The Museum of Intangible Things

    Acclaimed author Wendy Wunder’s sophomore novel, The Museum of Intangible Things, is a story of two best friends taking a “Thelma and Louise” road trip to discover their place in the universe.


    “This isn’t just a road-trip book. Or a novel about mental illness. Or an exploration of first love or damaged families or the lust for a bigger, more important existence…Wunder expertly weaves all these timeless elements into a crisp, beautifully crafted story of adventure, love, and the limits of friendship.” (BOOKLIST, starred review)

    Hannah Morgan, a funny, incisive girl from a rural, down-and-out New Jersey town, spends her free time eavesdropping on classes at the town’s private school from her secret hideout in the school’s attic. Since her public school has no funds for anything that isn’t strictly remedial, she takes it upon herself to learn and to make money for community college by running a hot dog stand. Zoe, Hannah’s best friend, is her total opposite – a tough but ethereal loner. Creative girls with no real outlet, Hannah and Zoe create The Museum of Intangible Things in Zoe’s basement for Zoe’s little brother, Noah, who is autistic. The “exhibits” illustrate all the emotions he doesn’t understand: rage, love, fear, hope.

    But when Zoe doesn’t get into the school of her dreams, she begins to spiral out of control. One night, Zoe appears at Hannah’s window demanding that they go on a road trip. The two friends set off across the country for the adventure of a lifetime. They chase storms and make new friends, and along the way, Zoe starts teaching Hannah about the qualities she’s afraid to have but should: gluttony, insouciance, audacity. She wants Hannah to take charge of her life and go after the things she wants—especially Danny, the boy Hannah has had a crush on for years. But as their journey comes to a startling conclusion, Hannah realizes that Zoe is more extraordinary than she ever could have imagined–and that in order to save her, she may have to let her best friend go.

    Praise continued:

    “A finely crafted blend of heartbreak and humor.” (KIRKUS REVIEWS)

    “[A] thought-provoking story.” (PUBLISHERS WEEKLY)

    “Hand this to (girly) fans of Steven Chbosky.” (VOYA)

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