Sweet Valley High

    Sweet Valley High Series ImageJessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are two identical twins living in sunny Sweet Valley, California. Though alike in looks, Jessica and Elizabeth have extremely different personalities. While Jessica likes to be the it-girl, Elizabeth is content to follow in her sister’s shadow. Join the sisters as they go through the trials and tribulations of high school.

    The Sweet Valley High series began in 1983 and today has more than 150 books under its name, including eight spin-off series.

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    Sweet Valley High Series 

    • Sweet Valley High 1
      Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield may look the same but their personalities couldn't be more different. Jessica is always getting what she wants and Elizabeth's always letting her sister have her way. However, when Todd Wilkins arrives, Elizabeth isn't willing to give up so easily this time.
    • Sweet Valley High 2
      Jessica is pursuing the homecoming crown and a special dance with Bruce Patman. However, Jessica's twin Elizabeth's best friend, Enid Rollins, is proving stiff competition. When Jessica finds out Enid's darkest secret she must decide whether to be nice and stay silent or tell everybody what she knows and secure her spot as queen.
    • Sweet Valley High3
      When Jessica finally gets a date with Bruce Patman, she falls madly in love. However, her twin Elizabeth is concerned by the changes Jessica is making for Bruce.
    • Sweet Valley High 4
      Elizabeth and Jessica go head to head when Jessica starts an exclusive club called the Sweet Valley High Beautification Committee. Elizabeth dislikes the Beauties' methods and their obvious attempt to become the most powerful group of girls on campus.
    • Sweet Valley High Book 5
      Jessica falls for the older Scott Daniels, hoping to prove herself mature beyond her years. However, when Jessica doesn't return home after an all-nighter, a worried Elizabeth must pretend to be her twin.
    • Sweet Valley High 6
      Elizabeth is torn when her boyfriend Todd gets a new motorcycle. Even though she's been forbidden to ever ride a bike, Elizabeth is afraid if she doesn't Todd may fall in love with someone else. Should she break the rules for once or trust that Todd truly loves her?