry but I do not understand anything of what you are talking about.
      What is your ship anyway?

    294. Olga Said:

      You and I, we have something – an understanding.
      I wanted it to be real!
      I’m your friend, Damon!
      Be the better man, Damon.
      I love you, Elena.
      I will allways choose you!
      I like you now, just the way you are!
      We’ll survive this, we allways survive!
      I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here.
      Why don’t you let people see the good in you?
      I would have saved you, in a heartbeat, no question.
      You saved me!Thank you.
      I’m happy.
      I love you,Damon.
      Be human with me.

    295. Nita Said:

      Klaus and Caroline

    296. Mariq Said:

      Klaus and Caroline…. 😀

    297. Nita Said:

      Klaus and Caroline)))

    298. Petya Said:

      Karoline and Klaus

    299. lucy Said:

      I thought it was obvious that some people were cheating during the poll. It’s so sad that fans feel so vindictive towards a popular couple that they can’t bear to see them win legitimately, or they vote for an opposing couple they don’t even ship. Anything, as long as the couple they hate doesn’t win. I think it’s awful.

    300. Olalla Said:

      I will always choose DELENA, in a heartbeat, no question!
      Slow burn, push and pull, from hate to best friends, from friendship to love. Understanding, brutal honesty, trust, challenge, sexual tension and fiery passion.
      I adore all of this about them!

    301. Nita Said:

      мне кажется,что Деймон и Елена уже и так будут вместе, а Кэролайн и Клаусу можно дать шанс!)))Karoline and Klaus)let’s give the Klaroline ship a chance or an opportunity to send a very forceful message to Julie Plec

    302. Delena is Destiny Said:

      I like Klaroline but for me it will always gonna be DELENA! <3

    303. Алина Said:

      Дэймон и Елена

    304. Cristina Said:

      Klaus and Caroline

    305. Марина Said:

      Россия за Кларолайн!

    306. Emily Said:

      Klaroline isn’t together, but guess who wasn’t together for 3 seasons and yet was included in polls.

    307. Nita Said:

      Ребята не понимаю зачем выбирать Деймона и Елену,если они и так будут вместе Стэфан уже точно с ней не будет,а то что было в промо 19 серии 4 сезон,то это точно замануха, если у неё отключили чувства значит она ничего не чувствует к Стэфану!А у Клауса начинает проявлятся человечность и причём очень быстро спасибо Кэролайн иначе совсем остался бы психопатом-убийцей,я не хочу сказать,что я ненавижу пару Делены,наоборот они мне тоже нравятся,но просто в их отношениях очевидно что они будут вместе)

    308. Claudia Said:

      Delena shippers are now saying that Klaroline has enough votes for the Stelena fans. Seriously? If you have not noticed Klaroline has so many fans to give dignity fight to Delena. That neither team cheat to see who wins really. We then can we really say the same about Forwood and we at no time mentioned. Some Delena fans if they are annoying :/

    309. Nita Said:

      Guys don’t understand why choose Damon and Elena,if they would be together Стэфан have exactly with it will not,and what was in the promo 19 series season 4,then it is certainly a zamanuha, if she had turned off the feelings that means she feels nothing to Стэфану!And Klaus begins to be manifested the humanity and with very quickly thanks to Caroline otherwise, it would have remained a psychopath killer,I don’t want to say that I hate a couple of Period,on the contrary, they are good, too,but ju

    310. Warda Said:

      C’mon we need to vote for klaroline because its Time For Klaroline We have already seen delena…

    311. Mandi Said:

      It’s obvious that not only are Klaroline fans voting for them, but Stelena fans, Bamon fans and evetybody who don’t want Delena together are voting for Klaroline. It’s amazing that Delena is still winning 🙂

    312. kayle Said:

      In case you have not noticed the fans Delena, Klaroline has enough support not only in this survey, we do not need any help from other boat to win. Now stop saying the truth that even unfounded. Klaroline fans for the win 🙂

    313. Diana Said:

      Of course Delena!))

    314. Blondita Said:

      Klaus and Caroline

    315. thuthuy Said:

      @ Mandi: maybe u’re right in some cases 🙂

    316. JennyKlaroline Said:

      I prefer Delena then Stelena, but I still vote Klaroline. Always and Forever 🙂 <3 KLAROLINE <3

    317. Ozlem Said:


    318. Delena Said:

      Delena vs klaroline … I hope in the end it’s a tie because I really like both and I hope they’re end game ….. to me the fact that they both made it to the finals is more than enough they’re both winners ….

    319. Diane Said:

      Delena fans our ships are supposed to have always been “friends” seriously and stop saying these crap. And fans klaroline assured that this survey is not yet closed we can win. And no other boat offend everyone has their story.

    320. kitty Said:


      Then one could also argue that Forwood/Maroline/Steroline/Klefan/Klebekah/Klayley(is that even a thing?) fans are voting for Delena…

      But I honestly doubt that people who don’t reallly like either ship would bother voting.

    321. long Said:

      We should not make wars here.
      I’m fan of Delena and I am so happy to see both Delena and Klaroline here in the final round

    322. Christina Said:


    323. JaneTVD Said:

      DELENA♥♥♥ Caroline and Tyler is better than Klaroline. Delena is the best♥♥♥

    324. Christina Said:


    325. Zeynep Said:

      I always choose Klaroline! I also ship Delena. But Delena happened. And they’re happy right now. So we need Klaroline. They haven’t happen yet. I mean, let’s go and vote for Klaroline. They’re the best couple on the world! 😉

    326. leila Said:

      why I can’t vote

    327. DelenaKlaroline Said:

      Can people please stop accusing the other ship of cheating?! They are both in the final, they are both winners. Neither ship needs to cheat, what does it prove? Nothing. Stelena/Forwood fans who vote just because they dislike the other ship and have no interest in either of Delena or Klaroline are just pathetic, but you can’t stop them voting..

    328. klarolinebigfan Said:


    329. leila Said:


    330. Olayemi Said:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinon and should be allowed to vote for who they want.So as for me it’s Damon and Elena.

    331. jessica Said:

      @claudia in the last rounds Delena always wins by a lot against Klaroline so, sorry if we’re saying that KC have the help of the haters… but numbers speak itself. Add KC fans with some Delena haters and we are tied, it’s not that difficult to understand. Im not complaining, it’s okay because we’re pretty strong even with haters.

    332. AlexandraVarga Said:

      I love Klaus and Caroline, and I hope, they will be together soon, but I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE Damon’s happiness, so I choose Delena!!! Please, Julie, please, let Damon happy with his girl!!! Damon loves her, Elena loves him, it’ epic!! Give me Delena!!!!

    333. katérinati Said:


    334. lalilmo Said:


    335. Rikki Said:

      Lets remember that main characters are Stefan Damon and Elena, Delena is perfect and amazing couple , and we must show Julie that we need Delena love ,and not sire bond ,or unhumanity Elena ,or heartbroken Damon, so Delena all the way <3

    336. Amber Said:


    337. 18car Said:

      always and forever klaroline their chemistriy is incredible.. delena i don’t know i just cant understand why delena epic love i think their strong chemistriy gone at 3. season end and after..

    338. Claudia Said:

      @jessica. Ok. must be borne in mind that in the first round Klaroline defeated for much to Delena, Delena in the second round he defeated Klaroline for little, in the third round to Klaroline took away votes, but in the bracket two did not clean. I wonder how many votes would have lost Delena by the trap too. Bone that is the slightest foundation for you say that 😉

    339. Nita Said:

      what are you really not understand that Damon and Elena will be together it’s already happened and I love them very much,but also because I want some more and see the continuation of the relations and Caroline with Klaus,this is interesting)I wonder how to change Klaus better or all the same remain the negative)
      But it soon may appear another triangle-more complicated and tangled in the spin-off

    340. Sfinkz Said:

      Klaus and Karoline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    341. Мила Said:

      Кконечно же голосую за Делену!!! Они самая охуен*ая пара в сериале.

    342. Annelie Said:

      Klaroline <3 for sure

    343. ChristiMcMistie Said:

      I am both Delena and Klaroline fan. But i totaly love Klaus so i vote for Klaroline! <3 🙂

    344. ))) Said:

      Klaroline is not a couple, because Caroline is in love with Tyler and not with Klaus , and I am sure that Klaus is so selfish that he will never die for Caroline , yes Damon is selfish too , but he can’t be selfish with Elena , that’s a true love, and Damon and Elena were ready to die for each other not 1 time <3 so Delena 4ever , DELENA <3

    345. bon bon Said:

      я в шоке, что за делену вообще голосуют ._.

    346. sevval kapıyoldas Said:

      Klaroline is the best couple in the world!!! SEXİEST COUPLE <3

    347. Carol Said:

      Yes. In the third round only made cleaning multiple votes in bracket 1 but not in the 2. So just took away votes to Klaroline and Stelena. I wish they had done with both and so they would know who was the real winner. Klaroline fans not cheat anyway Alloy will clean all multiple votes. we honestly win ♥

    348. ))) Said:


    349. amrit Said:


    350. medea Said:

      delena <3

    351. Evgenyia Said:

      Естетсвенно Кларолайн и только кларолайн!!!! )))

    352. l. j. smith rocks!! Said:


    353. long Said:


    354. klaroline Said:

      Klaroline <3 <3

    355. THUY Said:


    356. Caroline Said:


    357. cris Said:

      DELENA am, but I will vote for klaroline as a protest by Julie Pelec that has made the most beautiful novel of all time.
      This season 4 has been the worst for us.
      Never saw Elena and Damon so far.
      Julie continues insisting the couple Stelena most boring in history.
      Damon continues torturing again, again and again. All very tiring.
      Many like me are also quitting.

    358. iasmin Said:


    359. Kelly Said:

      DELENA >>>>>>>>>>>>> Klaroline

    360. qke Said:

      delena <<<<<<333333333

    361. Holly Said:


    362. Delena & Kalijah Said:

      Delena <3 <3 <3

    363. Jane Said:

      I like Delena but I vote Klaroline because We have seen Delena ,now please give KLaroline a chance. So you Delena fans please understand the two couple are not conflicting , we just wanna give the message to Julie Plec ,she need to give what we want.

    364. DemmyloveDelenaForever Said:

      Delena for ever they are just amazing together.. <3 i think klaroline arent even good i hate klaus and caroline is better with Tyler!!

    365. Emma Said:

      KLAROLINE! ♥

    366. Delena & Kalijah Said:

      Even if I like Klaroline, Delena is my OTP. Always!!

    367. Joanna Said:

      Delena for ever they are my favourite i am just stuck with them!! <3

    368. Ntay Said:

      Delena 4ever <3

    369. Evgenyia Said:

      Кларолайн )))))))

    370. Warda Said:

      <3 KLAROLINE <3

    371. Alice Said:

      Delena Delena Delena

    372. Fla Said:

      I really appreciate what we’re trying to prove, but it’s pretty obvious there is NO WAY Julie Plec will make Klaus and Caroline a real couple. No matter what we do, the storyline is leading (especially on the last episode) klaroline to a FRIENDSHIP (which is great, because they were “enemies” before) and Klaus is leaving the show (also i doubt they would take Candice to The Originals), so, rationally, we should just vote for the REAL COUPLE to win the poll. Is the fairest thing to do.

    373. cris Said:

      I would vote for klaroline to give a force
      But after these two looked the picture, I just can not.
      I can not leave Damon. After 4 years my love for him remains the same.
      If this is the girl he wants, he must have her.
      Delena all the way;

    374. Natalie Said:

      Wow.. this is super close! <3 Klaroline!

    375. ward Said:

      klaroline all tha way <3

    376. Elena Said:

      Klaroline all the way!!! come on lets give a message to Juie that we want Klaroline to happen

    377. Patrycja Said:

      Klaroline ! ♥♥♥

    378. kiera Said:


    379. Ygo Owner Said:

      Always and Forever KLAROLINE <3

    380. Fla Said:

      May i add i don’t think klaroline is less couple than any other just because of the no kissing thing, it’s because of the tension between them. It’s different. I mean, Delena waited for 3 seasons, but there was always something going on, mutual feelings beeing denied and blah blah blah… and it’s not the case with klaroline (i wish it was, tough). Caroline doesn’t love Klaus, that is the truth. It hurts, but that’s it.

    381. THUY Said:

      DELENA, PLEASE!!!!


      Emily Said:


    383. andrea Said:


    384. Saskia Said:

      Klaroline, always and forever ♥

    385. LH Said:

      I always love Damon and Elena together… But now, I just want to see Klaus and Caroline ♥ 😀

    386. Tepy Said:


    387. Tepytaaa Said:


    388. Marlo Said:

      I’m so torn it hurts ;(

    389. Demi Said:

      How can I ever choose ….delena or klaroline ….oh god .. I can’t pick …

    390. Nur Said:

      Klaroline the best

    391. Ananya Said:

      Klaroline forever and always ! :*

    392. THUY Said:


    393. THUY Said:

      DELENA, PLEASE!!!!
      I love them so much

    394. Hannie Said:

      Klaroline … I’d love to see them together!♥

    395. Crystal Said:

      once again I say vote Klaroline. Delena is boring and they are not together on TVD. Klaroline is just getting started

    396. Rebeca Said:

      Klaroline always… They are beautiful ♥

    397. Saida Said:


    398. ehfo0 Said:

      DELENA without any dout 🙂
      and klaus is leaving the show to b on original…so they don’t have a chance and they only might end up friends.
      klause will b with haily and caraline will b with tyler.

    399. Lucy Said:


    400. THUY Said:

      I love Delena so much! Please vote for them!!!

    401. ehfo0 Said:

      DELENA 😉

    402. Lucy Said:

      So here we have a couple which is just getting started, but it’s been in love for ages and another couple which male character is leaving the show and the female is probably having an affair or something with stefan real soon. YEAH IT’S HARD TO CHOOSE.

    403. Saida Said:


    404. Lola Said:

      Only Delena,always!!!

    405. taam Said:

      oh come on, of course DELENA <3 they are the heart of the show <3 DELENA has a story for 4 seasons

    406. Isabelle Said:

      Klaus = most feared.
      Caroline = most loyal.
      Klaroline = Sinks your SHIP, automatically.
      *files nails*

    407. Lily Greenpen Said:

      Hey guys I just wanna ask that if you are both for DE and KC then vote for Caroline and Klaus because if they win this poll the KC fans can show Julie Plec how much they love this couple and maybe there’ll be a kiss before Klaus leaves for the spin off 🙂 Thnx

    408. taam Said:

      Klaroline even doesn’t existed when Delena was the best couple of the show. DELENA forever <3 <3

    409. Karmen Said:






      We deserve a win!!!

    410. KC FOREVER Said:

      Seriously? KC might not be a couple (yet, you don’t know what might happen) but they have SO MUCH chemistry, they are awesome, Klaus really loves her so you should stop saying that they aren’t a couple! If Klaus was around from season 1, I bet that KC would have been a couple long ago. You can have your opinion but when so many people like them together you can’t just say that KC isn’t any good, especially when KC and DE are almost even on this poll and DE is a BIG ship (I admit I ship them too)

    411. Klaroline Said:

      Klaroline <3 Only Klaroline

    412. Steroline?? Said:

      Umm btw it’s Steroline and second EVERYTHING IS KLAROLINE AND NOTHING HURTS

    413. THUY Said:


    414. DE4EVA Said:

      DE always. Klaus and Caroline make me wanna throw up. I’m sorry if it’s your ship they just do. Please let Klaus leave and Caroline move onto to Stefan. Staroline!!!

    415. anna gabriela Said:


    416. Madster Said:

      Klaroline shall be, against whatever you might say! They are canon. hihihiuhuhuhehe

    417. Katerina Said:

      Eikit nx su savo Delenom, Klarolina amžinai<3

    418. From friends to lovers - KLAROLINE Said:

      Lucy, I beg to differ. Also, one can easily argue that Elena is only with Damon because of a sire bond and that Damon loves Elena because she looks exactly like his old lover, Katherine. I’m sure you think those arguments are ridiculous, right? Well that’s what your arguments sound like to us. When you ship someone, you focus on the good and concentrate less on the bad. Vote for whomever you want, all I ask is that you stop insulting Klaroline because Delena is also flawed – heck all ships are

    419. Arin Said:

      I love Delena) All for Damon and Elena)))

    420. Fangartist Said:

      This Lucy fellow is really getting on my nerves wow. KC for the win really. Always and Forever.

    421. Pier Said:

      CAROLINE LOVE KLAUS… She plays unavailable…

    422. THUY Said:


    423. Jade Said:

      KLAROLINE ! We deserve to win !! KLAROLIIIIIINE ! 😀

    424. Delena For The Win OTP Of OTPs Said:

      @ a_softsong best comment i’ve seen all day Delena love:)

    425. Mary Said:

      Still, with sirebond or not Damon love/cares about Elena and Elena love/cares about Damon more than Caroline will ever love or care about Klaus. And Klaus the same…Because what they have it’s not love. He just flirts with her and Caroline like a girl is playing him. But i’ve never got the feeling that she loves him or she doesn’t love Tyler. In 2 episodes what do you think that will happen between them? Because yes Julie doesn’t care…

    426. Paloma Said:

      Sorry for that people say that will be not a klaroline , but the season 5 are confirmed and Joseph said that this not the end of klaroline so will not loose hope we had season 5 still

    427. Réé Said:

      I’m sorry for disappointing you guys!! But Let’s face it!! The next tvd episode will be the last where klaus show up…He will leave the show and he will has his own show where is no caroline. Sorry but there’s no chance for Klaroline. But I’m rooting for them because i love them just like i love delena too!!

    428. a_softsong Said:

      Damon needs us to vote and to get our friends and family to vote.
      Elena needs our vote.
      Call, Text, Email be sure to send the link to make it easy for them.
      Walk them thru voting if necessary.

      V O T E DELENA

    429. Rebeca Said:

      Klaroline (Klaus e Caroline) Claro <3 sem duvidas casal perct

    430. Ruby Said:

      I KNEW that this poll was going to be a CLOSE race! BOTH the KC & DE fanbase are very strong & passionate, there’s NO denying.
      Guys, whoever wins this, it’s gonna be because of a bunch of votes! Which means that BOTH DE & KC are the TOP couples of TVD, the most loved & the most shipped. That’s why I think that -while still voting for our fave- we ALL should be proud of our chosen OTP!
      As I see it, we’re BOTH winners.
      Glad to be going up against you, Klaroliners. You are the perfect “rivals”. 🙂

    431. a_softsong Said:

      Ruby Said: “Glad to be going up against you, Klaroliners. You are the perfect “rivals”.

      I agree. Delena for the win!

    432. Stella Said:

      I love it so!! pleas vote for them!! Klaus and caroline!!! Don’t get me wrong I ship delena but KLAROLINE is my OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pleas vote klaroliners!! if this is yours too:)

    433. Leaa Said:

      KLAROLIIINE ! <3

    434. Kristina Said:

      Some people should just shut up.

      Both Julie and Joseph confirmed Klaroline will live on despite the spin-off–and Tyler’s probably not coming back to TVD after 4×19. Also, Klayley ended in 4×16–also confirmed.

      Also, if you ship both KC and DE, choose KC, because DE is already considered one of the major couples of the show and has its place, while KCers has to show now how powerful they are and that they want their ship to happen.

    435. Fangartist Said:

      @Ruby hahaha I like that. High five and Klaroline for the win 😉

    436. Mary Said:

      @Kristina i still think they are lying. But even if it’s true can you accept a couple without interaction? Because it’s confirmed as well that Klaus will leave but Caroline will stay…How can a relationship start? No scenes = no feelings.

    437. Jelena Said:

      I’ve heard that SE shippers are planning on voting for Klaroline, seriously SE fans, pathetic….

    438. Sara Said:

      Fid it funny that people who ship other couples get called out for voting? So what if we vote for different ships now that our couple is gone. Everyone has the right to vote for who they want. Get over it.

    439. Reanna Said:

      DELENA!!!!! I love Klaroline but Delena will always be my number one ship forever and always 🙂 TEAM DELENA <3

    440. Mike Said:

      People who vote in this poll should be part of Delena or Klaroline fandom, but if Se fans wants to vote for klaroline let them be , they are sad because their ship lost…

    441. Amy Said:

      Yes, but some SE fans don’t even ship KC. They just want DE to lose. Which is stupid.

    442. Nin Said:

      i really thorn about this, this are my two fav couples, but i guess Klaroline is winning my heart right now

    443. Daria Said:


    444. Jenny Said:

      Klaroline FTW!

    445. Emily Said:

      How is the spin-off even relevant here?This isn’t a “who do you think is endgame’ poll, It’s about which paring you like.If JP was to confirm that Elena and Matt would end up together, would that make you like Delena any less? NO. Btw There has been confirmed by JP that there will be crossovers, that the spin off is NOT the end of Klaroline.Caroline(Or Klaus) can be there half of the season as a guest star. Do you know who is a guest star on TVD Rebekah. Do you know who is a regular on TVD Matt.

    446. DE Said:

      Delena all the way. I like Klaus and Caroline but he’s leaving so unless she leaves to the originals spin off when tvd is over (if she lives) its totally delena 🙂

    447. Lauren Said:

      Is there a rule I don’t see on here? That says only KC’s or DE’s are allowed to vote? It’s for TVD fans. People can vote for who they would choose between the 2 choices. Nothing pathetic about it. It’s what polls are for. Quit trying to act like you own this or can judge. Voting is what a poll is for.

    448. Lune Said:

      When Klaroline happens i’ll just sit there and laugh at your faces, haters. KC, always and forever

    449. tvdfan13 Said:

      why is everybody hating on each other ship …just vote for YOUR opt and let everybody else have their own oponion!!!!!

    450. a_softsong Said:

      Why are the numbers going backwards?
      Delena had 8,331 Votes now only 8,299 Votes.

    451. flor Said:


    452. Grace Said:

      klaroline hacker = stelena hacker.fuck.!
      Delena forever number one!!!

    453. kitty Said:


      Because whenever someone votes more than once, the site’s technical team proceeds to remove all his vote except for the first one. Only one vote per person is allowed.

    454. sami Said:

      Love Damon and Elena!

      Love Klaus and Caroline!

    455. noneia-buisness Said:

      We’re just voting on the best couple Not the president of the United States just vote for who you like best as a couple

    456. flor Said:

      klaroline people

    457. rocio Said:

      Klaroline for ever! i don’t like delena

    458. Andie Said:

      Klaroline and Delena are both amazing. So I’m happy either way. However I voted for Delena. <3

    459. Miss Tomato Said:

      I love klaroline,I just wish Julie would see the votes.
      And for those guys who throw against each other,please stop acting like a child.

    460. Key Said:

      I like Delena, BUT…vote KLAUS and CAROLINE
      it’s new, hot, more interesting

    461. lois Said:

      What happened Klaroline fans ? The advantage was only 50 votes and now is 300. We can not lose :O

    462. M Said:

      Damon: “I’ve made a lot of choices that have gotten me here. I deserve this. I deserve to die.”
      Elena: “No. You don’t.”
      Damon: “I do, Elena, but it’s okay. Because if I had chosen differently, I wouldn’t have met you. I’m so sorry. I’ve done so many things to hurt you.”
      Elena: “It’s okay. I forgive you.”
      Damon: “I know you love Stefan. That it will always be Stefan. But I love you. You should know that.”


    463. JustPeachy Said:

      I know that even though it’s rough right now Klaroline will make it they belong together (my vote)… However if they don’t win that is fine just as long as they didn’t lose to weak ass Stelena… I’m not hating on Stefan, they just didn’t make a good couple. If it was possible I would’ve voted Klefaroline.

    464. Sara Said:

      Really sick of all the SE hate on here. If we respect other ships, why all the hate? I don’t load all my hate down here. Get real.

    465. Jessie Somerhalder Said:

      Klaroline is the best couple on TVD. I love them so much. They are going to win!!!

    466. Aimee Said:


    467. Bella Said:

      Not a big fan of the show, however I saw the scenes between the two pairings and I have to say Klaroline is way better. Sorry not sorry. <3

    468. Jana Peters Said:

      Something is wrong with the poll… when I waked up KC had 200 votes more, then they had 400 votes more, then back again to 200 votes and lesser votes, they when it showed be the difference pf 400 votes more… then back again. In the next time it shows me DE are leading, but with much lesser votes for both couples then the results for KC… and it changes for me each time I check the results… pay attention to this people!

    469. Luisa Said:

      Someone is hacking the poll. I opened 4 different browsers and there are 4 different results. Damon and Elena are losing by 200 votes and then suddenly they need 700 votes. The same happened in January when there was another poll (tvdotcom) … It’s exactly the same here!

    470. demi Said:

      Lol….If you really wanted to cheat with this set up, you can. There is a program that changes your IP address every 2 minutes, then have an imacro running that clears your browser. Don’t take these polls to heart. They are worthless like this. The ones where you have to physically type in a different code every time is the fair way to go.

    471. Nay Said:

      Someone really needs to check the results of this poll because there is definite cheating going on. The numbers are different in all different browsers. DE was leading and then all of a sudden they were losing by 500 points, something is fishy once again.

    472. christine Said:

      klaroline klaroline klaroline klaroline forever and ever<3

    473. hil Said:

      What’s going on with the poll? Something is wrong again . In a few minutes klaRoline got a lot of votes. Be careful, someone is cheating again or there is some hacker involved.

    474. Gillian Said:

      Klaroline need to happen before Joseph leaving!

    475. Jules Said:

      500 votes over an hour is not suspicious! Stelena’s poll was jumping thousands of votes every couple of seconds! Seriously, you guys need to calm down. I just refreshed the page after 10 minutes and it went up like 4 votes. You do realize that there are different time zones around the world and that while it is 12 or 2 AM where you are that it may be 10 or noon somewhere else, hence more votes because it is a normal hour to be on the computer? Everybody chill. 🙂

    476. Gillian Said:

      yep,u’re right!
      im from Singapore & here the time zone is 3:22PM,afternoon:)
      let juz chill it down
      vote what u really like! 🙂
      that all u gonna do!

    477. mandy34 Said:

      700 votes in only one hour while during the ALL day the couples were very close to one another…seriously guys? again?
      just stop cheat!

    478. mandy34 Said:

      laughing..,looking at klaus and caroline and their votes right now…guys you are not smart. it’s obvious that someone is cheating. the numbers of votes for klarolone rises every second ahahahah

    479. tina Said:

      i love klaus and caroline!

    480. CC Said:

      The Stelena hacker was obviously changing his IP because there is no way in hell SE would of even got their 26000 votes in Round 3, after only receiving 2500 in the first 5 days. Alloy was still counting every first vote in the changing IP of the one million plus they apparently tallied. Little boys and their computers ha ha.

    481. mina Said:

      I’m so disappointed.I thought delena had so much more fans to win this poll with 70%.I love klaroline but just I really am a hardcore delena fan. and the reason that I thought delena will win is that they are the main story of TVD with 4 seasons building up feelings.but klaroline is so new wth just less than 1 season building up and just maybe 5 episodes of them was really LOVE most of them was hating.

    482. mina Said:

      and I think writers are doing exactly what they did to delena.if they ruin delena after 4 seasons , they can so easily do it to klaroline too. . so i don’t want to have hope on them

    483. lachie Said:

      J’aime aussi Delena, but i will vote Klaus and Caroline
      They are more interesting<3

    484. Dora Said:

      This is cheat. Delena is 80% tvd fans so this is not possible

    485. NIKA Said:

      For me no matter who will win. Both couples are perfect. I think TVD’s fans should be happy, that right theese pairs are on the final round.

    486. THUY Said:

      There’s cheat here, I believe.

    487. THUY Said:

      @ kitty: no, right after that I voted, I could not vote again.

      a_softsong is right!
      There’s cheat here, the vote for Delena was backward!

    488. haya Said:

      i don’t know who is doing this, maybe SEr’s who want us to loose or Kcr’s who want to win, but cheating doesn’t make u the real winners, and alloy ….can you please make sure that your polls are legit and free from cheating WE’RE NOT STUPID, for 2 days we had the same % but different votes NOW in moments KC are ahead of DE in 10%, also some people can’t vote to damon&elena not even once a day also c’mon.. when ever i refresh in probably 1 second hundreds of votes are added to KC WORK UR MIND!!

    489. haya Said:

      i don’t understand “Alloy Entertainment” i mean …16 year old people noticed that there’s cheating in your polls and YOU didn’t, for GAWD SAKE please FIX this poll, u managed to do it before do it NOW

    490. haya Said:

      you may say that KC is a bog fandom they can gain 300 votes in one moment but can you tell my why DE votes are going back words their votes NOT %’s BUT VOTES Are going back words in a moment Delena had 8,331 Votes and then it became only 8,299 Votes

    491. vivi Said:


    492. Lucie Said:

      How is it possible ? Yesterday Delena were 1st and now we’re losing ? I think cheating is happening … But we’ll see …

    493. heather Said:

      so this is how it’s seen. if the least popular ship is wining, in this case Klaroline when compared to Delena, they have gots to be cheating. WTF LOGIC IS THIS?

    494. AlwaysKlaroline Said:


    495. Janis Said:

      Well, I do not think this is cheating, it doesn’t look like it, and I’m not really intrested in wich couple wins, love them both!

    496. Emily Said:

      Guys unless the poll gets 1000 (or something) on every refresh of the page over a LONGER time then just 5 min), then I wouldn’t suspect cheating, it’s most likely the polls that’s just hanging.
      When I see people post a photo of this poll on tumblr it’s shows completely different result than mine, by thousands.
      And Alloy acknowledged the cheating in the last poll (Unlike other pages) so have a little faith 🙂

    497. Anne Said:

      I hope you’ll do something against those cheaters. It’s so unfair

    498. LONG Said:

      We know the truth is that Delena has many disadvantages here: anyone who is against them (Stelena maybe) will vote for the other party to make them lose!
      Delenda Fans, stop voting! This is not worth!

    499. lachie Said:

      Both couples are perfect. AND I LOVE KLAROLINE!
      We are not cheating. They deserve it.

    500. Liza Said:

      This is so FUN!

    501. livia Said:

      we talk about logic. yesterday, all day, the couples were close to each other. suddenly in the middle of the night, the votes for klaroline have increased dramatically. this is not logically possible. there is obviously some system which distorts the votes for them. is a game, but it’s nice to play clean. does not make sense otherwise

    502. carmen Said:

      I can’t vote! I keep refreshing the page but it’s not working:(

    503. mina Said:

      this doesn’t have to give you hope for klaroline. if julie plec is the writer and she has the nerves to RUIN DELENA after all things happening between these 2 for 4 SEASONS, how can anyone think that she will give us klaroline happiness after maybe 6 episodes(or more). she will ruin klaroline the way she ruined us delena fans. specialy when the way they love each other is exactly like the way delena fell for each other. I just want delena together and I don’t care about these stupid polls .

    504. Jana Peters Said:

      The problem is NOT that the page doesn´t refresh for some people and this is why people can´t see the actual votes. The proble is that whenever I refresh it´s going back and forth between two different results of votes… this is not normal, it´s not normal that not all people could even vote ONCE…

    505. mina Said:

      C’n klaus and caroline of course deserve it BUT NOT WHEN YOU ARE COMPARING THEM TO DELENA. DELENA is the main story of TVD and the main reason that 80% of people watch TVD. in comparison they don’t deserve wining this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    506. Emily Said:

      @livia You are aware of a thing called TIme zones??

      @Jana Peters That is actually what I am saying sometimes the poll hang with every other refresh. For me it have been like this for every round on this page!

      And I can remember seeing people complaining about not being able to vote, in every round on this site, so that a technical problem.

    507. CC Said:

      @Haya, Alloy techs can probably track duplicate votes from one IP address. But if someone is using something like Easy Hide-IP, well then they cant, because that users address is constantly changing whilst running their automated voting. You learn so much with google.

    508. Anna Said:

      This was really hard because I absolutely LOVE both Delena and Klaroline. But I voted for Delena because theres just something about them two which is so incredible and I’ve been shipping them longer than I have Klaroline. Delena For The Win!!! 🙂

    509. stelenaforever Said:

      Ohhhh Delena fans I am so bored !!! OK. Stelena fans vote for Klaroline because they love Klaroline too.I love both and I will vote for Klaroline of course . I am so f*cking tired of your drama Delena fans .You have already won because of Nian ! Now are you happy?

    510. Delena is Destiny Said:

      Klaroline is interesting but come on it can’t be compared with Delena! Delena is DESTINY!. And to Stelena fans: For once stop being so immature! We all know that you are voting for Klaroline because you hate Delena!

    511. THUY Said:

      This poll could only be fair if it were DELENA versus KLAROLINE versus STELENA so that each one could vote for only his/her true favorite couple!!!

    512. THUY Said:

      I’am Delena fan and I quit!!! This’s not worth!

    513. Maegan Said:

      Delena fans, we are not even that much ahead of you and the reason why Delena votes are going backwards is bc alloy is sweeping the poll. Read the fine print under the votes. Dumbasses. It’s sad that you don’t know how big Klaroline fan base really is. I’m Delena but I prefer Klaroline bc I’m sick of the main triangle, it happens get the hell over it! GROW UP!!!!!!!

    514. clarissa Said:

      Please fix the cheat.First the gap was of 50 votes, and in 5 minutes the gap increased to 300 votes, and in less than 3 hs the gap increased to 1000. These past 2 days the poll was so closed, and now this.Admit is weird.Maybe is the same stelena hacker, and now we re loosing for a lot. Is not fair 🙁 And the DErs doesn t want to vote anymore because of this. You need to check this and fix it.

    515. clarissa Said:

      From 300 to 100 votes in less than 3 hours. These past 2 days the poll was so closed, and now this.Admit is weird.Maybe is the same stelena hacker. Is not fair. And the DErs doesn t want to vote anymore because of this. You need to check this and fix it. Even when you search the results changes in different browsers.

    516. JEEE Said:

      I CAN’T VOTE FOR DE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. IS GOING ONE HERE????????????

    517. Mariana Said:

      You are right. I don t trust in this site anymore. Anybody can cheat. What a shame. You must imply another method of votations.

    518. christine Said:

      if klaroline fandom wanted to cheat they would have done in last round against stelena..if i remember right klaroline were almost out in last round if alloy wudnt have taken the matter in charge..and havnt deleted the extra votes klaroline wud have lost..we were not cheating that time..then why klaroline will cheat this time when it is a fair play!i and most of my friends loved delena but noww we all dont like it anymore!!klaroline is way more intresting with awesomest chemistry so deal wid it!

    519. christine Said:

      delena fans stop bashing on klaroline fandom !! everyday is not same!! soo deal wid it!! klaroline is also very popular!! may be u have never noticed..stelena fans and delena fans all like klaroline!!i knw people ard me who like stelena / delena but they all love klaroline!!so its becoming more popular!!

    520. sames Said:

      what’s the point to win a poll that is not clear AT ALL???. come on, this poll has always had the same results , until TONIGHT. suddenly came out fans from all over the universe to get this distance. people that continue to say , that everything is fine are just stupid.
      not a big deal because it’s a stupid poll, but come on, it’s so evident.

    521. zohra Said:

      Love klaroline <3 they're more interesting for me .

    522. M Said:

      If you think gaining 300 in less than 3 hours is much than can’t possible have seen many polls in your life..


      If someone’s cheating I bet Alloy will have a look at it. Again. So I say let’s just vote. And be nice to each other. Somebody’s bound to end up winning. And guys, I’m not a DE fan but can’t you see, it’s already a TVD win! 🙂


      Also, at some point, one couple will have higher votes than the other. And I doubt that they’re cheating everytime it happens. Have a little faith! This is supposed to be fun! 🙂

    525. heather Said:

      so the number of votes for KC increased overnight means cheating? even now we are only leading by a few hundred. its definitely not like the SE vs KC situation where suddenly they led by 200 000 votes. come on DEers (some), it seems like nothing else is logical to you except DE wining. just focus on your own ship will ya?

    526. heather Said:


    527. Valentina Said:

      I am very shocked.
      The pool is weird.
      Tonight Delena was winning.
      Suddenly klaroline is on the top.
      I hope you’ll do something against this shit.

    528. Yessica Said:

      DELENA is true love…!!!Because love is more strong..!!

    529. THUY Said:

      @ heather: sorry, we said “there’s cheating” not “Kroline fans are cheating”

    530. M Said:

      EVERYBDOY! Go to google at search for a thing called TIME ZONES, I think it will be very educational.

    531. Dilara Said:

      First the gap was of 50 votes, and in 5 minutes the gap increased to 300 votes, and in less than 3 hs the gap increased to 1000. These past 2 days the poll was so closed, and now this.Please fix this thing!

    532. aurora Said:


    533. The Truth Said:

      Delena fans, you have to start accepting the fact that Delena is no longer the No.1 couple on TVD. I’m not saying that Klaroline is, but both ships have pretty much the same amount of popularity now. Delena may be way more popular than Stelena but here’s it competing with Klaroline, who has acquired a very large fanbase over the course of almost 2 seasons. They’re pretty much head-to-head. You can’t instantly assume that Delena will win, because Klaroline has just as much fans, if not more.

    534. Mariana Said:

      WE RE NOT SAYING YOU RE CHATING. MAYBE IS THE SAME STELENA HACKER. You have to admit that these 2 days the poll was so close, neck to neck and in one night you re above more than 1000 votes and that is not weird. Yeah right. Why the different time zones doesn t worked the other days??

    535. recobra Said:

      people how is even possible that the voting in the final is so slow…by now delena should have 30 000 or more votes….that was the trend against chair…but not in the final after 2 fcking days they only have 9 000 votes…wtf is this shit…and dont worry.. if remember at the semifinals the votes of stelena and klaroline combined didnt beat only if you say fck logic…. how the fck is klaroline alone going to beat delena…

    536. Emily Said:

      Gaining 1 000 votes in 2-3 hour in a poll that been open very few days is NOT unusual. The reason people first thought there were cheating in the last round was because there where 20 000 votes in 2-3 hour.

    537. Meg Said:


    538. Miss Mikaelson Forbes Said:

      Klaroline is passion, forgiveness and honesty! #KlarolineForever

    539. recobra Said:

      so now people say that klaroline is the first couple of tvd hahahahaah….best joke ever…if you need a reality check go to facebook and click klaroline and delena and se compare the fans of both fandoms…and dont be delusional…from winnig this poll to being the first couple of tvd you have a long way to impossible…delena beat the real finalist that was chair …you are a secondary couple like stelena…so you do the math…

    540. Madz Said:

      I don’t care who wins or who loses. I love Damon and Elena. And besides, Klaroline is not even an endgame coz now that Klaus is living, getting his own show…I so love Klaroline but I don’t see future for them and I have invested 4 Seasons in Delena. Its not a joke. Klaroline has seen one season and now I don’t even know whats gonna happen…For me Delena is the winner. I hope someday…Klaroline happens…Coz at this point of time..I see nothing for them in future.

    541. Ruby Said:

      stelenaforever Said: “Stelena fans vote for Klaroline because they love Klaroline too”
      – No, you don’t. You just love the fact that they root for your boring ship. It’s pathetic.

      stelenaforever Said: “I am so f*cking tired of your drama Delena fans. You have already won because of Nian!”
      – GOSH! WHEN WILL YOU BRAINLESS PEOPLE GET THAT NIAN IS -NOT- DELENA! Learn to tell the difference between a TV SHOW and REAL LIFE before opening your mouth and saying sh*tloads of bullsh*t!

    542. amelia Said:

      Damon and elena 🙂

    543. taam Said:

      I can’t vote :@ so unfair

    544. Ruby Said:

      Btw, I don’t want to even think that SOME people may have found another way to cheat, because even though I don’t ship KC (and NEVER will), I’ve always respected KCrs for their passion & kindness. Except those who also ship SE, duh.

      But I DO see so MANY so-called DErs here who say they “ship DE but vote KC because *insert idiocy here*…” – YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!
      I am DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED, to not say worse. You shouldn’t even DARE calling yourselves DErs. You should call yourselves BETRAYERS.

    545. DeFTW Said:

      First of all, people who are saying that KC is as big as Delena is need to pull their head out their ass. Because delena had more votes in the previous round (before the cheating y’all started to do)then KC.
      To the people who call delena their otp and vote for KC; prioritize.
      And there is obviously some cheating going on, Im not going to say who is cheating but the results are very different in every browser. I cant believe our own fandom is betraying us. You should be ashamed.

    546. Jenny Said:

      KLaroline FTW! I Love Them.

    547. Giulia Said:

      The poll isn’t over yet, but Delena fans you should accept that maybe you losing doesn’t mean the other is cheating ffs

    548. DeFTW Said:

      Chair wins everything most of the time and Delena even beat them so pleas dont talk bs. Plus delena has a freaking build-up from season 1 until now, and its still building up. It has trust, friendship, love, honesty, passion and it has a damn strong fanbase who are not giving up. Delena is everything that KC is not.

    549. KCFamily Said:

      GO KLAROLINE !!!

    550. DeFTW Said:

      And I see so many dumb comments. Do you people forget that you can ONLY vote once? So ofcourse gaining 1000 votes is a lot.

    551. FlirtyJade Said:

      Stelena and Klaroline fans against Delena fans!
      How fair!! And voting 963936592623585 times per person isn’t allowed, Delena forever anyway cheaters.

    552. Lune Said:

      Well, I see a lot of dumb comments, too. If these votes are not real votes, i’m pretty sure that the KC fandom has NOTHING to do with it. And when the poll closes, alloy will fix this just like they did in the round 3. But stop saying stupid things and offending our ship just because DE is losing. Oh god, please wake up. Delena is not the only ship in this show. Actually, the KC fanbase is so huge as yours. And this is just a poll. If we lose, that’s ok. And you should calm down, too.

    553. cherry欣 Said:


    554. Julie Said:


    555. Jana Peters Said:


    556. OTP Said:

      As long as polls dont use chaptcha’s I dont trust them.
      I think everyone is forgetting that you can only vote ONCE.
      Alloy I am disappointed in you. BOOO

    557. DelenaKlaroline Said:

      Seriously, what is with the arguing? Klaroline is winning. Well done to you! It’s a poll which at the end of the day means nothing! It’s just a bit of fun.. stop arguing and accusing people of cheating.

    558. Maegan Said:

      @Jana Peters How are you so sure Forwood isn’t voting for Delena too. All you see is what happening to your ship, it’s not fair to assume that Klaroline doesn’t have a big fan base. Last month we had the most WWTT than any other couple in the TVD family.

    559. Caitlyn Said:

      Go Klaroline! ♥

      The funny thing is that only Delena shippers are talking about cheating. I didn’t cheat although I voted for Klaroline! I don’t even know how to cheat in this poll! So stop saying this just because you are afraid to lose this!!

    560. Fatima Said:

      Gosh those who cheat in fun polls are the most disgusting peoples try to play it fair kids you surly gonna enjoy more btw i was expecting maybe there’ll be no cheating but duh alloy is also like all stupid sites

    561. Lola Said:

      Well, you’re already throwing Stelena, so… 🙂

    562. Jana Peters Said:

      @Maegan then throw Forwood into the mix…

    563. Devon Said:

      Damon and Elena 🙂 They have one of the best romances that I have ever seen or read. They’re just perfect and absolutely EPIC.

    564. amy Said:

      its pity that delena is losing so sending hate to klaroline fandom..this is not the first time klaroline is winning from delena..klaroline won Best love hate relationship poll by Zapit a month ago against delena..klaroline fandom is huge..if you cant appreciate that then you are blind..

    565. Anvick Yuan Said:


    566. recobra Said:

      amy Said:
      its pity that delena is losing so sending hate to klaroline fandom..this is not the first time klaroline is winning from delena..klaroline won Best love hate relationship poll by Zapit a month ago against delena..

      yeah amy go check the portrait magazine poll…for 2012-2013…and see how huge is the gap between delena and klaroline…the only couples who are match for delena are casket ..chair and the glee couples and delena has beaten them all before..klarocheat is no match

    567. Chloe Said:

      Delena shippers you already got what you want, Elena will always have feelings for Damon. That was obvisious from the first episode and it will never change. So stop blaming all the others for their favourite couple!

      Everyone can vote whoever he/she wants!

      If stelena shippers vote for Klaroline, then they are doing this because they like this couple more than the other and not to make Delena lose! Got it?! It’s not everything about DE!

    568. Logic Said:

      Klaroline is cute but more abusive/dysfunctional than Stelena ever was. Delena = true love.

    569. Ashley Said:

      Guys calm down! Don’t you understand that TVD already won this!
      So please don’t argue about which couple is better and be happy for your favourite (I guess it is) TV Show. Cause no matter what the poll says you will still ship the same couple, won’t you?! 😉

    570. naccu Said:

      Theres no better ship. KC and DE are completely different. The reason that the KC fans are winning is that they are more committed.. Of course DE has many fans. Haven’t you ever been on twitter?

    571. Emily Said:

      Klaus dares you to vote for KLAROLINE! 😛

    572. Anne Said:

      You realize that several votes from the same computer/IP address will be removed at the end, right?

    573. Joey Said:

      Delena forever… <3

    574. Jasmine Pour Said:

      Just because Klaroline has more votes than Delena doesn’t mean that the Klaroline fans are cheating, it just means that our fan base is stronger and bigger than yours #FTW KLAROLINE <3

    575. Long Said:

      Oh, come on everybody, this is just a poll for FUN!
      The problem is that we can see them as couples on the series.
      This doesn’t mean anything if in the end DE and KC could not be a real couple
      -DELENA fan-

    576. KodokuMaria Said:

      Delena’s fans’ behavior is just so disappointing( I was pro Delena all these time, but I really don’t won’t to support a couple, whose fanbase is so mean and sees nothing around themselves. KC is popular, why can’t you just accept that? I think maybe that has something to do with our ship being team Stelena, or I don’t know. The point is, you’re, Delena fans, are most probably going to win. It two days more.——–}

    577. yasmin Said:

      wooo klaroline is winning! keep it up 😀

    578. KodokuMaria Said:

      Or we could win, who knows. But the fact is that because of a poll you have insulted us, called us cheaters. And that’s not nice. And we all just find ourselves at a war between two ships that have no reason to be at war. We should all just be friends) Appreciate Julie’s and all the crew’s work. Be patient. And in the end our beloved characters will find happiness) Shouldn’t that alone make us happy? )))
      Still vote Klaroline)) We have champagne and horses))

    579. LOL Said:

      LOL Delena fans. You say that Klaroline is not as popular as Delena but I don’t see Delena worldwide trending 5 times on Twitter in one week.

    580. Ruby Said:

      Chloe Said: “If stelena shippers vote for Klaroline, then they are doing this because they like this couple more than the other and not to make Delena lose!”

      You clearly don’t know SErs, darling! Well, MOST of them at least.
      – They DO vote against DE everytime they can because they hate DE & Damon and they are bitter because of S4 and sore losers;
      – The MAIN reason why most SErs also ship KC is ONLY because Klaus & Caroline both wear their shining “Team Stefan/SE” shirts on TVD.

      Open your eyes

    581. Ruby Said:

      LOL Said: “LOL Delena fans. You say that Klaroline is not as popular as Delena but I don’t see Delena worldwide trending 5 times on Twitter in one week.”

      Darling, look back at November 2012 when DE had 21 WW trends!
      If you don’t see DE trends right now, it’s because people are not planning them, not because they don’t work out. Get your facts straight.

    582. Get over it Said:

      For those Delena fans saying that Delena had more votes than Klaroline in Round 3: Who’s to say that Delena didn’t cheat? After all, Alloy only did a sweep in Bracket 1 with Klaroline/Stelena, where the numbers were insane and blatantly obvious. Who knows, maybe the same thing happened in Bracket 2.
      Get over it, Delena fans. Klaroline is as popular as Delena.

    583. Kelly Said:

      DELENA! <33333333

    584. Kelly Said:

      Well, Klaroliner’s did cheat in ROUND 3. So I wouldn’t be surprise if Klaroliner’s cheat to win again.

    585. Luna Said:

      GOD, everybody’s so obsessed with this cheating thing! It doesn’t look like cheating to me and I belive Alloyentertainment got everything under control this time.
      PLEASE, for ONCE, STOP ACTING LIKE 5 YEARS OLD! Don’t throw hate on each other all the time.

    586. Lola Said:

      I’m sorry Kelly, BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING? Klaroliners have cheated in the round 3? How delusional are you? Some Stelena fan just hacked the poll and tried to make STELENA wins, AND WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? Oh my god i’m done with some DE fans. That’s a shame, I ship Delena so hard, and i’m ashamed of my own fandom.

    587. Lola Said:

      @Luna I def agree with you. If these votes are not real, then alloy will take care of it just like they did before. People freaking out about that and arguing and fighting with eachother is just ridiculous.

    588. anaiddy Said:

      Sorry DE fans but the truth is no one is cheating. And I don’t think SE fans are voting for Klaroline just to piss DEers off. Have you ever thought that maybe they really ship both SE&KC. Also: have you ever thought that a lot of the KC voters are DE shippers too? I, for one, am a DE shipper since forever and yet I voted for KC because they just took over me without being able to control it. Where is the fair play and the respect? We are the same, don’t forget that.

    589. Huda Said:


    590. Marine Said:

      You do realize you are all being ridiculous, right?… IT’S JUST A POLL!!!! Calm your tits down for a sec.
      And not to burst anyone’s bubble but there are people who ship Stelena/Klaroline-Delena/Klaroline just like Stelena/Kennett- Delena/Kennett or Stelena/Beremy-Delena/Beremy and many other couples… What’s the big deal? Last time I checked, you can ship whoever the hell you want.
      Do you really think it’s necessary to belittle people’s ship and what they like? I feel bad for you.
      GROW UP!

    591. blah Said:

      I’m giving this to Klaroline though I ship both.. Coz Delena was there once as friends and now look at them…

    592. recobra Said:

      to the delusional klarolines fans that now think that are bigger than delena fandom ahaha good joke really…i am happy for you…hey i am repeating this go check facebook and see how big delena is in comparison with klaroline….check delena groups and see how many fans are in those groups…and compare that with your number of fans in every fcking group you have in facebook and then you will see which fanbase is stop this bullshit..get the facts before talking…

    593. Calyssa Said:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a poll between Stelena Delena and Klaroline.
      Stelena would be at the bottom that much I am sure, bc Klaroline has as big of fan base as Delena. You have no idea if Stelena fans are voting on this, some probably are, but some might not be interested since this isn’t about STELENA.
      Like I’ve stated before. I’m for Delena and Klaroline.
      This arguing is stupid. It’s a SHOW. I love shipping both couples as much as I love the show.

    594. cris Said:

      I know it’s impossible klaroline Delena win legitimately.
      I’m from Brazil and I know that 90% of the fans here are Delena.
      We sympathize with Klaus and Caroline, but they could never be compared to Delena.
      Nor is he a couple.
      Delena is a love story special and unique.
      I know that Julie has Pelec wrong hand in the conduct of that story and that season 4 has been the worst for Delena, yet we remain the number 1 couple of TVD and the world.

    595. Lucy Said:

      Are DE shippers suspecting that KC shippers are somehow cheating? How is that even possible anymore, the head person of this competition fixed the poll by only allowing one vote per day. By the way if Stelena shippers are voting for KC, how is that KC shippers fault? I am a HUGE Stelena shipper, I don’t dislike Delena at all. I am a Stelena shipper who also loves Klaroline. I follow many SE shippers who love Klaroline and vice versa, so please calm down.

    596. @beangelic1000 Said:

      I hope that Theo and co from Alloy are doing a very good sweep of this poll, lots of votes coming in again, not as obvious as round three, they need to be checking not just a group of votes in seconds, but also speced out group voting at intervals. This poll is still hackable.

    597. Calyssa Said:

      One ship is going to lose and one is going to win.
      The way we should be looking at it is, both ships made it THIS FAR! It’s amazing! I’m so proud to be a fan of both and of TVD at this moment.
      So can the fighting stop. Second place isn’t bad either. And there is still time for the poll to go in another direction.
      Let’s just see how it plays out.
      AND YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE! IT STATES SO! I can’t vote twice, I don’t know about you all, but saying people are voting more than once is silly.

    598. recobra Said:

      and smth else..someone was saying that perhaps delena fans were cheating in the semifinals with chair.well let me say this to you in every poll you have a trend that makes you understand how people are voting and this works in every from the begining the trend was that delena got thousans of votes more than chair…and that trend was the same till the end…so that made the difference in the end… would have been cheating only if the trend if the trend was lets say every day

    599. cris Said:

      Just take a look at Facebook and social networks to have a dimension that is DELENA.
      Yes there is sabotage. Only this time more discreetly.
      The votes of klaroline Stelena and Delena not hit together and now they are winning.
      No way! I hope the site make the proper corrections.

    600. recobra Said:

      cont…10 000 votes more for delena… and suddenly delena was getting 100 000 or even a milion more votes then chair…that would have been cheating becouse thats beating the trend and thats not possible…the same happend when klarocheaters and stelecheaters started cheating and you all did see what happend,so that is an example of cheating…delena is an awsome fandom who has fought in many polls the last 4 years and never cheated once…and has won in the 70% of the polls that i have seen

    601. Fangartist Said:

      HAHAHA could the real sour DE shippers kindly STFU! HAHAHA if you want to pull the “Other ships are voting for you card” then LOL remember we also have our rivals. Who’s to say Forwood and Klayley aren’t voting for you LOL. And our fandom lol is big enough my dears. We drop trends in minutes. So please… check yourself.

    602. michelle Said:

      what’s with all these bitter and mean delena fans? when delena is winning: oh my gosh yeah see we’re so much better than klaroline blah blah. when delena is losing: klaroline is cheating!!! you guys are ridiculous. you do realize that the majority of klaroliners are also for delena right? i’ve shipped DE for way longer than KC, but i ship KC harder. the rude DE’ers should be ashamed.

      let’s not stoop to their level KC’ers! use comments solely to encourage others to vote for KC!

    603. Kelly Said:

      @Lola, Im not delusional. In ROUND 3 Klaroline is 330k+ votes, but after the sweep, Klaroline’s number dropped down to 65k. So obviously there were some cheating there. And don’t get me wrong, I like KC too. They have great chemistry. But My heart belongs to Delena, always!

    604. recobra Said:

      so if you have any doubts go again check portrait magazine poll for 2012-2013..go there and see how delena crushed klaroline…delena ended 3 rd…the winner was chair…but the year before delena won that poll…sometimes you cannot win everything …people get bored hapens…so stop this klaroline bigger then delena bullshit…there is no contest between the two couples…klaroline is no match for delena…and if in the finale delena doesnt get the same amount of votes or near the same amount

    605. recobra Said:

      cont…i will call this poll bullshit…in every poll from round to round if you win …you get more votes thats the logic…in every poll that i have seen…not the other way around…so if delena doestn get at least 100 000 votes as in semifinale when they won against chair…doesnt matter who wins …then this poll is rigged….

    606. Jen Said:

      Lol the klaroline fans blamed forwood fans for them almost losing to haleb in round 1. Why is it suddenly wrong that DE fans are blaming you? Plus a certain klaroline fan on tumblr said that she knew how to vote multiple times so I won’t put it past you guys.

    607. @beangelic1000 Said:

      What certain people are forgetting is that Damon & Elena are main charecters from the same show and are on the verg of become a couple, but very soon the Klaus charecter is going to be a lead in his own TVD spinoff and Candice is remaining as a series regular on TVD. And what is certain is the fact that Klaus at some point will be involved in his own couple pairing, which could be Haley or any of the new female cast members from that show.

    608. Lena Said:

      God, you people! Stop beeing so stupid! Just vote and shut up!

    609. And Said:

      KLAROLINE <3 (I love Klaus anyways with or without caroline but Klaroline is so cute and hot)

    610. ))) Said:

      Come on guys we know that there are not Forwood fans ( there are not a lot of Forwood fans maybe 10 or maximum 100 ) , but there are a lot of Stelena fans who are voting for Klaroline for not letting Delena to win (I think it’s stupid! )

    611. Sarah Said:

      Wow, lost so much respect for the Delena fandom! You guys are incredibly rude and immature. Klaroline is my otp but you don’t see me saying Delena cheats when they are ahead in a poll. Just b/c Delena is a bigger fandom doesn’t mean the whole fandom is voting! Contrary to popular belief, not everyone votes. & the only reason KC shippers cheated in the last poll was b/c SE shippers suddenly jumped 200,000 votes so KC had to cheat to get ahead of them b/c it was unfair & SE didn’t deserve to win

    612. maysalvatore Said:

      SERIOUSLY? delena’s fans are saying that klaroline is winning because stelena fans are helping klaroline? COME ON….. let me tell you guys THAT FORWOOD fans are agains KLAROLINE’S AND ARE helping delena so this is FAIR! we HAVE 2 VS 2 ships so do not say things that are not fair.

    613. amy Said:

      delenafans r really getting insane day is same dear…klaroline is equally big fandom u cant deny this fact…and plus this is not the 1st pooll klaroline won against delena..let me remind u delena fans klaroline also won love hate relationship poll by zapit a month ago against delena..
      I was also a delena fan but i dont like it anymore..i love and ship klaroline..its the best ship i have seen in my whole life after spuffy..with awesomest story..
      Spp stop ur bang and deal with it..

    614. recobra Said:

      sarah yeah but we never do that we never cheat …we were in the same situation months ago with casket fans we were winning all the time …for 11 days and then for one day they got one milion votes more then us…that started during the night and in the morning ttey were leading with this insane amount of votes…a stelena fan admitted that rigged the poll so delena would lose…but we never responded with cheating becouse cheaters are cheaters…simple as that..

    615. Sarah Said:

      @recobra: yeah, but we don’t have insane amount of votes for this final round. It’s going consistent so how can you guys say that we’re cheating? KC has only 1000 something more votes than DE. If we were cheating, then there would be 100,000 votes there. I don’t know why we’re all worrying, Alloy will sweep this poll anyways! And honestly, its probably that one SE shipper trolling and cheating on all these polls so no need to blame the whole fandom and others for that one person’s cheating!

    616. recobra Said:

      amy once a delena fan you never quit…this proves that deep down you never were…so stop this shit i was once a delena now i am not…you never were the first place…a true fan never quits…i started watching one tree hill and i was watching couse of brucas…once they were not together any more i quit the show i didnt quit being a fan of brucas no matter what…so a true fan remains a true fan till the end of the show…

    617. recobra Said:

      sarah if want to understand better whats happening then go read my comment that i posted before…about the trend in the pollings… in every poll if you a have a trend you cannot changed it with 1000%….so the difference before between the to couples was alwas most of the time in favour of delena by max 100 votes…that is a trend…you cannot change…only by cheating of course… in matter of 3 ours you have klaroline winning by more then 1500 votes..WTF…thats impossible…

    618. recobra Said:

      cont…this is a more discrete cheating…that doesnt mean there is no cheating.. and you wanna know something even more impossible …then look the votes in the semifinals…we have delena with 103 000 votes and we have stelena and klaroline together with less then 90 000…and now you are telling me that klaroline alone is beating delena ahahahahahaha yeah with the help of the almighty god…

    619. Trina Said:

      Delena all the way!

    620. Sunny Said:

      See Plec? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Stop making up excuses as to why Klaroline can’t happen, and GET THE F-CK TO WORK!

    621. amy Said:

      Delena fans stop being insane let me remind u that this is not the first tym klaroline won against delena kc also won love hate relationship poll by zapit a month ago against delenA..klaroline is equally big fandom as delena. The fact is people r not likingg delena anymore I was also.a delena shiper but I don’t like it anymore..kc is much more better wid awesomest chemistry I have seen.on stop ur bang against kc fans
      Klaroline is more popular then delena now so deal wid it.

    622. amy Said:

      M still a delena fan but the fact is I love klaroline m rooting for them n calling otherz opiniin as shit is not at all right..if u r voting for delenathen its okay but calling opposite fandom cheaters is not at all right..u. shud deal with the fact that klaroline is equally popular.

    623. Jana Peters Said:

      Sorry but just because you prefer KC or stopped shipping DE, doesn´t mean KC are better then DE now. I don´t know any DEer who prefer KC to DE, or even shipping them. And I read alot of forums,follow alot of people on tumbrl and twitter.If you didn´t cheat doesn´t mean the other didn´t. DEers didn´t just come up with the cheating thing, they had good reasons… maybe it´s not even cheating, but something is wrong with the poll itself. Like I said before,some people weren´t even able to vote once

    624. @beangelic1000 Said:

      The we are not cheating posts are exactly the same type of posts declaring that a fanship was winning fair and square in round 3 that was seen posted back then. If you don’t believe me go back and look, at what was posted and I’m seeing the same type of posts. And Klaroline posters stating they cheated because Stelena did is not an excuse because you would have been put through anyway. That fact that you did is why no one believes its an honest poll.

    625. Nicole Said:

      Delena will always win my eyes.

    626. Begue Martine Said:

      De toute façon pour gagner les Klarolines et les Stélénas doivent s’unir contre les Délénas ce qui prouvent bien que les Délénas sont les plus forts car il n’ont pas besoin ni de tricher ni de s’unir à d’autres.
      Déléna amour, Déléna toujours

    627. Miss Mikaelson Forbes Said:

      Klaroline is epic! they’re so beautiful

    628. Original Girl Said:

      Klaus deserves love and Caroline needs a great man! Vote for Klaroline

    629. Nicole Said:

      Delena has to win because my friend will be so angry if they don’t and she will take it out on me.

    630. Klaroliner Said:

      Klaroline is very popular and we want to watch them on The Originals

    631. Larissa Gomes Said:


    632. Sienna Said:

      God. All I know is that all you bickering people are giving me a migraine. Honestly? If there was cheating, those votes will be removed. I don’t see why we’re all blaming it on each other and on entire fan bases. You can’t have a poll and expect NOBODY to cheat, there’s always those kinds of people.

    633. Ruby Said:

      WTF? I am PROUDLY a DE fan & I don’t even like KC but when SErs were cheating in Round 3 I TOOK KCrs SIDE! BOTH IN THE COMMENTS here & ON TWITTER! I tweeted both @/alloyent & @/vampirediaries several times asking to please check the votes bc there was cheating going on, AND NOW ALL I SEE IS HARSH COMMENTS AGAINST DErs SAYING WE’RE RUDE????
      You really make me REGRET standing for YOU when your bracket was being rigged, KCrs. I thought you were better that this, but clearly I WAS WRONG. Go figure.

    634. Sienna Said:

      And let me just say that I love BOTH Delena and Klaroline, it just so happens that the writers are just slowly crumbling Delena at the moment with Elena’s cold bitch heart, and as of right now, I’ve decided I like Klaroline better.

    635. Dani Said:

      So I came on here and see that delena was winning and the commenrs are like “klaroline!!!!<33" and "Yay Delena!!!" Now that delena is losing all the comments are like "klaroline!!!!!<3333" and "OMG KLAROLINERS ARE CHEATING!!!" Thats childish. Just stop.

    636. @beangelic1000 Said:

      It isn’t just polls that they look at, it is all roound popularity as well, they will already know just who is popular worldwide. They already know how popular the Damon charecter is worldwide he has a massive fanbase. So too has Delena. Of the 50M Chinese that watch TVD the largest majority are Delena’s, the same goes for Brazil and Europe, so DE’s are not dependant just on polls since we have lost to bigger network couples. CW already know how big all the TVD fanbases are.

    637. Lola Said:

      @Kelly, we didn’t, actually. it was the same Stelena hacker trying to kind of “fix” that, cause the cheating was too obvious.

    638. Lune Said:

      Agreed. Please, just vote for your favourite couple, stop arguing.

    639. Delena Said:

      Please don’t fight just be happy that delena and klaroline both made it this far , they’re both winners there’s no need to fight …. And I don’t think that anyone’s cheating because both delena and klaroline’s fandoms are BIG . I love delena and klaroline and it hurts me to see people fighting over them ….. to me both delena and klaroline are winners and I think it’s gonna be either a tie or someone will win but with a slight difference …

    640. KT Said:

      It’s sad to see that an abusive couple is winning.
      Really sad and I judge you all.

    641. Aya Said:

      I vote for Klaus and Caroline , They are amazing <3

    642. Klarolinee Said:

      I love klaus and Caroline ! Klaus would do anything for Caroline !

    643. alwaysdelena Said:

      i love klaroline and delena equally so i dont care who wins. i ship both…..i really want klaroline to happen and i really want more delena scenes <33

    644. Paaaaame Said:

      la dos pero todos quieren que en la novela “The vampires diaries” Estem juntos porfavooor 😀 LA DOS LA DOS & LA DOS Saquen hasta la 10 temporada yo puedo hacer que tenga mucha visitas porfavor informenleeen LA DOS HASTA LA MUUUUUERTE ♥

    645. Tasha Said:

      @KT: Stop the shipwars, and quite ballsy of you to say outright that you are judging all KC fans. Do you remember that Damon force fed Elena his blood even though she didn’t want to be a vampire, just because he was that selfish? And that time he snapped Jeremy’s neck when he was heartbroken? All I’m saying is that both ships have faults but that’s what make them so relatable and real. Stop criticizing and bitching about other people’s opinions.

    646. Luisa Said:

      Vamoos Delenas Vamoos

    647. Lolip Said:

      Klaroline always and forever <3

    648. cheyanna Said:

      Can we say DELENA! 🙂

    649. TVDFan Said:


      Imagine JP seeing this and speeding the KC process up?

    650. Amy Said:


    651. Larissa Said:

      Cheating is ON!! :)) well played Klarolines… –‘

    652. ism somerhalder Said:

      klaroline n delena r both great but i ship delena !! Team Delena keep on voting n tell all the Ders out there through facebook twitter or any other social media to vote !!! do all what u can n good luck 😀 btw all TVDers follow me on twitter @s0merh0lic !! let the best couple win <3

    653. Jules Said:

      If you read the poll carefully and paid attention to how long it takes for the Klaroline votes to jump, you would realize that no one is cheating. They specifically wrote that: “Our tech team will now sweep the polls to AUTOMATICALLY remove extra votes from the same user…” So, they are automatically removing extra votes from the same users! And as you guys know, both Delena AND Klaroline got over 80 something THOUSAND votes before the cheating on the last round so 12,000 is not suspicious!

    654. Nicole Said:

      DELENA <3

    655. Elton Gabriel Said:

      Klaus and Caroline must to win. Damon and Elena have had a story on the series, Klaroline deserves this award. 🙁

    656. Cynthia Said:

      Delena forever

      Delena forever

      Delena forever

    657. @beangelic1000 Said:

      TVDfan Julie and the rest of the network and makers of the show are aware of the stats in regards to fanships, winning this poll isn’t going to speed any process up. Klaus is leaving the show, there isn’t going to be any Klaroline apart from friendship, they have already filmed the proms episode and the Originals pilot episode and may not even be in the remaining 3 episodes, how are these 2 going to be a couple on 2 different shows. True KC stats are already known.

    658. heather Said:


    659. @beangelic1000 Said:

      @s0merh0lic you are already following me on twitter. So I know the combined stats of all the TVD fanships on there and all the other social medias, therefore, it is saying something when Delena fans haven’t even bothered to vote in this poll nor trust the results.

    660. Mary Said:

      hackers stelenas attack Klaroline !!fuck .!!!!

    661. joss Said:

      Always during the night the vote for Klaroline misterious jump… lol

    662. Kayla Said:

      @ recobra And give you with the Facebook, as you like to compare me to a couple who is 4 years with a few pages that have been created 2 seasons. Do not be ridiculous. Obviously Delena has more fans on facebook that take much longer. Stelena has more fans on facebook that Klaroline Klaroline but even so it is now more important than Stelena. Your facebook argument is very poor : P

    663. kate Said:

      When the survey began Klaroline defeat to delena for carried 200 votes. After Delena not only met, but he began to win more than 300. Delena fans then say nothing. I saw ascended Delena as many votes in just seconds. Yes of course they are the only ones who do not cheat. Sometimes this fandom annoys me too.

    664. Jessica Salvatore Said:

      Klaroline is everything to me! I love Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan

    665. Delena is not what it used to be Said:

      Klaroline fans are not cheating. It’s a popular ship and it’s getting increasingly popular each week. Delena on the other hand is becoming less popular. A lot of fans have given up on Delena because they can no longer stand Elena. Delena was a HUGE ship but that was before Klaroline and before most of the fandom started hating half of their ship.

    666. Liz Said:

      It is obvious that a Delena fan will vote many times and also a fan Klaroline. Like the last round, almost won Stelena by cheating but that does not mean that the entire fandom is cheat, are few people who are dedicated to do that. Just look at the comments Klaroline has very much support. If Delena was much higher this that would be noticeable in the comments, but not is so. And @recobra is annoying , Stelena has more followers on Facebook than Klaroline but anyway Klaroline he won cleanly.

    667. Delena fans CALM DOWN Said:

      You guys do realize that this is a poll based off of people’s opinions, right? Contrary to what some of you seem to think, there is no right or wrong answer; it’s just an OPINION. Someone can agree with you, while others might disagree with you – it depends on your perception. There’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion than someone but please, stop with all the rude comments.
      – sincerely, a Klaroline fan who is tired of reading rude comments from the Delena fans

    668. recobra Said:

      kayla it took delena just one season to be one of the biggest fandoms ever and the fun thing is that they were not even a couple back of course time is important but is not everything..delena was something special that took by suprise even the writers…and spread like a virus all over the world… iam not exagerating:)… time isnt everything your point is invalid…loook at the walking dead started later then tvd but now has more fans on facebook ….my facebook argument is valid..

    669. recobra Said:

      cont… kayla to be a popular couple on internet it takes more then time after all klaroline wasnt created had time to be popular but you cant get near the popularity that delena has becouse delena is delena…it has better chemistry better interaction better story its simply better in everything…i can list you all the reasons why they are so special and not ony in comparison to klaroline but to the most popular couples ever in tv history..but it would take a lot of time for me

    670. recobra Said:

      katherine you see the numbers of the voters there dont you…delena by that time were voting in three different polls or four…so they are not machines to win everything possible on internet…delena in that poll of yours got only 9-10 thousand votes…so compare those votes to this poll when in semifinal against chair we got 103 000 and you have your answer…klaroline combined with stelena got only 88 000 votes so think twice …use your logic why is the voting in the finale so slow ????????

    671. Katherine Said:

      Ok fans Klaroline and Delena look at this poll

      Stelena eliminated in 1 round, 2 round eliminated Delena, Klaroline is among the top 8 and beat to Kurt and Blaine a couple that beat to Delena in two surveys of zap2it.”Of course this also we join Stelena / Klaroline to win”. not ridiculous that Klaroline also has its large fan base. Now we are losing but at least we are the only couple TVD in the poll .

    672. Kayla Said:

      @recobra Ok. Stelena has many more followers on facebook that Klaroline. Then Klaroline also earned with trick to Stelena? That is what I am going with your opinion about facebook. To me it is not a valid point to say why should earn Delena 😉

    673. recobra Said: what happend katherine our voters got scared by klaroline so they left.where are the delena votes…this is the third day and we only have 11 000 votes wtf.when we were up against chair by this time we had 40-50 thousands votes .where did the votes go i am aqsking again…in every poll by logic you know that if win you always get more votes in the next round then in the previus one…so we had 103 000 votes in the semifina..and in the final we are going to have max 25 000…fuck logic.

    674. recobra Said:

      liz the truth always hurst:))))

    675. Lisa Said:

      @recobra. And again the same. When going to realize that in 3 round, only the votes multiple were cleaned to Bracket 1.The 2 bracket was not reviewed. You have to read. So not is sure that Delena and Chair did not cheat :/

    676. Angie Said:

      @ Beangelic1000 Nope. Chair and Delena left with the same votes they had. And let’s be honest is obvious that any fan of these two couples will vote more than once. Seriously, on every ship there someone who does. I am Klaroline fan, but i know some fans vote multiple times, what happened is that in the voting round 3 Stelena was blatant.

    677. recobra Said:

      kayla i love the truth… i dont really know who of the two stelena or klaroline is more popular…i am not entirely sure about that but what i am sure of is of delena popularity and strength and klaroline is not by any chance near it…this is the truth that i am stating here for the delusional part of your fandom who now claims that klaroline is the first couple of tvd…a good joke yeah i know:)) but use the logic for a moment you know we beat chair with a huge difference…

    678. @beangelic1000 Said:

      Actually both brackets were sweeped for multi-voting, but only bracket 1 needed to be adjusted that was why they mentioned only bracket 1. But all the votes were sweeped regardless.

    679. recobra Said:

      cont …and chair is one of the most popular couples ever…we got in that round 103 000 votes …you got only 65 000…lets say that you helped us we got some of you votes but that goes both ways dont you think…so lets say – 30 000 votes …we have still 73 000… where are those votes in final we barely have now 12 000..and we got only 2 days before the end…you understand now…the voting in final is way to slow……

    680. @beangelic1000 Said:

      Katherine in the zimbo poll, Klaroline got through because they were up against the couple from swapped at birth while Delena were immediately put against another big network couple, so Klaroline had the easier option, had they gone up against s big couple it would have been a different story. right now DE are in another poll and they are in the last 4 and they were up against TV’s greatest couple past and future with still more big couples in the last 4, but we are the only remaining TVD.

    681. recobra Said:

      lisa only if you screw with the trend of the voters …the trend for delena and chair was like this delena got every day lets say 10 000 votes more then chair…that trend never changed till the end…delena had a huge lead from the begining till the end…the trend of the votes was constant…only if you screw with the trend like stelena did and klaroline later then you are dealing with cheat…math is math no need to check for delena and chair bracket..

    682. recobra Said:

      @beangelic1000 how can you vote in that one with TV’s greatest couple past and future …i tried but doesnt show me the poll…what i have to do…it shows me all the couples but not the poll itself …i dont know where to vote in there…

    683. @beangelic1000 Said:

      recobra I get what you are saying, Delena have a huge fanship, but you never see the numbers in the polls, and each poll varies in the number of votes cast. I’ve seen Delena win on just 11k votes and even less. Even in polls, where other fanships have admitted voting against us because they didn’t want us to win we’ve had enough votes to win. But only a few are passionate about this poll because of what happened in the previous round. The rest don’t care since CW already know the DE stats.

    684. recobra Said:

      beangelic1000 i know that depends on the site that you are voting if the fans are aware of it or not.last year at wetpaint was one of the most exiting delena the final if you remember they beat casket by94 000 votes where 500 000 people voted.and in that poll were all the couples the most popular ones these days.i know different polls different numbers.but the problem here is another its impossible to lose from one round to another almost 90% of the votes that you got in the previus one

    685. Leila Said:

      Lol @ recobra your life is Delena and this poll. girl or boy i think you are obsessed. This is fun to support your favorite ship but you exaggerate. Well obviously Delena and Klaroline fans have their different view, I choose Klaroline in this competition because I think is the story more interesting to watch 🙂

    686. Leah Said:

      This is ridiculous. Just because Klaroline has a couple thousand more votes than Delena, we must be cheating, right? WRONG! Let me tell you what cheating is. Cheating is when you go from 20,000 votes to 350,000 in 15 minutes, which is what happened in the last poll with SE. The Klaroline fanbase is huge, so it’s very possible for us to be beating DE. I’m a DEer myself, but some of you are being extremely rude.

    687. recobra Said:

      leila when you have time to spend you know…not obsessed not by a chance…actually is my second time ever that i argue in a poll…and by the way i am a boy:)…its a tv show not real life i dont give a fck by the end of the day…but sometimes when i am not busy i like to check polls and stuff like that but i never argued before with somebody until 5 months ago and this time…its just fun time for me i have nothing to do right i get to know people:)))

    688. Clarissa Said:

      I CAN T BELIEVE IT. And after you say that you re not cheating. I m awake and I was watching this poll to verify something and in less than a half hour the votes increased by 1000, just like yesterday. You re clearly using some program and don t deny. The SErs were using a different program where their votes increased by 300,000, but you guys are smart than that and your pgm imcreased the votes by 1000. Is pathetic.

      Please FIX THE POLL

    689. recobra Said:

      liz my truth is everywhere in the internet … look at this video…look at the viewers…you see the delena power or not ….end of the discussion…just watch the semifinal delena bracket…look at the numbers and you will understand who is the winner…just the way i accept your peace offering:))

    690. Lucy Said:

      Do you not have lives or something….? Who spends this much time arguing about a poll that’s meant to be silly fan fare? I’m reading through these comments because I can’t believe my eyes that you have nothing better to do like a job, school, changing the world etc etc etc. It’s entertaining though. Actually, on second thought, keep the comments coming so my friends and I can enjoy a good laugh over how lame and pathetic you all are.

    691. liz Said:

      recobra: Yes, the truth always hurts, especially when everyone thinks he’s right. You not going to accept that some Delena fans also cheat. And in these surveys is not the opposite. And because I do not share all your views and you do not mine sharing. So you still supports Delena and i to Klaroline. peace 😉

    692. recobra Said:

      Clarissa i am trying here hard to make everyone understand that this shit isnt real but nobody listens…well let the klaroline fans be happy… dreaming of beating delena in a rigged poll…the delena votes havent changed by 2 or 3 hours now but the klaroline votes went up the difference is 2500 votes from 1500 that was 3 hours ago …but no we are not cheating ahhahahaha

    693. carrie Said:

      @recobra such a annoying personality you are?!? M a klaroline fan..i like delena too..but i voted for klaroline..and the way you are treating people here shows how much immature you are so stop your BS..because by this attitude you are disrespecting delena fans too..

    694. recobra Said:

      lucy i start school monday…i had this week free…so i have nothing better to do but arguing hahahaha

    695. Elise Said:

      I agree. I think there is some cheating going on, but that doesn’t mean it is the Klaroline fans. It is probably the same Stelena fans from before. God knows all the Stelena fans are voting Klaroline. The poll doesn’t really matter guys. The two ships who deserved it made it here. Just be happy. Both Klaroline and Delena are winners! It is the Stelena fans who are losers and cheaters.

    696. recobra Said:

      carrie i am not insulting the klaroline fans i am arguing with some of them who think that klaroline now is number 1…and opening your eyes about this poll…the final is fck rigged.maybe not by you maybe some stelenas are doing this but that doesnt change the facts.this is the zillion time i am saying this look at the semifinal look at delena vs chair numbers and everything will be clear. about immaturity check again your comment on me you may change your mind.truth annoys everyone i know

    697. KC Said:

      OK we accept klaroline has a HUGE fanbase. BUT DE’s is much HUGER than KC.KCers you should really accept that.
      KC is interesting NOW just because it’s not happened yet.But its the same as DE BEFORE happening,and now some DErs gave up bc of their rough patch.
      Klaroline is exactly the same as DE.Next year this time half of the KCers will be giving up on them saying that KC is not interesting anymore, I bet!!
      DONT GET ME WRONG.I love KC.but in comparing with DE…It just has nothing to say.

    698. klarolinelover Said:

      Omg guys stop hating. DE fans accept that KC have a huge fanbase and this is why we have so many votes and not because we cheat. the number of votes isn‘t that high so where we cheat? Got a proof?
      And stop bringing SE into that! Only because some SE fans like KC doesn‘t it means they are just voting to let DE losing.C‘mon look for a better reason . Accept that KC is now the bigger fandom. some ppl former DE Fans are just sick of DE so that‘s why we Lovr KC because they have tons of chemistry !

    699. natasha Said:

      klaroline klaroline klaroline and will always be a hardcore shipper..such a after spuffy..

    700. Kristina Said:

      I have many friends in DE fandom, but God…those of you commenting here against KC sound like 5-year-olds. Delena is losing, Klaroline is becoming more popular…just fucking deal with it.

    701. mina Said:

      just because you love KC , doesn’t mean we can’t have an opinion. We want to support our ship. like kc fans want to. THIS DOESN’T MEAN BEING RUDE. Just because we are sharing our opinion , means we are RUDE???? of course you will think that. the way we are supporting delena is exactly the way you are . in every ship , there are a lot of people who are rude. x( you seriously think that all people are like that???

    702. natasha Said:

      klaroline always and forever..i havenot seen such an amazing chemistry on television ..spuffy and klaroline are best ships i have seen on television..klarolines go..i just voted.:-)

    703. mina Said:


    704. Anna Said:


    705. alana Said:

      I wanted Delena, but i ship Klaroline too, so im happy either wayy :))

    706. Yulia Said:

      Super Klaus and Caroline

    707. sup Said:

      These “KC” fans look a lot like SE fans hahaha…

    708. Diana Said:

      I’m Stelena and Klaroline. Obviously in this poll I vote for Klaroline, that is so much better than Delena.

    709. sup Said:

      “Due to a few users running a browser refreshing program in several brackets during Round 3, our tech team will now sweep the polls to automatically remove extra votes from the same user. In upholding the fun spirit and fairness of this event, please note that only one per user is allowed. Thank you kindly for your understanding.”

      Well finally someone thinks for a change told you few months ago there is crazy b0t running around (i should know since i spent so much time on evony lol).

    710. Amy Said:

      klaroline always and forever !!!

    711. Natiko76 Said:


    712. Mistir Getahun Said:

      I’m want both but I would love Delena.

    713. Mistir Getahun Said:

      I want both but I love Delena.

    714. Evgenia Said:


    715. Beth Said:

      Can we all just stop fighting and complaining and just appreciate the fact that our OTP’s were in the final round to begin with…let’s look how far they’ve both come and stop with the griping.

    716. POLO Said:

      yayyyyyy KLAROLINE <3 <3

    717. Terra Said:

      Both couples have a large amount of fans. Just remember not everyone votes in these polls.

    718. natashiafajardo Said:

      I’m happy that it seems all the support that we’ve been calling out had progressed. I’m a hard klaroline shipper. I love Delena but i’m in love with klaroline. Please do support your fav ship. I love TVD!!

    719. Krissy Said:

      can’t you people read?

      “our tech team will now sweep the polls to automatically remove extra votes from the same user”

      even if you vote more than once, it doesn’t count and the extra vote will be removed immediately, there is not cheating going on, okay?
      The voting isn’t over yet and Delena has still a good chance to win, so stop acting so butthurt!
      I used to love DE but this season sucked big time and most people have enough of the damn triangle and lost interest in them, deal with it!

    720. Maegan Said:

      @luis, you are a fucking idiot. Obviously you are not a Klaroline fan because you wouldn’t say that. I bet you are just another loser DE fan that is trying to start shit. Sore ass LOSER!!!!

    721. Christie Said:

      tbh i ship both, and even though i want delena to win, im still happy they both got in :3

      You stelena fans can gtfo <3

    722. elizabeth Said:

      okay but if SE fans are voting for KC then borewood fans could be voting for DE too,right? oh no wait there’s like 10 of them so ya

    723. Lovya Said:

      Klaroline forever And ever. Voted:)

    724. Giulia Said:

      I don’t think DE fans can keep bringing up the Chuck/Blair poll because they weren’t winning for half of it so they can’t get mad because they were the ‘trend’ the whole time because I was following it and it’s not true. Second, if all the people who had voted DE before are not voting them now that’s not cheating on our part, because we had this many votes in the other polls too, maybe you’re just not committed enough.

    725. blah Said:

      You say that KLaroliners are a small fan base.. guess whose ship is left sailing in the Zimbio and got into the “Elite 8”.. SHHEEEESSHHH
      In Klaroline, I trust. Love Delena, not the shippers.

    726. Tjamyne Said:

      Eu nunca achei muito interessante Delena, sempre gostei mas de Stelena, gostava de Karoline e Tayler, achava um casal lindo, mas quando Klaus surgiu acabou vom toda a graça de karoline e Tayler, Delena e Stelena. Eles tem uma química enorme, quando Klaus chegou sem dúvidas nenhuma é Klaus e Caroline. Eles são os melhores apesar de tudo que dizem, quem é muito fanático pelos os outros casais não reparam, mas já está obvio que eles formam um casal perfeito.

    727. Stefania Said:

      DELENA <3

    728. Ella Said:


    729. genuinebeauty Said:

      Klaroline, FTW. ♥

    730. ))) Said:

      I am not a Klaroline shipper , I ship Delena <3 , but I like them together
      I think that everyone knows that Delena's fans are more ( at twitter from TVD cast most followers have Ian and Nina) , but not everyone is voting here , so I am a Delena fan and I voted for Delena, but if Klaroline wins that won't make me sad , because Delena is the best couple as NIAN as The best couple <3
      Delena 4ever

    731. TVDFan Said:

      I’m hardcore KC shipper, but DE can still make a comeback! Everyone stop fighting and having ship wars please. KC fans know DE is the #1 ship in TVD right now and KC are a close 2nd, I’m happy to admit that! But stop acting so surprised that KC are actually tough to beat in the poll… because that’s actually insulting. SE fans may be voting for KC as well, yeah that’s because they enjoy them and it’s against DE, so win-win for them, just how Forwood and anti-Klaus people are voting for DE.

    732. Jessica Said:

      DeLena fans are so used to always beat Stelena that now believe more TVD. It is obvious that the couple Klaroline is now fashion, many fans are tired of the same shit STEFAN / ELENA / DAMON. And if some fans are cheating Alloy handle to clean those votes. Already mature. And the best win ♥

    733. Irie Said:

      Why do you argue, guys? It’s obvious that Klaroline is much popular than Delena now. And I truly believe that not only Stelena, but also Delena fans are voting for Klaroline. Klaroline has nothing to do with Elena-Stefan-Damon, it’s totally different ship.
      I’m not DE/SE at all. But even if i WOULD be shipping DE/SE – i would definitely vote for Klaroline.
      They have great chemistry. There’s something new in the series, we are so tired of this love triangle. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

    734. Monica Said:

      @recobra and @ beangelic1000: you say that the two supports were swept. Just read please. Read :O

      EDIT: Both polls are now closed. Our technical team did a sweep of bracket 1 in Which any additional votes from the same user Were extracted. PLEASE NOTE THAT A Page refreshing program running in your browser to generate false votes defeats the purpose of fun events meant to bring together different fandoms.We appreciate your patience as we Dealt With This matter.


    735. Lucie Said:

      I understand why people love Klaroline, I do too, even if I’m a HUGE Delena fan since the beginning. But open your eyes Klaroline, you love something & support something who has a end, in two episode Klaus leave the serie … Klaroline will never happen, it’s just reality

    736. Lucie Said:

      Delena always and forever no matter what !!!!!

    737. Michelle Said:

      The fact that Klaroline made it to the final round against Delena is an accomplishment in itself, in my opinion. It’s no secret that Delena is the most popular ship on TVD, but it’s becoming clear that Klaroline is a close second. This one poll isn’t going to change anything. So if Klaroline wins, then good for them! This is meant to be fun! Don’t ruin it by accusing people of cheating. Whoever wins will win fair and square. I still think it’s amazing that two TVD ships made it to the end.

    738. Taki Said:

      “I’m not DE/SE at all. But even if i WOULD be shipping DE/SE – i would definitely vote for Klaroline.”

      How is that possible to assess when you aren’t DE/SE? I find Klaroline a ridiculous piece of work with artificial substance, but I can kind of get why the ship attracts people. I can’t say, however, that if I loved Klaroline too, I’d vote for them over DE. I’m 100% tired of the triangle, but that doesn’t equate to a lack of enjoyment of one side of it nor the need to ship something “fresh”.

    739. hello Said:

      klaroline fans
      but you guys do not have more fans than delena, delena and more known than Klaroline, Hell are you to take help of stelenas doing everything to lose delena, delena and most popular couple of the vampire diaries, and tam and considered one of the best couples ever and I do not see Klaroline therefore excuse to arm themselves delena will always be better known than Klaroline, and already there are many fas forwood and moreover they do not want to know it!!!!!! !!!!!!

    740. Nanabell Said:

      Ahaha! SErs and KC fanbase against DEfamily and we lost by only 3 000 votes – relax girls, we are the winners no matter what (:

    741. hello Said:

      almost two couples against one and you know it

    742. Elizabeth Said:

      Lol Delena fans complain that some Stelena fans vote for Klaroline. But they say nothing when the Delena fans voted for Klaroline only to lose Stelena. Their rivalry is stupid. And if a fan Stelena vote for Klaroline want to do is free to do so. As long as you do not make multiple votes that’s not cheating, is thought to be free to vote for the reasons they want. Many fans are so immature.

    743. joss Said:

      If people are using some IP programs or sites, alloy can’t do nothing because they can’t recognize your original IP. Two days ago the poll was almost tied and now almost 3000 ahead?please… i don’t think it’s the entire fanbase fault obviously but there is someone who is cheating here and we can’t do nothing about it. Good job idiot.

    744. KCFamily Said:


    745. delena#1 Said:

      Yeahh:)go #Teamdelena*:)♥Delena fantic

    746. Giselle Said:

      Klaroline always and forever <3

    747. Courtney Said:

      Klaroline For the WIN 😀 Klaus and Caroline all the way

    748. MissPink Said:

      This winning is possible , they say:” is so impossible that something this happend” …. you now klaroline have BIG FANDOM soo 🙂

    749. Ayda Said:

      ALWAYS AND FOREVER! way to go klaroline!

    750. recobra Said:

      i dont fck understand whats the problem with some klaroline fans…you like to be in denial or what…ask your self how the fck delena had more votes than klaroline in every fck round of this poll in semifinal the the difference in votes between delena and klaroline was 40% votes more for delena…now with what fcking logic you go and say that we are winning in the final without cheating…its every round the delena votes increased only in the final decreased by 90%…WTF

    751. Emma Said:

      KC … duh. After 4 years of de/se it’s amazing to have something new !

    752. Jasmin Said:

      And the abusive couple wins.. Wow.
      Fuck that. Klaus stabbed Caroline when she admitted the cold truth to him. There’s your abusive couple, KC fans.

    753. Rikkkee Said:

      I don’t get all the hate! Seriously… I love Delena & I love Klaroline! But I’ll always vote Delena, because it’s my OTP and I’m seriously in love with their relationship! But still, why do people in this fandom always have to fight? It’s getting really lame….

    754. ayse Said:

      klaroline <3

    755. ayse Said:

      the most wonderful couple KLAROLİNE!!

    756. Ruby Said:

      Jasmin Said: “And the abusive couple wins.. Wow.
      Fuck that. Klaus stabbed Caroline when she admitted the cold truth to him. There’s your abusive couple, KC fans.”

      AMEN TO THAT! Key word being “abusive”.
      The funniest thing is that SErs hate DE and keep blaming Damon for doing bad things towards Elena & SE… YET they “ship” KC completely forgetting how many bad things Klaus did to Caroline! Including manipulating her several times using his SIREBOND to Tyler & Tyler himself. HYPOCRISY MUCH?

    757. Tasha Said:

      I hate how some fans are so ignorant that they think if they’re a fan of one ship, they have to hate and criticize the other. Childish much?

    758. Hey Said:

      Gosh, why do you guys always have to fight? Every person has your own opinion. Congrats to both ships and to TVD family for make the final. MY choice is definitely DELENA, they’re my definitely my biggest OTP. DEers, no matter who wins, we are example of strong shippers. We’ve been through a lot since season 1. Even though season 4 has been only angst and pain to us (sire bond and no humanity Elena), we’re here, supporting each other, because DE’s love ALWAYS SURVIVE. Thank you for all <3

    759. Hey Said:

      *we’ve been going through. Sorry for my english.

    760. Ellie Said:

      @Ruby and @Jasmin: Huh, abusive. I seem to remember Damon snapping Jeremy’s neck when he couldn’t take Elena’s rejection. There’s YOUR abusive couple then. (I’m mimicking you guys.) Honestly, NO couple is made of saints, it just doesn’t happen. I hate when people generalize based off of particularly bad or singular occurrences. Fuck it all, ship wars drive me nuts. (And for the record, for a relationship to be abusive, torment has to happen on a regular basis and is one-sided.)

    761. Mandy Pitulle Said:

      Everytime delena does not win they call it cheating. But guess what , Klaroline has a passionated and strong fandom too. Look how much WWTtrends they have I am DE too btw but my heart belongs Klaroline

    762. Sweetklausoline Said:

      The website THEMSELVES said they were screening for multiple votes so there is NO WAY for someone to cheat anymore. So stop saying that Klaroline is winning because of that. The KC fandom is just as big as the DE fandom so stop acting as if you are the end all be all of ships on this show because wake up and smell the coffee .. no one gives a crap about DE anymore. The triangle is old news. Even if Klaroline is never endgame, there are tons of other ships that are more interesting than DE. Fact.

    763. Rachel Said:

      go klaroline!!!OTP !!!!!

    764. Mandy Said:

      Hello! Family TVD and fans Klaroline … also support to klaroline in this poll … We losing and have to go to semifinal :O VOTE and Share 😉

    765. Mandy Said:

      Hello! Family TVD and fans Klaroline … also support to klaroline in this poll … We losing and have to go to semifinal :O VOTE and Share 😉

      lol (In the previous comment I forgot to put the link) Sorry 😉

    766. Amy Said:

      Go klaroline !!!!!!

    767. Mariana Said:

      Vamos Delenas não Desistam

    768. aunni Said:

      Hey klaroline fans we should avoid the episode 20, coz plec said if the spinoff does not work Klaus stay at tvd. I got a bad vive about that human cami character, plec can a bitch if she wants.

    769. Leah Said:

      Aunni, I just want to tell you what a complete idiot you are. You’re going to try to get people to not watch The Originals to save your ship? Do you realize what that could do to Joseph’s career? Or did you even think about that? I’m a KCer myself, and it’s people like you that almost make me ashamed to call myself one. The Originals isn’t the end of Klaroline. You’re so selfish it hurts.

    770. delena Said:


    771. yum Said:


    772. 620 Said:

      I love KC

    773. Nancy Said:

      Both delena and klaroline are my otps however i can never pick anyone over Delena! DE <3

    774. Chloe Said:

      It’s really a shame how some DE’s are commenting this.

      I need to say that the fact that you have had more votes in the last round, doesn’t say anything. It’s because in the other rounds it was never DE Vs. KC, which means that you could have vote for both. And most KC fans i know also ship DE and vice versa. And now that these couples are eye-to-eye the DE-KC-shippers have to choose which one they like more. So it is only realistic that you are loosing some votes.

    775. Evgenia Said:


    776. Fangartist Said:

      Recobra hahaha guuuuurl you should just take a nap after a chill-pill hahahahaha. SweetKlausoline heeeeeeeey ;). And go go go Klaroline! Awe I like what I see 😀

    777. DelenaKlaroline Said:

      Aunni, just reiterating what Leah rightfully said, you would seriously want to jeopardize what could potentially be a huge break in JM’s career for the sake of a fictional ship?.. which may or may not happen even if Klaus stays in TVD? You really are the definition of stupid.

    778. small Said:

      klaroline always & forever!

    779. small Said:

      KC forever love

    780. Dee Said:

      KLAROLINE FTW !!!!

    781. KLAROLINE Said:

      klaroline always & forever!

    782. Kissyla Said:

      My God .Im, Delena and Klaroline! I love!

    783. Zeynep Said:

      #KCFamily <3

    784. Aimee Said:

      This fighting is ridiculous, its just a poll. I used to hardcore ship DE, but with the way they have been handled this season, the writers have ruined them for me. Now I adore KC, they have more chemistry and their story interests me more. And fyi DE didn’t have the most votes in every single round. Klaroline actually had the most votes in round 1 out of every single couple in that round. Delena had more votes in round 2 and 3 and now KC have more votes in round 4, there is no cheating going on.

    785. jade Said:

      Ah I like both not complaining but I voted for DE, I have shipped them since the books came out in the 90’s. And to be honest not mean DE have more chances of getting back together then Klaus or Caroline ever have of dating. Since A. she is all about Tyler that is all she talks about and thinks about, she would do anything to get him to come back to town and B. he is getting his own show which I am sure will be a hit and he won’t be on TVD anymore, the only solution is Caroline leave the show.

    786. jade Said:

      Which I do not see Candice leaving TVD, the only female that could leave the show with no impact is Bonnie the mediocre witch. So I do not think Karoline will happen because of those two elements.

    787. name Said:

      I am a Stelena fan , so I don’t want Delena to win !
      voted for Klaroline (but I don’t ship them ) , hope that Helena won’t win

    788. Maira Said:

      My Klaroline is winning … I am very proud of our boat ♥

    789. DelenaKlaroline Said:

      name: Wow… real mature 🙂

    790. Ali Said:

      WTF! As They Wait Until Monday? : O

      Klaroline has to be the winner. Then do not go with that win Delena :/

    791. clarissa Said:

      Now to wait until monday?. It is assumed that the additional votes swept away automatically. They cannot be serious, please? :/

    792. Seraaa Said:

      ARGH! This such a hard decision! but on this one, as much as I love Delena…Klaroline has sooo many thrills for me! TeamKlaroline!<333333

    793. Miss Tomato Said:

      Come on!Klaroline!

    794. Olivia Said:

      I hope by seeing how much the fans really want Klaroline that the writers do not give up on the ship…even with the spin-off…even if it takes years to get them together…do.not.give.up.on.Klaroline!!


      Oh my gosh! We won! Yay! 😀

    796. KLAROLINE Said:

      Klaroline One Love <3

    797. Delena Said:

      delena always and forever 🙂

    798. ayse Said:

      yes!! klaroline won *__*

    799. Helen Chen Said:

      All for KLAROLINE !!

    800. jay Said:

      ship klaroline

    801. Rebekah Forbes Said:

      Klaus deserves love and Caroline needs a great man

    802. Nina Salvatore Forbes Said:

      Klaroline should win! come on girls

    803. Элен003 Said:

      Klarolain forewer!

    804. Juju Said:

      Delena all the way!!!

    805. Anonymous Said:

      Fuck you klaucaro!! DELENA EPIC :3

    806. Jeka Said:

      Klaroline are the winners,it is known. Please be honest about the result 🙂

    807. Julie A Said:

      Both are good but Klaus is crazy. He might snap Caroline s neck of he’s in a bad mood. Lol

    808. TVDlover Said:

      So no winner yet, huh? Well, this shall be interesting on Monday.

      *Update 4/5/13: The poll results will be swept over the weekend to remove any extra votes per user. Check back on Monday to see who won!

    809. Maria Said:

      Delena the best!



    811. Chicken wing Said:

      Ugh still waiting? Monday is almost done this side of the earth!!

    812. Suellen Said:

      Sorry, but if not give the best result is cancel. We all know that Klaroline won the poll. I do not know why so much delay in giving the result.

    813. BlondeVampire Said:

      @Chicken: Well at my side of the world (Germany) the day is also almost over, it´s 8 pm 😉

      So please just tell us if these are the final and true results or if there was any cheating which changes the winner?!
      I really hope that KC really won, but it seems pretty strange that the results aren´t in although they first said they would be revealed on Friday and then on Monday? And it is Monday, so where are the results?

    814. Hanna Said:

      What happened to the results? It’s late and nothing to publish the results. Please, tell us won Klaroline 🙂

    815. Marina Said:

      What happened to the results? They should be published today, right? Klaroline won, please!

    816. Megan Said:

      They are taking too long. Now, tell us who won :O

    817. Chicken wing Said:

      Lol :’D. ‘Sup @Blondie ;). Whoa… Did they forget about us :O? Yoo hoo… Inconclusive poll here…

    818. Elwing Said:

      How come we still don’t have the results? This is becoming ridiculous fast. Why is the idea of having Klaroline wining this so outlandish?

    819. fernanda Said:

      If guessing that won Klaroline ! <3 and it's POSSIBLE! ,SO JUST KEEP CALM ! and enjoy the ride !

    820. Mickey Said:

      When are the results being posted?

    821. Nay Said:

      Still no winner? What’s going on?

    822. Whomever Said:

      I don’t get it. Why is it taking so much time? It’s unfair for all the people who voted and promoted this poll.

    823. Krissy Said:

      I guess we’re getting Sherlock Season 3 before the results of this poll….

    824. Yep Said:

      Why would we cheat anyways? It’s not the first time Klaroline is winning a ship poll.

    825. TVDFan Said:


    826. Seriously? Said:

      What is the hold up? Everyone’s waiting for the results.

    827. Leidy Said:

      Now if we win for sure … Yeahhh … For bit but we won and that’s what important. Team Klaroline the best ♥

    828. Karol Said:

      Those who said it Klaroline was not as big as Delena. Look at the results we beat cleanly this poll. For a few votes but we won 😉

    829. sydney Said:

      yeah bitches!klaroline always and forever !

    830. Jessica Said:


    831. fordalalala Said:

      Yes , their was cheating going on , for klaroline AND TO FOR DELENA , SO THAT PEOPLE SAY THAY KLAROLINE CHEAT ,SHUT UP BECAUSE YOU TOO , the number are less in both , i was shipping delena but is always the same , and kind of boring , that’s a give the opportunity to klaroline `:) but good luck to both too !

    832. @beangelic1000 Said:

      Or maybe it is Klaroline fans trying to enusre that Delena looks like cheats, because don’t you think it is funny that Klaroline went up by two sets of 3,000 and Delena by one set of 3,000. So considering that the Delena fans really didn’t bother with this poll, it was still a close call. So what would have happened had Delena fans really voted.

    833. Kelly Said:

      Of course Klaroline fans cheated. No surprise here.

    834. Lara Said:

      How strange that Delena fans say he won with cheating :/ . Klaroline is the winner 🙂

    835. Casie Said:

      Some Delena fans are as bad losers. Win Klaroline ♥

    836. van Said:

      On site Zimbio Klaus and Caroline lost the election for a couple of weird Rumpelstiltskin Once Upon a Time & Belle and here they are earning Damon and Elena who won the Chuck and Blair?
      Very, very weird.
      Klaus and Caroline are cute but not to win Delena.

    837. windowsill Said:

      A powerful share, I simply given this onto a colleague who was doing slightly evaluation on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I discovered it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thx for the deal with! However yeah Thanks for spending the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love reading extra on this topic. If potential, as you grow to be expertise, would you thoughts updating your blog with more details? It’s extremely useful for me. Huge thumb up for this weblog submit!

    838. Camil Said:

      Klaus and Caroline♥ Amor puro, tienen tanta química juntos!! KLAROLINE POR SIEMPRE!!!!!!

    839. Audrey Said:

      Klaroline doesn’t stand a chance against Delena! Delena will happen!!!!

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