The Lying Game

    The Lying Game: Book 1What would you do if you had a long-lost twin? What if she disappeared the day you were supposed to meet? How far would you go to find out what went wrong?

    In Sara Shepard’s bestselling Lying Game series, Emma Paxton assumes her twin sister Sutton’s identity to solve her murder. It’s a dangerous game, and Emma is playing with a killer…

    From Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pretty Little Liars books, comes a riveting series about secrets, lies, and killer consequences.

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    The Lying Game Series 

    • The Lying Game TV Tie-In
      In first book of the series, Emma Paxton travels to Arizona to start a new life with her long-lost sister, Sutton Mercer. However, unbeknownst to her, the life she's about to begin is the one her sister left behind...
    • The Lying Game Book 2
      I used to have everything. Now I'm dead, and nobody even knows. In order to solve my murder, my twin sister Emma has taken my place, pretending to be me in search of clues. But the killer is watching her and the only thing we know for certain is - the killer wants me, and now Emma, dead.
    • The Lying Game Book 3
      Sutton Mercer's long-lost twin Emma has stepped into her life to solve her murder. The most mysterious suspect on her list is Thayer Vega, who's currently missing. Emma has no idea what Sutton did to drive Thayer away—until Thayer himself shows up on her doorstep. Is he here to get revenge? Or is it possible he already has?
    • TLG_4_Hide_111wide
      In this fourth installment of Sara Shepard's bestselling Lying Game series, Emma discovers that the family she's always wanted may not be as trust-worthy as she thinks. No one can harm Sutton now, but Emma is still fair game. And if she's not careful, she could end up buried, too.
    • TLG_5_Cross_111wide
      In this fifth must-read volume of the bestselling Lying Game series, Emma’s birth mother, Becky, has resurfaced and for the first time in her life, Emma is surrounded by family. But is it possible that her mother murdered her sister? Read Cross My Heart, Hope To Die and find out!
    • TLG_6_Seven_Minutes_111wide
      Seven Minutes in Heaven is the nail-biting conclusion to Sara Shepard's New York Times bestselling Lying Game series. Find out who killed Sutton Mercer in this riveting, must-read novel.
    • TLGN_1_First_Lie_111wide
      The First Lie takes readers back before the star of Sara Shepard's bestselling Lying Game series, Sutton Mercer, was murdered and exposes her secret romance with Mad's brother, Thayer.
    • TLG_novella_2_True_Lies_109wide
      Set just months before Sutton Mercer’s untimely death, this stand-alone, 100-page ebook novella is a must-read companion to the New York Times bestselling Lying Game series.