Behind the Scenes of The 100

    The 100 book coverIt’s been pretty well reported that we’re currently producing a pilot for The CW called The 100. What isn’t so well known is what happened prior to the pilot being pitched to the network.

    Here’s the background: The 100 started as a title in a development meeting in our NYC office. Our team then spent some time thinking of concepts for books and TV series that could work with that title. When they hit on, “One hundred juvenile delinquents on a space station are sent to recolonize a post-nuclear holocaust earth,” we knew we had something special.

    From there we found a great novelist, developed a sample and outline for the book, and found a publishing home: Little Brown, who was our publisher for Gossip Girl and The Clique.

    Shortly after the book was in motion, our TV team in LA started to talk to our studio, WBTV, and television writers about a potential pilot. We were lucky enough that Jason Rothenberg got excited about the material, and wanted to write the script. We all agreed that the CW was the ideal home for the show, and here’s where the well reported story picks-up.

    Fingers crossed that we’re on the Fall schedule!

    MangoLes Morgenstein is the President of Alloy Entertainment. He loves going to movies, doing the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle, and running with his dog Mango in Central Park.


    1. Mi Said:

      Thanks for the clarity, Les!
      I was a bit confused on how an unpublished “book” makes its way to a pilot, as I’m not in “the biz.”
      Your piece clarified much: today I learned about development… and Alloy!
      Sooo excited to see HIC on screen in this exciting project!
      Henry Ian Cusick’s fans and followers send their best to you and the makers and runners of The 100!


    2. Claude Said:


    3. Elisheva Friedman Said:

      Wait, 100 is on the cw or the abc family channel?

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