Ian Somerhalder

    Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Cast Headshot

    The CW

    Ian Somerhalder’s television portrayal is faithful to the charming, handsome, hedonist of L.J. Smith’s creation. Is it the piercing blue eyes or the devilish grin that make Ian so irresistible? We fell in love with him as Boone Carlyle on ABC’s Lost and Hamilton Fleming on The CW’s Young Americans, but he’ll always be our Damon Salvatore now. If you can’t get enough of Ian on The Vampire Diaries, we suggest a Somerhalder movie marathon. (Here are some savory recommendations: Life As A House, Pulse, How To Make Love To A Woman, Wake, The Lost Samaritan, In Enemy Hands, The Tournament and The Rules of Attraction).

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