Alloy Entertainment March Madness 2013: Favorite Couples!

    March Madness 2013 - favorite Alloy Entertainment CoupleSpring is almost here and with the reemergence of longer days and warmer weather, we have a very exciting event to look forward to: March Madness 2013! In honor of this annual tournament, we’re celebrating in our own special way, namely by pitting our favorite Alloy Entertainment television couples against each other until one victor remains standing.

    So which gorgeous duo will win the 2013 title for most sizzling romance? Will it be Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars? Ethan Whitehorse and Emma Becker from The Lying Game? Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl? Or will The Vampire Diaries‘ Elena Gilbert and either one of the Salvatores steal the show? Well, we’re not the ones deciding….you are!

    Here’s how it works: We’ve collected list of couples and organized them in brackets. You vote for your favorite couple in each bracket, and the winner will go on to the next round! It’s just like basketball but with way more suspense and sexiness.

    Kick off the Round 1 festivities by voting for your favorite AE couple below. Then, check back on March 15th to see who made it into Round 2!

    Bracket 1

    • Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl) (94%, 19,357 Votes)
    • Ethan and Emma (The Lying Game) (6%, 1,142 Votes)

    Total Voters: 20,489

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    Bracket 2

    • Ezra and Aria (Pretty Little Liars) (51%, 10,154 Votes)
    • Serena and Dan (Gossip Girl) (49%, 9,895 Votes)

    Total Voters: 20,044

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    Bracket 3

    • Caroline and Tyler (The Vampire Diaries) (84%, 23,689 Votes)
    • Blair and Dan (Gossip Girl) (16%, 4,348 Votes)

    Total Voters: 28,036

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    Bracket 4

    • Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars) (96%, 17,379 Votes)
    • Ethan and Sutton (The Lying Game) (4%, 780 Votes)

    Total Voters: 18,158

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    Bracket 5

    • Elena and Damon (The Vampire Diaries) (95%, 26,527 Votes)
    • Thayer and Emma (The Lying Game) (5%, 1,466 Votes)

    Total Voters: 27,966

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    Bracket 6

    • Emily and Paige (Pretty Little Liars) (63%, 9,113 Votes)
    • Thayer and Sutton (The Lying Game) (37%, 5,415 Votes)

    Total Voters: 14,528

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    Bracket 7

    • Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries) (55%, 10,862 Votes)
    • Mads and Jordan (The Lying Game) (45%, 8,795 Votes)

    Total Voters: 19,653

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    Bracket 8

    • Caroline and Klaus (The Vampire Diaries) (65%, 37,624 Votes)
    • Hanna and Caleb (Pretty Little Liars) (35%, 20,068 Votes)

    Total Voters: 57,689

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    1. eveline Said:

      Hanna and caleb… The best couple
      Blair and chuck is super the best couple…

    2. Danielle Said:

      I adore Hanna and Caleb but I’m more rooting for Klaus and Caroline to be together. Vote Klaroline!

    3. katherine Said:

      Im rooting for Klaroline 🙂

    4. Ashleigh Said:

      There is no love as perfectly imperfect as Klaus and Caroline 🙂

    5. Delilah Said:

      Klaroline deserve to win!

    6. Caólan Said:


    7. Laura Said:


    8. TVDGIRL Said:

      Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline) is an abusive couple. The fact anyone would want this to win makes me question your sanity. He stabbed her with a lamp.

    9. Emily Said:


    10. Camilla Said:

      If Klaroline is abusing, then every single ship on TVD is abusing!

    11. Jan Said:

      Klaroline will live on!

    12. blah Said:

      Come on Klaroliners! Let’s make this ship sail 😉

    13. Emma Said:

      Why i can’t vote Klaroline ?!

    14. Aasha Said:

      Tyler and Caroline are the best relationship.Forwood FTW

    15. Celia Said:

      Tyler+Caroline for ever

    16. Klaroline Said:

      Klaroline are the best. ♥

    17. Klaroline Said:

      Klaus & Caroline are perfect

    18. Jess Said:

      Why would anyone ever vote for Klaroline (an abusive “relationship” that shouldn’t even be an option to start with) over a ship as perfect as Haleb?

    19. Jess Said:

      You calling out any other ship on it’s abusive elements doesn’t make Klaroline any less abusive.

    20. Yasmine Said:

      Forwood! <3 Obviously.

    21. Staci Said:

      Do Klaroliners actually like Caroline? I can’t see why anyone who likes her would want her with Klaus.
      Haleb is perfect, and so are Delena, Chair and Forwood.

    22. Loreïla Said:

      Klaroline abusive ? And when Tyler want to sleep with Caroline even when she’s not in the mood ? Delena and the sire bond ? When damon had used Caroline for sex and food ?
      Okay you’re a forwood shipper but open your fucking eyes. Klaroline is almost as popular as Delena and even if there’s a spin-off Julie said that there always be a chance for them. And Tyler isn’t in the show anymore (only for the prom episode and that’s all)

    23. Stefanie Said:

      “What can we expect from Caroline and Klaus’ relationship?
      Plec: We haven’t seen the end of the strange and somewhat perverse and beautiful and horrific and amazing and awful dynamic between Caroline and Klaus. Even if the spin-off does happen and we have two shows, I don’t predict that that would be the end of that relationship.” Julie Plec

    24. blah Said:

      Come on Klaroliners! We gotta let this ship sail all the way through eternity 😉
      Nobody messes with Klaroline coz even Julie can’t afford to do so..

    25. Camilla Said:

      Never said it did, but unless TVD GIRL don’t ship anyone on Tvd then she’s a hypocrite.

    26. blah Said:

      I think it’s time for Caroline to be with someone who she can dream big with and treat her the way she’s supposed to, and show her a world she’s never been.. and we all know KLAUS is the only person who’s capable of all this. To Klaus, she was never a second option.. he even bent his own rules just to show her how much he cared for her.. I can’t even..

    27. Catarina Said:

      Hanna and Caleb vs Klaus and Caroline is probably the hardest decision to make, ever. But yay for Stelena, they’re so cute and should definitely have more votes!

    28. blah Said:

      almost there ^_^

    29. hh Said:

      Klaroline; ezria ♥

    30. hh Said:

      Klaroline and ezria ♥

    31. PDUBBER Said:

      Chair, Forwood & Stelena of course < 3

    32. Claire Said:

      Candice and Trevino ship Forwood, Candice is just going into Klaroline because she wants to please the fans. I love her but no.

    33. sleep Said:

      If you’re worried about domestic abuse, stand up for it. Get off your ass and do something about it. Don’t sit here and complain about a fictional pairing on a show about vampires. When you do that, you discredit the violence that happens in real life situations. It’s insulting to women who have actually been abused.

      Anyway, spoby! 🙂

    34. Dana Said:

      I understand what you’re saying Sleep, but remember that many young girls watch TVD and ship Klaroline. Klaroline is basically teaching them that it’s okay for a man to abuse you. Klaus trying to kill Caroline and then saving her is like a man beating a woman but it being okay because he apologizes after. It’s not setting a good example for the audience. We also have to remember what kind of characters they are on the show.

    35. Henna Said:

      Blair and Chuck are the best and so are ALena and Stephen!
      (Sorry for the spellig mistakes) 😛 xxx

    36. Emily Said:

      If you don’t ship Klaroline that’s fine, but how can you say you don’t ship Klaroline because it’s an abusing relationship and still ship anything else on TVD?? Because if Klaroline is a abusive then so is every paring on TVD, unless you ship someone that have had zero interaction, like Elijah and Lexi..

    37. Nancy Said:

      Delena and klaroline <3

    38. Gillian Said:

      definitely voting for Klaroline!

    39. Hai Said:

      Delena and Chair. <3

    40. Lea Said:

      Klaroline, ezria, stelena

    41. Michelle Said:

      Klaroline is the best.It’s a supernatural show so what if he stabbed her Every character in the show has done something bad.Klaroline is epic.
      BTW Haleb is boring…..

    42. Michelle Said:

      No offense to Haleb fans 🙂

    43. itstartedwithawhisper Said:

      Until we find a way <3 Forwood! And Delena, of course <33

    44. Kari Said:

      can we just MENTION the fact that Klaroline is the best thing to ever walk on the face of this earth? I mean don’t get me wrong, Haleb is adorable. But there is just something about Klaroline.. how Caroline is Klaus’s one motivation to become a better person and how he just consumes her. It’s absolutely amazing and I just can’t even anymore. :'(

    45. Anaele Said:

      I vote Klaus and Caroline and it’s my choice.

      What what I doesn’t include that is why those who vote for klaroline would haven’t rightto make it???
      Let like them the couple which they want.

      To each his own.

    46. Maya Said:

      are you people insane??? forwood any given day of the week, them and delena are endgame people….get your s**t straight

    47. sleep Said:

      I don’t think you understood my point Dana. This is a show about supernatural creatures who maime, torture, and kill. We might as well be saying TVD teaches you to practice black magic and suck humans blood. It’s rdiculous. If you’re looking for human morals then you’re watching the wrong show. This isnt a children’s show. If you allow it to teach you human morals then there is something wrong with your mentality and you shouldnt be watching it. Switch to watching something on pbs or Disney.

    48. sleep Said:

      And to add, I’m a woman. I’ve been abused and I dont blame fantasy shows for my past. The only person I blame is the bastard who did this. I may find Klaus and Caroline interesting, but to imply that anyone who does, seeks for that in a real life relationship is insulting and quite frankly, makes me want to scream at anyone who does imply that. Don’t demean a serious topic by comparing it to a television show.

    49. Brittany Said:

      Did someone seriously say Caroline fans shouldn’t like Klaroline? Using that argument, why would a Blair fan want her with Chuck the guy who sold her for a hotel? Why do Elena fans want her with Damon? If you’re a Chair or Dullena fan STFU about Klaroline. You can’t talk.

    50. River Said:


    51. Nat Said:


    52. Maegan Said:

      Everyone vote Klaus And Caroline. They Are Perfect, Epic, Beautiful, Inspiring, And Their scenes are Breathtaking. 😉

    53. Ana Said:

      The only 3 on this Brackett that I’m rooting for are FORWOOD (Caroline and Tyler) SPOBY (Spencer & Toby)and HALEB (Hanna and Caleb). VOTE FORWOOD,SPOBY,AND HALEB!

    54. Maegan Said:

      Klaus And Caroline, oh yea and Damon and Elena. They are endgame. 😉 hurry, VOTE! Forwood=Snoozefest

    55. erin Said:


    56. taylor Said:

      Ezria, Klaroline and Delena, there are no other choices (;

    57. Stephanie Said:


    58. Rebekah Said:

      I cant vote for klaroline anymore. Sad face )’:

    59. Ruby Said:

      Klarolineeee! <333

    60. Candice Said:

      Klaroline :))))

    61. Micky Said:

      Damon&Elena forever….

    62. maira Said:

      Klaroline the most beautiful couple ♥

    63. Christine Said:

      Damon & Elena. Only Damon & Elena.

    64. B Said:

      Stelena, Ethemma, Spoby, Derena, Themma, Klaroline.
      Do it.

    65. Neha Said:

      Delena, Klaroline, Chair & Derena <3

    66. emi68 Said:

      Klaroline… Stelena… Ezria… spoby… emily/paige… chair…

    67. Joey Said:

      Delena FTW <3

    68. Jess Said:

      @Brittany I’m neither a Chair nor a Delena fan. So no, I’m not gonna stfu about Klaroline.
      @Camille That’s not the point though. You’re defending something by attacking something else while not really acknowledging the point of the argument made. Just FYI, not all ships on TVD are abusive. Shocking I know. At least the abuse is acknowledged and not glossed over as romantic as most everything on this show is.

    69. Jess Said:

      @Loreïla I know every Forwood scene like the back of my hand and I’m pretty sure I remember Tyler backing off when Caroline said no. I don’t ship Delena and I sure as hell was disgusted with Damon/Caroline (can’t see how anyone wouldn’t). You do know most people jumped from Klaroline the second he tried to kill her (again btw)? So it’s not as popular as it once was. And don’t you think it’s sad that you would resort to popularity (fan pandering basically) as a reason for your ship to happen?

    70. katie Said:

      Why can’t everyone just vote whatever on earth they want without judging other people’s preferences?


    71. wendy Said:

      This is wrong … I will vote for Klaroline and I can not 🙁

    72. Claire Said:

      Just pointing something out. The winner of each pairing is not determined by the quality of the ship, but by the popularity of the ship and the show. For example, GG is far more popular than TLG and I think that Chair is the most popular GG ship, so that explains why they are beating Emthan out like that. Just pointing out that it’s not necessarily the quality of the ship but how popular they are.

      Anyway, Forwood and Haleb ftw <3

    73. Cat Said:

      STELENA. SPOBY. FORWOOD & KLAROLINE. Ethemma too. Best choices.

    74. Indhira Said:


    75. Aihnoa Said:

      My ships…. Stelena & Forwood. Thats all

    76. lucy Said:


      I don’t know about that. Plec recently said that there are no plans to bring Tyler back atm (perhaps this will change in the future, but really, don’t hold your breath about it). Klaus may be leaving Mystic Falls, but at least he’s still part of the TVD universe, unlike Tyler. And Plec has gone out of her way to reassure Klaroline fans that the relationship isn’t over and the spinoff won’t be the end for them.

    77. Maria Said:

      Did a Klaroline shipper seriously said Tyler wants to have sex with Caroline even when she’s not on the mood? ( PLEASE DONT LET ME THINK KC FANBASE IS DELUSIONAL) please because that sounded like a delusion, LAMEASS EXCUSE against Forwood that you shouldnt even mention in the first place ( knowing what Klaus has done…kissing her, almost sex knowing he was in Tyler’s body and without her adknowledgement)like seriously? not to mention even with every Caroline seems ALWAYS willing to me!

    78. lucy Said:


      I don’t know about that. Plec recently said that there are no plans to bring Tyler back atm (perhaps this will change in the future, but really, don’t hold your breath about it). Klaus may be leaving Mystic Falls, but at least he’s still part of the TVD universe, unlike Tyler. And Plec has gone out of her way to reassure Klaroline fans that the relationship isn’t over and the spinoff won’t be the end for them.

    79. Maria Said:

      like everyone if free to ship what they want.. but i cant stand when people start talking NONSENSE … cuz that was nonsense… makes me think you dont have a VALID explanation why Forwood wouldnt work better than Klaroline. And BTW Michael Trevino ( Tyler) is gone FOR THIS SEASON… he’s not gone for good… While Klausy is SOOOO GONE FOR GOOD never back in Mystic falls….Stelena, Forwood, Haleb and Ezria my couples

    80. matty Said:

      Stelena<3 Klaroline<3

    81. Camilla Said:

      @Jess Yes that’s exactly the point, when I wrote the first comment it’s wasnt to defend Klaroline (I’m actually not a klaroline shipper, just tired of seeing hypocrites..) and when I was “attacking something else” I only meant to point out to tvdgir/question her opinion (and everybody else) that if she thinks Klaroline is abusive, –

    82. Camilla Said:

      @Jess then she must think that the other ships are abusive to (as in Delena/Stelena/Bamon e.g.). I have seen so many people say they think Klaroline is abusiv but still ship e.g. Delena I may have jumped to conclusion, but since her name is TVDgirl, this is a ship pool, Klaroline is infact the ship with the fewest vote (tvd) and she only commented on Klaroline –

    83. Camilla Said:

      @Jess: When Delena/Stelena/Forwood has MANY more votes aka many more people for her to “question their sanity” then why only comment on Klaroline? I will gladly admit that I should have written it differently, English is my second language (as you can see)

    84. Hannah Said:

      @Maria “Klausy” will not be a regular in tvd anymore IF the Originals is picked up. And JP has said that if the spin-off gets picked up then it wont be the end of Klaroline. and there will be cross overs.

    85. Aishu Said:

      Delena,Spoby and Haleb FTW!

      Ezria : ‘the real snoozefest’

    86. Eunice Said:

      Klaroline 5everrrrr!!

    87. Tim Said:

      Fuck Delena, Klaroline and Stelena are the least dysfunctional.

      Delena is a sad excuse for television romance.

    88. Ruby Said:

      Fine, Klaroline is abusive, it’s dysfunctional, it’s unhealthy but you know what? I still ship it! I love them and if that makes me a disgusting human being who supports abuse, then so be it! I’ve been through this with Chair and I’ll gladly go through it again with Klaroline! You guys can say whatever the heck you want but don’t you dare try to justify something on tv with something that happens in real life because you have no idea how many ppl go through that sh!t.

    89. Elizabeth Said:

      Klaroline is the best!! It is exotic, romantic and interesting. Caroline makes Klaus an other person and he needs her. And bu they way, THEY ARE SO F*CKING CUTE TOGETHER IM GONNA DIE!!!!! #TeamKlarolineForever <3

    90. eloise Said:


    91. Leah Said:

      Can you vote more than once? It doesn’t seem like you can, since it says “You have already voted for this poll”. Klaroline needs some help! Haha. 🙂

    92. katie Said:


      Yes, you can. I’ve already voted multiple times for the couples I like and saw my votes getting counted. But if you’ve voted too many times it won’t let you do it for a while.

    93. amy Said:

      KLAROLINE FTW! They’re endgame :’D VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Klaroline and Delena!

    94. heather Said:


    95. Anu Said:

      Klaroline FTW! 😀 They’re one epic love story in the making….

    96. Neha Said:

      All these characters are fictional. And if people are so concern about morality, they shouldn’t even be watching TVD in the first place. People are murdered, bitten, tortured on a regular basis on this show. If Klaus is abusive, then so is Damon and Tyler(or at least he was. Remember Vicky? He tried to rape her once & he almost did.) Tyler was abusive towards Caroline is season 2…after that “Sarah” incidence when he thought she was hiding something from him.

    97. Neha Said:

      Caroline has manipulated Klaus multiple times. But, still, he is nicer to her. There relationship is not abusive. It’s complicated like most of the relationships on TVD. Caroline brings out a nicer side of Klaus. They have immense chemistry & they look so beautiful together. I agree that he has hurt her twice. But, he has also saved her multiple times. Haters should just stop getting jealous of Klaroline & all the popularity this ship is getting.

    98. Julita Szwabowicz Said:


    99. taylah Said:

      Klaroline by far <3

    100. cristina Said:

      KLAROLINE <3

    101. victoria Said:


    102. Fly Said:

      Stelena <3

    103. Icarus Said:


    104. Ella Said:

      klaroline ♥
      Some Forwood fans are telling others to vote for Haleb(and they don’t watch PLL) just so KC wouldn’t win that poll.

    105. Mary Said:


    106. Lauren Said:

      This is wrong, obviously Klaroline is the favorite and Hanled gets a lot of votes in a short time. Let us somo more Klaroline fans. Do not lose: O

    107. Ani Said:

      Klaroline!!!… forever♥

    108. Marie Said:

      Klaroline ♥

    109. thayna Said:

      STEFAN & ELENA <3

    110. alexa Said:


    111. Maegan Said:

      Forwood Shippers Are Just Sore Losers!!!! They Are Just Mad Bc Their Ship Is Sinking! #sorrynotsorry

    112. jona c. Said:

      stefan+elena always…tobey+spencer too..<3 i started watching TVD because of STELENA.. i believe that a love like that doesn't just go away..

    113. Joey Said:

      Damon and Elena <3

    114. Weronica Said:

      DELENA! <3

    115. Shery Said:

      Ezra and Aria over Serena and Dan , well i’m surprised .. bad surprise . You kids r mad with your Damon and Elena . He is too old for her in and out TVD .. ew..

    116. eeee Said:


    117. Masearte Said:

      Deleana forever and Karolina!

    118. Emma_RedV Said:


    119. Maegan Said:

      Everyone Vote For Caroline And Klaus…They Are Epic!

    120. pelin Said:

      Klaroline herzanman

    121. lovelyklaroline Said:

      klaroline !!
      forwood fans are such haters to vote for couple they don’t love just in case that klaroline wouldn’t win !!
      only klaroline always and forever !!!!

    122. Lily Wei Said:

      KLAROLINE, they are the best.

    123. aslı Said:

      stefan <3 elena 😀

    124. Maegan Said:

      Woohoo Klaroline Is Getting On Up There. Klaroline Forever!

    125. christine Said:


    126. Alessandra Said:

      Bracket 8 Klaroline <3

    127. Carol Said:

      This is Klaroline VS Forwood and Hanled. I love Forwood but i am obsessed with Klaroline ♥

    128. yle_TVD Said:


    129. Pornnapa Said:

      Klaroline 😀

    130. Claire Said:

      I am sorry, I ship both Haleb and Forwood. I actually started PLL before TVD, so I shipped Haleb first. I voted for Haleb against Klaroline not because I want Klaroline to lose, but because Haleb is one of my OTPs. So Klaroliners, calm down because some people ship two couples or more. Deal with it.

    131. Laura Said:

      Klaroline all the way!!! 🙂 OMG their bracket is the one with the MOST voters this is insane 🙂 this couple is epic, forwood fans it’s mean u guys voting hableb just because you don’t want us to go to the next round daily reminder that the TVD fandom is a family if we face each other in a round that’s a different thing, the point is that all TVD ships go through and show how big is our show…

    132. aysegül Said:


    133. marina Said:

      Stelena and Klarorine 4ever!!!!!!!!!! Spencer and Toby is the BEST!

    134. Shery Said:


    135. look-wa Said:


    136. CrazyFan Said:


    137. CCarolinee Said:

      Klaroline WTF! 🙂 <333

    138. Leah Shaul Said:

      i will ship you forever

    139. diana romero Said:

      stelena para siempre..¡¡¡

    140. Sabrina Said:

      Delena ♥ ♥ ♥

    141. lovelyklaroline Said:

      klaroline all the way !!!!

    142. Melissa Said:

      Klaroline all the way. I really wanna see these two hook up.

    143. Rita Said:

      KLAROLINE KLAROLINE KLAROLINE and r u kidding me team ezra !! I am disappointed with no British doctor from pretty little liars and spencer on there… There my fav v v.

    144. Serena Tanner Said:

      CHAIR!!! They’re an original love story. Every other is overused. The others are alright but I LOVED every minute of Chuck & Blair!

    145. natashiafajardo Said:

      whew! last time i visited here haleb was up for about 2-3%.
      way to go #klaroline fans, keep it coming guys. keep the #klarolineLove alive.
      we will fight back fair & square.
      Klaroline Forever.

    146. Heidi Said:

      Forwood, Spoby, Paily and Haleb. <3

      It's kind of pathetic how Klarolin shippers are accusing Forwood shippers of voting for Haleb just so Klaroline would lose. Newsflash! Haleb is actually loved by many.

    147. Jess Said:

      @Camilla I’m sorry I must have misunderstood then. It’s just that I see this brought up a lot by Klaroline shippers as their counter argument to defend their ship and I just see this as totally invalid. Like I said though, not every ship on TVD is abusive (as few as they may be). I don’t about TVDgirl but the only couple I ship on TVD is Forwood.

    148. Jess Said:

      @Neha Just because it’s a fictional show, doesn’t make that an excuse to brush off the abusiveness of it’s ships under the rug. Caroline wouldn’t have needed saving if Klaus hadn’t tried to kill her in the first place! Caroline doesn’t ow him anything. What does Caroline gain from a relationship with Klaus? He can show her the world? She can do that herself! It’s called being independent and what every other vampire before her has done.

    149. Jess Said:

      @Neha There’s a fine line between complicated and abusive and Klaroline has definitely crossed that line when he shoved a lamp pole in her stomach. People keep bringing up stuff Tyler did in as way back as the pilot yet completely ignore how much he’s grown since then. Tyler was abusive towards Caroline? You mean when she turned around and pawned his ass? Twice? Caroline fought back. That would never happen with Klaus. She upsets him? He’s gonna kill her as seen by the events of 4×13.

    150. kat Said:


      Go to twitter and see for yourself. Several forwood fans there were having this conversation yesterday, klaroline shippers have every right to call them out on it.

      You call that pathetic? Try passing around petitions to vote against another ship. Now that’s more like my idea of pathetic.

    151. rabia Said:

      I want klaroline <3

    152. Maegan Said:

      All I Can Say Is Klaroline Is Winning This Fair And Square! Shut Up Haters, It’s PATHETIC!

    153. Elena Said:

      No doubt Klaroline win, is the couple more beautiful ♥. Although Tyler is so sexy that i like also Forwood 🙂

    154. christine sawyer Said:

      I also want Caleb and Hanna together but Vampire Dairies is my favorite.

    155. Katy Said:

      I love Klaroline & Stelena 😀

    156. Anne Said:

      So not fair! I don’t like any couple here except Hanna & Caleb and Caroline & Klaus! Now I have to decide which one is better and it’s not gonna be easy 😛

    157. jo Said:

      Im not even a Forwood shipper but i think it’s kinda clear Klaroline is over. Hello Klaus is leaving. Klaroline was just a way to show a little bit of Klaus humanity. He will probably have a triangle in the other show. Get over it.

    158. Maegan Said:

      Um, excuse me @jo. Julie Plec Herself said in a recent interview that just because there is a spin off, it doesn’t mean that is the end of Klaus and Caroline. Check your facts and you get over because it looks like Klaroline just took over this poll.

    159. Marilena K. Said:

      Damon and Elena always and forever!

    160. Marilena K. Said:

      @Maegan What can really happen between them? He will be in New Orleans and she’ll be in Mystic Falls. Except if you think she’ll go with him!!! just lol.

    161. Hannah Said:

      @Marilena K
      They are going to film the originals near tvd, so that they can have crossovers. Just because the characters won’t be able to make googly eyes at each other every episode doesn’t mean a lot can’t happen 😉

    162. Emma_Red Said:

      OMFG 18,602 Votes for KLAROLINE! :O
      We rules :p

    163. Maegan Said:

      @Marilena There will be crossovers and the writers can do whatever they want, so if they want Klaroline to happen bc it looks like the majority of fans want it then they will find a way. It’s all about money and keeping the fans happy. That is what television is all about sweety.

    164. Michelle Said:

      KLAROLINE<3 18,000 votes. shoot we're killing it!

    165. cynthia Said:

      klaus and caroline!!!!! <3 !! 🙂

    166. cynthia Said:

      klaroline !!! <3

    167. blah Said:

      This is why I Love KLAROLINERS.. we don’t only love by words but by our own efforts and actions :’) kLaroline will be so proud of us coz we always do more than enough!

    168. Kristina Said:

      Klaroline–not a couple yet–has more votes than all those popular couples from all those shows. Yeah, my ship is perfect like that.


      Yeahhhhhhh! You know you can’t deny! Klaroline has the highest number of votes in this poll! High five TVD Family! Julie Plec do you see this? 😀

    170. Sonia Said:

      The best couple ever is Blair and Chuck !!!!!!!!!! 4ver

    171. sophia Said:


    172. mags Said:

      Delena <3

    173. Ezria Said:

      I’m not a Klaroline shipper but i have to admit the Klaroline ship is fucking big! 20 000 notes! OMG i’m still in shock! I saw this on Tumblr and I tought it was fake! lol

    174. Josh Said:

      Wow. Females are really dumb.

    175. CCarolinee Said:


    176. Lucía Said:

      Klaroline and Chuck&Blair! we`re killing bitches!

    177. natashiafajardo Said:

      well guys it’s up to us fans to decide who is truly the victor.
      we all have our own choices, just vote wisely and whole heartedly.
      we dont need to fight about this. we all love them that’s more important.
      If not for our support they will not prosper, we all have our hopes & wants.
      #stelena #delena #klaroline #forwood #TVDalltheway

    178. Corey Said:

      Klaroline may be more popular,but Forwood will always be true love

    179. blah Said:

      Klaroline FOR THE WIN!!! Whoop whoop 😉

    180. lindcy orlanda Said:

      im voting like a cray klaroline shipper!klaroline for thw win!!!!!going to vote until i cant move y fingers 😉 guys c’mon vote vote vote for klaroline!!!!!!!

    181. lindcy orlanda Said:

      klaus and caroline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    182. elena marie alcantara Said:


    183. Laura Salvatore Said:

      Prefiro o casal DELENA! *.*

    184. Vinicius Said:


    185. Lucia Said:

      Klaroline :3

    186. Maegan Said:

      Klaus and Caroline are soo perfect and this proves it. I love the kcfamily.

    187. Larissa Said:

      honestly i dont know how you guys do it lol
      ive just come and voted a couple of times but i just cant keep up cuz it’s a lot of day!!!!! i cant just keep voting…
      IM STELENA……….. we’re known to be the LAZY FANDOM when it comes to voting… it seems we wan this round, lets wait see the other… only the most dedicated will last… i hope we do but DAMNN!

    188. Larissa Said:

      if you notice… we’re already on the lead of our basket but our votes are less considering the others category.. we dont bother to raise the votes as long as we’re winning… xD.. it’s a lot of work guys… damn just look at Klaroline’s xD

    189. Tasha Said:

      I absolutly love Klaroline and Stelena! These couples are totally meant to be:)

    190. Michelle Said:

      can all the klaroliners out there please just take a moment to appreciate that Klaus and Caroline currently have more votes than the total votes in all the other brackets?

    191. Rebekah Said:

      I cant believe so many people ship klaroline. I love you all !

    192. veniamin Said:

      vampire diaries sucks

    193. veniamin Said:

      love high school musical

    194. veniamin Said:

      get a life!go find a job μαδερφακερς

    195. krisrin Said:

      KLAUS & CAROLINE!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    196. danielle Said:

      klaroline all the way 100%, i dont know why people are saying bad things about klaus he is the best!! :p all of them have done bad too so why is everyone started on klaus?!!i hear gossip that the forwood fans are telling others to vote haleb so klaroline dont have a change to win i think thats wrong to do that!!..,im also a big fan of delena too in the vampire diaries ,i know klaus and caroline are not together but they have made a big hit ,so why not julie plec let klaroline have a chances too

    197. danielle Said:

      julie plec i hope u are seein this u let forwood happen so now let klaroline fans have a chance now please then thats being fair :p i dont want haleb fans to think i bein nasty to them ,but i dont watch that show but im sure they are loved too,

    198. Zheetaa Said:

      Caroline and Klaus!!
      Caroline and Klaus!!
      I love them >,<

    199. tina Said:

      i dont watch the vampire diaries but i hear its a big hit my daughter watch it she a big fan of delena and klaroline,i dont know why people have to be nasty about klaroline thing !!! so i vote klaroline now i see some parts on youtube and everyone in that show have all done bad no one is good!!

    200. tina Said:

      what klaroline fan or forwood fans ?!!


      And they’re still leading the game! 😀

    202. Vannesa Said:

      More than Klaroline or Forwood, I’m team Caroline and her look very well with both … She’s just perfect … here and vote for both 🙂

    203. Deslyn Said:

      Klaroline? THAT many votes? I can’t believe how many people support extremely unhealthy abusive relationships. That says a lot about their mental state. It’s sad, there’s no way around it.

    204. Claire Said:

      Guys, remember that it’s just an online poll. I saw on Tumblr that Klaroline fans had a way to vote over and over again. I won’t take this poll seriously because, let’s be real, there is no way in hell that Klaroline could be more popular than Chair AND Delena. Not saying that it’s a worse ship in comparison, I’m just saying that with the fan base of those ships, it’s practically impossible to beat them.

    205. LOLA Said:

      I disagree, since it is not only this survey clearly Klaroline right now is more popular than Delena and not just in the polls say and it is obvious that the ship Delena and others also have campaigned only that Klarolines fans are the best 😉

    206. Julie Said:

      As may Klaroline be more popular than Stelena and Delena? OMG and they still are not a couple … will be an epic love ♥

    207. Hannah Said:

      @Claire Actually Klaroline have won and been close second to Delena in MANY polls 😉

    208. Maegan Said:

      @Deslyn You Do realize that TVD is a vampire show so if you are worried about morals and people shipping abusive couples, maybe you should be watching something else. It’s not rainbows and unicorns Hun and if you think so you should be the one checking your mental state.

    209. Lune Said:

      Stop saying this bullshit about Klaroline being an abusive relationship. Every character in this show has done terrible things, one way or another. People love Klaroline because this ship remember us that no matter if you’re a terrible person, there’s a part of you that still can love someone and, at the other hand, there’s someone that can love you too. They are other’s redemption. Just like Delena. That’s why I ship them both.

    210. Lune Said:

      Oh, and about the poll: YES, we Klaroliners are VERY popular, and NO, we’re not cheating. There isn’t a way that we could vote over and over again, that was just a mistake. We can vote just as many times that you can vote. Do you really think that FORWOOD is just popular as DELENA? Come on, we all know that Klaroline is the second most popular ship in the Vampire Diaries… No way Forwood could have all this votes without every Forwood fan voting over and over again.

    211. Lune Said:

      So, all the Klaroline votes doesn’t prove that we are the most popular ship in this fandom, but it proves that we are really devoted to this ship with our hearts and souls. Just like as many of you. Anyway, just stop saying that we’re cheating, or that Klaroline sucks. At the and of the day, we’re all just a lot of people obsessed with a show about vampires murdering innocent people. And having sex.

    212. Lune Said:

      EACH OTHER’S redemption**** in the first comment laskglasgklasgl sorry

    213. Lune Said:

      Oh my god i got so mad that i’ve made a lot of mistakes writing this salklsglak whatever bye

    214. Maegan Said:

      @Lune Couldn’t have said it better myself. I love Klaroline and I am so tired of people calling them the only abusive relationship in TVD it gets on my nerves. If they are abusive so is every other ship. They are just haters. Klaroline for the win.

    215. blah Said:


    216. MrsDexterHaven Said:

      Chair fan for life! By reading the comments I think Klaroline is becoming the new us. It must be because Klaus is effing hot.

    217. juan Said:

      I will love to meet them

    218. Indhira Said:

      to be honest no matter what the polls say… IT SHOWS IF PEOPLE ARE COMMITTED TO SOMETHING BIG YES…………………HOWEVER we shouldnt base who’s fandom is bigger by online polls… PLEASE DONT BELIEVE IN THAT… cuz there are tons of people who are not into that and that does not mean they are not fans of something….. YES i know DE wins almost every poll against SE… they gain reputation but i believe BOTH ships are equally HUGE! just see ratings.. same with klaroline and forwood

    219. Clarice Said:

      Actually, Delena IS the most popular ship in TVD. But Klaroline is like, really closer to them. Stelena also have a big fanbase, but truth be told… Delena and Klaroline shippers are the majority of the viewers.
      I’m a Stelena AND Forwood shipper, but I can’t lie to myself. Forwood isn’t even popular comparing it to Klaroline. Not AT ALL.
      Whatever, I just don’t care 🙂

    220. Lisa Said:

      Delena perhaps has been most popular for this from the beginning of the program and Damon has many fans but Klaroline are not even a couple yet and already surpasses many surveys Stelena and Delena himself … It’s definitely more the couple’s hot 😀

    221. jenny:P Said:


    222. iia Said:

      DELENA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    223. Paloma Said:

      KLAROLINE !!! get out hayley the other *****

    224. Jessica Said:

      Caroline and Klaus

    225. guest Said:

      Klaroline have so much fans, because they are not a couple, but when they got together, fans get bored of them.

    226. Catarina Said:

      I love Klaroline, but Stelena will always be my one true love.

    227. @beangelic1000 Said:

      Are there two different polls running here because when I voted for Delena they had well over 46,000 votes of 50,000, now that i’ve clicked on this link there appears to be a completely different tally. Has anyone else noticed this, because if this is the same poll, then someone needs to look into why the vast drop in votes.

    228. Grace Han Said:


    229. womens toms Said:

      Hi your web page url: appears to be redirecting to a completely different web-site when I click the home page link. You might want to have this checked.

    230. Xiieregina Said:

      Oh yeah, fabuuols stuff there you!

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