The Robot

    All about the book, The Robot.

    By Paul E. Watson

    Science-loving Gabe and girl-crazy Dover are best friends, or rather, each other’s only friends. When Gabe’s parents leave town for the weekend, Dover and Gabe decide to break into Gabe’s father’s basement laboratory – even though Gabe knows that the penalty is life-long grounding. Once inside, the boys discover a smoking hot robot, “Trina” who promises to turn the geeky boys boring weekend at home into a crazy adventure.

    While Gabe and Dover argue over “Trina,” the robot flees the lab. Now Gabe and Dover must find her and return her to the lab before the day is over! But, on the way, Trina exposes a traitorous plot, they stop an assassination on Dr. Phil, and Gabe and Dover find themselves catapulted to high school fame!

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