The Blonde

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    “An engaging what-if thriller and love story . . . captures the atmosphere surrounding Hollywood at the time perfectly.” (PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY)

    “This extraordinarily vivid and totally unforgettable novel is on fire. I was spellbound.”
    (DOUGLAS PRESTON, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Monster of Florence)


    In The Blonde, we meet Norma Jean, a young actress and model struggling to make it in Hollywood. When she meets a mysterious man with a Russian accent who offers to transform her into an icon, the choice is easy.

    Twelve years later, she is Marilyn Monroe. Every man wants to be with her and every woman wants to be her. But at what price? Her Russian repayment is a task—meet and seduce a handsome young Senator named John F. Kennedy. No one would ever suspect that the most famous and beautiful woman in America is a spy for the Soviet Union, not even the eager FBI agent who is assigned to her. But both the FBI and KGB underestimate Marilyn and her determination to pursue what she really wants: attention, affection, and love.


    “Anna Godbersen has dared to reinvent the history of Marilyn Monroe. The tale she spins is astonishingly seductive.”
    (SUSAN BERNARD, author of Marilyn: Intimate Exposures)

    “I felt I was there, with the JFK trysts, the Communist intrigue, and the ever-flowing drinks.”
    (ANTON DISCLAFANI, author of The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls)

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