Sloane Sisters

    When Cate and Andie Sloane’s father marries Stella and Lola Child’s mother, the girls must learn to be a family. But what happens when you put four It Girls under one roof? With Cate and Stella vying for control of Ashton Prep and Andie and Lola in competition for the same guy, these new step-sisters are in for some trouble.

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    Sloane Sisters Series 

    • 111_SloaneSisters
      The marriage of Cate and Andie Sloane's father to Stella and Lola Child's mother is the start of a full-fledged step-sibling smackdown. Cate, reigning queen of Ashton Prep, is now being contested by her new sister, Stella, who will stop at nothing to take control. Meanwhile, Andie just wants to be tall enough to walk the runway and Lola just wants to find a boyfriend but the guy she likes is crushing on Andie instead.
    • The Sloane Sisters 2: Survival of the Fiercest
      Cate's at war with her old best friends and uses the hot guy next door as her major weapon. Stella, meanwhile, tries to find new cool kids to be part of her and Cate's new posse. But, when she takes a nobody and turns her into a somebody, who knows what could happen. Andie falls for a guy who likes her back, but of course, Lola totally wanted him first. Lola, however, is living out Andie's dream by launching a high-fashion modeling career.