Pics: Fans Dress as Alloy Entertainment Characters for Halloween!

    One of my favorite parts of my job at Alloy Entertainment is being part of something so big in pop culture. AE’s properties including Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries are iconic to our generation. I get excited when I hear someone mention one of the brands on a TV show, or when my friends start talking about it at dinner (and the convo has nothing to do with my job — it’s more of a heated debate about their theories on A).

    And one of the coolest things? Seeing Alloy Entertainment character look-alikes walking down the street on Halloween. A Blair Waldorf here, a Katherine Pierce there. In fact, we collected some pics from a few of our fans who have been inspired by the AE shows. Check out the gallery below!

    "Me dressed as Blair Waldorf last year :)" - @maracrawford

    "Not a particular character, but I did the TVD eye-veins!" - @aarondye

    One fan, @salvatoreelena, was inspired by The Vampire Diaries and even used an exact replica of the dress Elena wore in Episode 3x14 "Dangerous Liaisons."

    Bree (@spree1994_) and her friends did a pretty amazing replica of the opening of Pretty Little Liars. "It wasn't Halloween though... which might make that worse...," she said.

    "Halloween last year, the incomparable Blair Waldorf, I tried to do her justice." - @lanaya_salim

    "Vampire-Diaries inspired makeup!" - @kellytglynn

    It's not a costume but Cari (@savichick) decided to represent Gossip Girl at the pumpkin carving.

    "Me dressed as Katherine Pierce ;) #tvdhalloween #badass" - @NicholaLouiseR

    Rachel (@rachel210395) channeled Katherine from The Vampire Diaries.

    Alloy Entertainment Editorial Assistant Katie McGee (@katiebmcgee) was inspired by PLL! "I tried to match Spencer on the cover of book 1," she said.

    What are you going to be for Halloween?

    Julie Miller is the Digital Senior Editor for Alloy Entertainment in New York City. She’s a Louisiana girl at heart and sometimes prefers crawfish and sweet tea to sushi and lattes. Follow her musings on entertainment here: @jmiller925.


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