Sex Drive

    All about the movie Sex Drive, starring Josh Zuckerman as Ian, Clark Duke as Lance, and Amanda Crew as Felicia.

    Sex Drive Movie PosterNice guy, Ian (Josh Zuckerman), is a high school senior tormented by his virgin status so he decides to travel across the country to hook-up with Ms. Tasty, a woman he met over the Internet. Ian invites his far-more-sexually-experienced best friend, Lance (Clark Duke), along for the journey. However, when his other best friend (and the possible girl of his dreams) Felicia (Amanda Crew) asks to tag along as well, the whole trip becomes a bit more complicated. Afraid of what Felicia will think of his desperate move to travel hundreds of miles for sex, Ian decides not to tell her the true nature of the road trip. As the friends travel across the company in the quest for the cure to Ian’s virginity, they run into many different groups of people, some good and some bad but ALL hilarious!

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    1. Jake ibrahim Said:

      I want to be a part of this movie

    2. Sharon kwamboka Said:

      Actin is a passion to me, i’d love 2 feature in ths movie…

    3. Ojo Ebenezer Said:

      I’m an 18 year old Nigerian with passion for acting…Its always been my dream to act on any series…

    4. kenny Said:

      I will like to join your webside and witch movvies from it

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    6. Pamela Poddar Said:

      I’m 17 and from india and a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries. It’s my dream to cast in at least one episode of TVD. Please tell me how can i get the chance to cast in it. It’d be an honour. 🙂

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