The 2 Most Important Lessons I Learned As An Intern

    Advice from an Alloy Entertainment intern!

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    Today marks the second-to-last day of my internship at Alloy Entertainment. I apologize in advance for any typo’s in this post as the excessive tears coming from my eyes are making it difficult to string together coherent sentences. Okay, that may be overstating it slightly. I am genuinely sad though if not quite in the Dawson’s Creek-ian variety.

    With that said, I think we can all agree it would be nothing short of an A-orchestrated tragedy if I did not impart some of the sage wisdom I’ve picked up in my three months as an Alloy Entertainment intern…


    The 2 Most Important Lessons Adam Lederer Learned As An Intern

    #1.) Fall In Love With “Yes”

    Being an intern inherently means you’re going to be asked to perform all kinds of tasks and you might not be that interested in every single one. This may or may not include writing articles about giving advice to future interns. Just kidding (this is the single greatest moment of my entire life!).

    The point is, when asked to do these tasks, always, ALWAYS, say, “yes.” If you’re lucky enough to be selected out of the many applicants, you should act accordingly. Being an intern is a privilege. Not a right. I really can’t stress this positive attitude thing enough. In fact, you may want to stop reading this article now just to make sure it sinks in…

    Still reading? Can’t get enough of my moderately comical musings? What about my strange love of rhetorical questions? Fine. You win. I guess I’ll keep going.

    #2.) Dress to Impress

    Yes, I just wrote the words “dress to impress.” The 8th grade version of myself undoubtedly would have made fun of me for weeks for doing this. But then again, what does 8th grade Adam know? That guy’s still wearing cargo pants and listening to Limp Bizkit.

    What I really mean by “dress to impress” is don’t dress like a slob. It may seem like your external appearance has nothing to do with the actual work you do and that may even be true, but it does effect how others perceive your work.

    Whether or not we like to admit it, we all make snap judgements. These are usually based on what’s most easily accessible (i.e. clothing) so do yourself a favor and keep your woefully uninspired Chuck Norris graphic t-shirt at home. That said, this also doesn’t mean you need to dress like a member of the geriatric elite. No one likes the intern who rocks an ascot every day.


    1. Sophie Said:

      Hi Adam,

      Would absolutely kill for an internship with Alloy Entertainment! I live in Australia though, any tips on how to find out about job opportunities or who to contact? I am studying PR and Event Management at university and am looking for internships in the US, preferably with a company like AE that produces some of my favourite series (I’m a TV junkie in my spare time!).

      Would really appreciate any advice you can offer!

      Thanks in advance,

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