A Day in The Life: An Alloy Entertainment Producer Meets Her Television Idol


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    My job is a lot of fun.  There are many different reasons for this, but one is because I get to talk about TV all day long.  I am a student of television and nothing makes me happier than having a meeting with a writer or director and 90 minutes later I look at the clock and it feels as if only 5 minutes has gone by.

    Recently, an actor, now director, from one of my all time favorite shows, came into meet with me.  I was very nervous.  I kept telling one of my co-workers how nervous I was.  What if I had nothing to say to this person?  What if I wasn’t able to get across how seminal this particular show was to my  life, and it is thanks to that show that I was sitting across from him today.  Needless to say, the meeting was exactly as I had hoped it would be.  There we were, two “TV professionals,”  swapping stories and discussing how television played such a big part in our lives.  And thanks to his teenage daughters, he was a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars.  Nothing like discussing the mystery of “A” with someone who is part of TV history.

    Stacey Silverman is the Vice President of TV Development at Alloy Entertainment in Los Angeles. She loves Saturday naps, traveling to far-away places, and ignoring the advances in technology. You can still find Stacey scribbling away in a notebook whenever the need arises.


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