The Brokenhearted

    YA fiction welcomes a new kind of female superhero in Amelia Kahaney's The Brokenhearted.

    Amelia Kahaney’s The Brokenhearted offers readers a new kind of superhero: Anthem Fleet, a girl whose broken heart is a weapon that she’ll use to avenge the brokenhearted people of her Gotham-like city.

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    High in her tower above Bedlam City, prima ballerina Anthem Fleet has lived her whole life by her parents’ strict rules, never leaving the sparkling, pristine North Side. Until she meets Gavin. An artist from the dangerous South Side of town, Gavin is like no one Anthem has ever met—and she falls for him suddenly and completely.
    But Gavin’s world is as dangerous as it is intoxicating, and their romance crashes down around them one terrible night when they are attacked on the South Side and Gavin is kidnapped. When she wakes in a dark, blood-soaked lab, Anthem has a jagged scar down her chest . . . and an experimental bionic heart ticking inside her.
    As Anthem will soon realize, her new mechanical heart didn’t just save her life—it left her with a strange and terrifying new strength. A strength that she’s going to need if she has any chance of rescuing Gavin and mending the scattered pieces of her broken heart.

    Praise for The Brokenhearted:

    “You’ll need more than Vivarax to come down from this high.” —Adele Griffin, author of All You Never Wanted
    “A clever, engaging read. Anthem Fleet is a special brand of superhero—fierce, fun, and female.”
    —Anna Carey, author of the Eve trilogy

    “Part mystery, part love story, part coming-of-age story, and all page-turning, edge-of-your-seat thriller, set in Bedlam—a strange and broken city that combines the dangerous beauty of the Hunger Games with the dark characters of Batman’s Gotham.”
    —Hannah Tinti, author of The Good Thief

    “Gorgeously written and richly imagined, this heart-pounding, high-octane novel of suspense, romance, and revenge introduces a stunning new voice in YA fiction as well as a new kind of superhero. You won’t be able to put this one down.”
    New York Times bestselling author of South Beach, Aimee Friedman

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    1. kristian canary Said:

      Is there going to be a movie over the books i mean i love the book and i cant wait to read the next ones but really there needs to be a movie about it to show how her heart is and how she moves so fast and all the cool stuff about her house and the party. I think it will be a really good movie so please make a movie of it and if there is one what is it called.

    2. Cadampog Said:

      Having lost a 16 year old son 6 years ago on 12/10/04 I know the ache and fog you are in and my heart aches for a mom I don’t know, but know the pain you are enduring. I am so sorry and wish I could stand next to you and hold you and weep with you.One thing that has rteencly comforted me is thinking of Psalm 23 when we read as we walk through the shadow of death , in order for there to be a shadow there has to be light and though it seems total darkness you are in and will go through, know that He really is there and you are under His wing, never to be forsaken. May God comfort you and your family. With tears ~ Loni

    3. Devin Said:

      I am hurting for you. My heart has bkeron for your family. I am soo sorry for the lost of your precious son. Surely, our world has lost another sweet, perfect light.Mother to mother, I can hardly begin to imagine your pain and lost.I will be praying for you and your family. May God’ peace, grace and love come upon you during this most difficult season in your life.Love, Dorian

    4. Sunshine Said:

      Haljleulah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

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