Revolution 19

    Learn more about the critically acclaimed new sci-fi novel, Revolution 19, by Gregg Rosenblum. Watch the trailer and read a free excerpt.

    From the minds of award-winning writer-directors Howard Gordon (Homeland), James Wong (Final Destination), and brilliant debut novelist Gregg Rosenblum, comes the epic sci-fi adventure, Revolution 19 and the must-read sequel Fugitive X.

    Advance Praise:

    “Think Terminator meets The Matrix meets The Tripods…a strong start to what looks to be an exciting series.” ―Publishers Weekly

    “Good old-fashioned sci-fi action starring remorseless laser-firing robots and ridiculously brave and selfless teenagers.” ―Booklist

    “An exciting, dystopian page turner…Robot apocalypse done right.” ―Kirkus Reviews

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    Twenty years ago, the robots designed to fight our wars abandoned the battlefields. Then they turned their weapons on humanity. Though most humans were either killed or enslaved in the robot revolution, siblings Nick, Kevin, and Cass  spent their lives in the wilderness hiding from the robots. But when the bots discover their community’s location, the three barely make it out alive as their home is destroyed and everyone they love captured or killed.

    Now on a risky mission to infiltrate one of the robot’s cities and find their parents, the three come face-to-face with a perfectly monitored new order, where citizens are microchipped and “reeducated” under the robot regime. Anyone who doesn’t abide by their laws faces severe punishment, even death. But as the siblings move stealthily about the City, with the assistance of covert sympathizers, they soon realize they’re not just fighting to free their loved ones anymore—another revolution is underway.


    1. Annelise Said:

      Is there a sequel to Revolution 19??? PLease say yes! This book is amazing, Icould hardly put it down!!!!

    2. Austyn Said:

      Yes, there is a sequel. In fact, this will become a series.

    3. Grace Said:

      I love this book, so exciting! Does anyone know when the second book is coming out?

    4. Ethan B. Said:

      Awesome book, made me want to keep reading. only problem is it was a short book, and the ending isn’t the best. Once/ if there is a second book I wont hesitate to read it since the ending just sort of hits you in face, leaving you expecting more. great book overall I recommend for all fans of the sci-fi genre

    5. Erika Said:

      What a thought provoking book! I loved every word.

    6. Kenan Wells Said:

      WOW! Great book! The creativity and story-line were amazing. -smh

    7. alexander Said:

      the second book comes out January 7, 2014

    8. Marcus Anthony Morales Said:

      great book i can what to read the rest of them

    9. Marcus Anthony Morales Said:

      I loved reading the second book, like the ending even more

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    13. jacob rigby Said:

      This is an amazing book like like the way you made the cover its awesome!!!

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