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    Born on July 22, 1989 and raised in bright, sunny southern California, Keegan Allen has grown up in the heart of the entertainment industry. His mother is a gifted artist and his father,¬†Phillip R. Allen, worked as an off-broadway actor, so Keegan has always been interested in the arts. Currently, Keegan plays Spencer Hasting’s love interest and Jenna Marshall’s mysterious stepbrother Toby Cavanaugh on ABC Family’s hit series Pretty Little Liars.

    Prior to landing his amazing role on Pretty Little Liars, Keegan appeared on CSI, Small Emergencies, and the beloved Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush. However, Keegan was not always interested in just the acting side of Hollywood. In high school and college, Keegan focused on cinematography, editing, and video production and was keen on exploring all aspects of the entertainment business.

    Nevertheless, theater has always been Keegan’s prime passion and he actually snagged his first paid acting job as a thirteen year old for a small, non-speaking role in an independent film for Animal Planet.

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    1. Alyssa Said:

      omg you were on big time rush ??????. Anyways I ship spoby. Spoby is like my freaking life . So is pretty little liars. I love toby Cavanaugh <333333333

    2. katherinemichellekarras Said:

      hey i am was wondering maybe to talk to you

    3. GoKeeganiloveyouandimnotacrazedfan Said:

      I respect you and your work But the problem is I’m highly in love with you and ur work as I said I’m not a crazed fan and would like to talk to you even though it will probably not happen

    4. jess Said:

      i love keegan he is so hot.I am freakn obbsessed with PLL he the hottest man alive!!!!!!!!!!!!i love your body!!!!!!!!!

    5. james Said:

      I LOVE YOU KEEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 when he is 50 he will still be the cutest man on the planet!!!! HE IS THE PERFECT MAN FOR ME!!!!!!
      DID SOMEONE SAY SEXY!!!!!!!1

    6. lovemekeegan Said:

      I love you more than anything in the world. you are my life and I will always love you and never forget you. you know your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. jordan white Said:

      I love you toby so much

    8. devondra Said:

      you really played on big time rush i so couldn’t see you on the show. i could only see you as Toby on pll. spoby is the cutest couple on pll.

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