The Clique

    All about The Clique movie starring Elizabeth McLaughlin as Massie Block who learns that the only thing harder than getting in is staying in.

    The Clique Movie PosterMassie Block (Elizabeth McLaughlin) is the leader of “The Pretty Committee,” the most popular group of girls at her private school. Together, Massie and the rest of “The Pretty Committee” dominate their middle school and even gain the respect of the rest of their upper-class neighborhood.

    However, when Massie’s father allows his middle-class friend’s family to move into the Block’s guest house, Massie’s life is turned upside down. Forced to socialize with Claire (Ellen Marlow), the daughter of the family that just moved in, Massie’s whole position on the top of the social pyramid is threatened.

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    1. brandy56 Said:

      i love this movie. i watched this movie about 3 times. i hope they make movies for every clique book!

    2. cfeely Said:

      This movie is very unrealistic. I have not seen it because it is not very widely known and I did not know that they even made a movie out of these disgraceful books because they don’t make movies out of awesome books, such as: the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter or A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. Girls stink.

    3. kaelyn Said:

      i havent seen the movie but i have read most of the books they are awesome if one of the librarys doesnt have the next book i go find it anywhere i have read 8 books and proud of it all the girls in my grade follow my footseps just because i get secrets of overruling from the books thx

    4. alexis h Said:

      i love the clique its amazing im starting my own prittie commitie and everyone is following in my footsteps and like some of my friends read the books to we love them so much we even read during class i know we shouldnt but we do i cant put the books down and i have 5 books in my book bag im on dial l for luser and my cousdin os only on revernge of the wannabe’s and she got me started on the books and we want to make the movie for invasoin of the invasion of the boy snatchers

    5. Chloe Said:

      ok the clique is a great movie and all but you have no idea how so many girls actually think they can go around being mean to everyone and bossing their friends around. everyone hated massie block because of this. do you want to be the same?

    6. Jessie Said:

      I loved the books so much it was an obsession and then I watched the movie and loved it because I love The Clique all together 🙂 Haters gonna hate~

    7. Janessa L. Said:

      I ah-dore the Clique! I own 7 of the books, and have read all of the books! The movie was great, but it wasn’t as good as the book. Always, ALWAYS read a book before the movie. You don’t know what you’re missing. I just j’adore these books because they give us a glance at the lives of the rich and popular.

    8. Kendra Said:

      I wanna watch this… I read most of the books… I ah-dore them<3

    9. Catherine Said:

      Watch the movie first then collect the books..

    10. justina justice Said:

      i have tears and joy

    11. Lily_ Said:

      I love the movie and the books!! I’ve almost finished the whole series. This is such an awesome movie, I hope they make more. 🙂 I wish there’s a epilogue…

    12. Alaina Said:

      Omg I love these books, like oh dang xP

    13. Mackenzie Bennett Said:

      I am all of these amazing girls. Just Ordered this movie and bought every book in the series. There goes $400. Should have bought a new coach. Oh well! Tiffany knows me by my first name!!!!!!!! Pretty Committee Is who I am. Alpha to Alpha here Study your designers be ready to spot out fakes. Like Duh-livia! Byeee Ehmygawd Love from a real life Massie, Claire ,Dylan, Alicia, And Kirsten! P.S. Remember Don’t be a LBR Be an Alpha!!!!!!!!!

    14. Clara Said:

      I honestly hated these books. To me, they are just a cleaned up version of Pretty Little Liars for kids.

    15. Annie Tucker Said:

      Where is the Best Friends For Never Movie? I’ve been looking ALL over for it! Has it come out yet!!???!!!?? I NEED TO KNOWWWWW!!!!!

    16. nottellin Said:

      is there a second movie or any others love this serrises

    17. nottellin Said:

      is there a second movie or any others love this series

    18. Maria Said:

      totally love the series but haven’t seen the movie. I really have asked my mom for it a hundred favorite character is Massie. I just adore her personality.

    19. ALEX xox Said:

      Read the books gotta watch the movieeee

    20. McKayla Said:

      Oh my gosh! I totally love the books and this series! Please tell me they are making a movie for the rest of the books, you can’t just start the movies and not finish it.

    21. KinaBoo Said:

      holy shit this is da best series movie ever! my fave chacters r massie and alicia and dylan and honestly kirsten 2. wanna read all the books #lifegoals

    22. Alicia Said:

      Ah mazing movie

    23. Tiffany Said:

      It’s an amazing movie

    24. Victoria Said:

      These books are ah-mazing Luve them u defs need to make a movie for the rest of the books unless they havent already been made im on the pretty comittee strikes back. massie is a natural – born master so r the rest of them. would so love to be in their clique

    25. Kristina Said:

      I love this movie! Victoria is so right! I need to join the clique, too! only if I could meet massie and Alicia. That would be awesome!

    26. sexy sports diva Said:

      Kristina, I love your opinion! now, only if I had cell phone!

    27. Nang pa pa win Said:

      I like this movies 🙂

    28. Ashli Malone Said:

      I’ve read just about all of the Clique books and I’ve watched the movie so much I know it word for word. Can there please be another movie!

    29. Cate K Said:

      I love the Clique books and the movie. It is soooooo good.

    30. mary Said:

      i hope this movie is as amazing as i hope yaay :))

    31. mary Said:

      i will love this movie

    32. BAMAGIRL Said:

      i love the clique i wish they had more moves

    33. nene Said:

      Lv it for real

    34. Kamila Redd Said:

      Please Please more movies, I am actually begging you! Please. I can’t live w/o them! xoxoxo I <3 this series so much

    35. Kamila Redd Said:

      Also, I am willing to star in any of these movies! I could act perfectly like I am part of the Clique

    36. CC to go Said:

      Why do they get to have cell phones so early? Anyway I liked the movie (except the phone part).

    37. Keara Said:

      I Read all of the books Lisi Harrison has wrote ALL of them. the clique, alphas, monster high, all of them I loved them all. I havent seen the movies yet but i will soon and i hope it is as good as the book and PLEASEEEE MAKE THE SUMMER COLLECTIONS MOVIES AND ALL OF THEM MOVIES!!! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Jade Said:

      I think the movie was amazing and the books are amazing also. I think they should make more movies of this series. Only thing I would do is make it more modern like the people did with The Great Gatsby. But the actresses and actors in this are wayy older now so i would probably use different people instead and tbh i think that they should still use Bridgit Mendler as Kristen\

    39. cheap madden 17 mobile coins seller Said:

      You’re very eloquent.

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