Roswell High

    Roswell High Book SeriesRoswell High is the captivating science-fiction series by Melinda Metz.

    What if Aliens went to your high school? Max and Isabel Evans, along with their friend Michael Guerin are alien survivors of a 1970 UFO crash known as the Roswell UFO Incident but now attend the Ulysses F. Olsen high school of Roswell, New Mexico. Although they have kept their true identity secret for decades, circumstances lead them to share their origins with some of their human classmates. The teens bond as they learn to trust one another and protect their phenomenal secret.

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    Roswell High Series 

    • 111_Roswell1
      Max, an alien living on Earth after a UFO crash, falls in love with Liz, a girl from his Earth high school. Max most keep his distance though to protect the secret of his true identity and keep Liz safe.
    • 111_Roswell2
      Isabel falls for the bad boy Nikolas because he lets her live out her wild side. Unfortunately, Alex is jealous of Isabel's new boyfriend and fears Nikolas is putting Isabel in more and more danger. Will Isabel's secret be discovered by Sheriff Valenti?
    • 111_Roswell3
      Maria finds a strange glowing ring that gives her special abilities, but doesn't tell any of her friends. Meanwhile, Michael discovers that he is falling in love with Maria, his best friend. Nobody realizes that Maria is luring danger to them all.
    • 111_Roswell4
      Max is dying and Liz vows to find a way to save him. But, when the only way to protect him is to risk her own life, will she be willing to take the chance?
    • 111_Roswell5
      Michael is being held in a secret compound and is afraid that he won't be able to escape before he's forced to tell his secret to Sheriff Valenti. Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Isabel begins to feel a strong connection to Michael. Are Isabel and Michael meant to be together?
    • 111_Roswell6
      Michael is haunted by flashbacks from his escape and forms a special bond with Cameron, who he met inside the compound. But Cameron has a secret and she's afraid if she tells the truth, she'll lose Michael forever.
    • 111_Roswell7
      Max vows to find Alex, who has been stranded on his home planet but in order to do so must find one of the Stones of Midnight. With Max busy trying to rescue Alex, Liz falls for a Roswell newcomer, Adam. Could Liz be forgetting about Max?
    • 111_Roswell8
      Michael finally finds a family when his brother Trevor comes to Roswell, but Trevor's loyalties are questionable, putting Michael in danger. Meanwhile, Maria's little brother has disappeared and the kidnappers are after her and her friends. Maria turns to Michael for help.
    • 111_Roswell9
      Isabel runs away and Max must find her before it's too late. Alex returns to Earth a changed man, but when he is the only one who can save Isabel will he be able to put aside his pride and rescue his former love?
    • 111_Roswell10
      Max is acting strangely, and is possibly possessed. Liz begins to feel a strain on their relationship. Will she be able to help Max break free of whatever is controlling him before it's too late?
    • 111_Roswell11
      Liz's life is forever changed when she gets in the way of a bullet and Max Evans miraculously saves her life.
    • 111_Roswell12
      When Michael is kidnapped by a man desperate to save his dying daughter who believes Michael healed all the children in the hospital the previous Christmas. Michael's friends (and Valenti) are planning a rescue until a meddlesome reporter gets in the way.