The It Girl

    The It GirlIn this Gossip Girl spin-off series, Jenny Humphrey has been shipped away to boarding school at the elite Waverly Academy — but she can’t escape her crazy Manhattan past.

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    The It Girl Series 

    • It Girl Book 1
      The It Girl is the first book in The It Girl series, created by Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar. Jenny Humphrey leaves Manhattan for a fresh start.
    • It Girl Book 2
      Jenny Humphrey's wild antics follow her all the way to her elite boarding school.
    • It Girl Book 3
      As she goes head to head with Waverly's former It Girl, Jenny is determined to show her classmates that she's above the rules.
    • It Girl Book 4
      The Women of Waverly Club becomes a forum for gossip, hugging, and of course scandal.
    • It Girl Book 5
      Jenny Humphrey has attended some crazy parties at Waverly Academy, but none as hot as the bash at Miller farm, where the barn went up in flames. Literally. So when Dean Marymount announces that someone is going to be expelled, it's every owl for him and herself.
    • It Girl Book 6
      After narrowly avoiding expulsion, Jenny Humphrey must make things right with her friends and admirers at Waverly Academy.
    • It Girl Book 7
      It's Thanksgiving break, and Jenny Humphrey's headed back to NYC with her new classmates.
    • It Girl Book 8
      It's the holiday season at Waverly, and when the students decide to play Secret Satan, the entire school starts acting naughty.
    • It Girl Book 9
      A new semester at Waverly means one thing: new students -- and, of course, the requisite scandal.
    • It Girl Book 10
      The Waverly Computer Society runs an online matching service in honor of Valentine's Day, causing the campus to be overrun with peculiar pairings and odd couples.