Talent Book Series Come join Mac and her BFFs as they take on the world of glamour and stardom. With Mac’s keen eye for noticing people with talent, this thirteen-year-old is ready to take her friends to the Big Time. But of course, Hollywood can be harsher than a middle school cafeteria – if only just a little. Will Mac and her BFFs make it into the inner circle world of Hollywood or will they wind up on the outside looking in?

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    Talent Series 

    • Talent Book 1
      Thirteen-year-old Mac meets the new girl, Emily, at an exclusive movie premiere. Suddenly, Mac realizes she has a gift - discovering people with talent. Now it's up to Mac and her BFFs to turn Emily into a movie star!
    • Talent Book 2
      Mac's life is practically perfect. With the back-to-school gala fast approaching, Mac and her BFFs have the platform to prove they have what it takes to be the next big things. But as everybody knows, in Hollywood one day you're in and the next you're out.
    • Talent Book 3
      Mac and her friends are ready to make it in the Big Time. Emily's landed a role in a new film (opposite her movie-star crush!), Mac's on the brink of launching Coco into singing stardom, and Becks' got a Quicksilver modeling career. Looks like the girls have finally made it into the Inner Circle.