A Day In The Life At Alloy Entertainment … Explained in Gifs

    As an editor on the Alloy Entertainment websites, I write posts, tweet, and update Facebook. While that’s a super basic description of my job, I thought a good way to really showcase a typical day for me would be through gifs from our shows. Here we go!

    When the TV shows go on hiatus and I have to keep finding fresh fun content to write about:

    Gossip Girl Gif

    When I get an idea for a new Chuck Bass photo gallery in the middle of the night:

    Pretty Little Liars Gif

    How I feel when I write a 500-word episode recap in the content management system, save it, get a technical error, and the entire recap is erased:

    The Vampire Diaries Gif

    When I get pitched an interview with Ed Westwick:

    The Lying Game Gif

    When I make the decision between a salad or a burger at lunch:

    Gossip Girl Gif2

    What are your fave Gifs from the Alloy Entertainment shows? Tell me in a comment below!

    Julie Miller is the Digital Senior Editor for Alloy Entertainment in New York City. She’s a Louisiana girl at heart and sometimes prefers crawfish and sweet tea to sushi and lattes. Follow her musings on entertainment here: @jmiller925.


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