Private is an engrossing book series by Kate Brian that chronicles the rise of an ambitious teenager named Reed Brennan. However, as Reed becomes a member of her new school’s elite yet disparate popular group the Billings Girls, issues involving mystery, romance and morality arise.

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    Private Series 

    • Private Book 1
      Reed Brennan, the ultimate outsider, arrives at Easton Academy on scholarship and quickly realizes that the Billings House Girls are her ticket to everything the exclusive private school has to offer. Life is a parade of cute boys, designer clothes, and unparalleled privilege in Billings...but beneath the surface lies a dark underbelly of secrets and murder.
    • Private Book 2
      The Billings House elite have Reed on speed dial, but she can't decide if they love her or secretly hate her. Everything seems to hinge on getting an invite to The Legacy, an exclusive party that all of Easton Academy is buzzing about. The other hopefuls just want to see and be seen, but The Legacy means everything to Reed.
    • Private Book 3
      Reed, it seems, has earned an all-access pass to privilege. She's accepted by the right girls, wanted by the right guys, and her elite status guarantees her name is on the guest list of every not-to-be-missed party in town. One list Reed never expects to make is a list of suspects in a campus murder . . .
    • Private Book 4
      The police have arrested an alleged campus killer, but in Reed's mind, the case is anything but closed. She's convinced the police have locked up an innocent victim and the real killer is still at large. Reed has to retrace the murderer's steps all the way back to the truth . . . even if it leads her surprisingly close to home.
    • Private Book 5
      It's the end of an era for the Billings House girls. Reed returns to Easton to find that last year's alphas have been replaced by a new crop of kinder, gentler drama queens. The headmaster insists there will be no more hazing, but the Billings Girls make their own rules, and some of them have no intention of playing nice.
    • Private Book 6
      From campus new girl to the best of Billings House—Reed has the potential to be the most powerful girl at Easton. Of course, having everything she ever wanted means she has everything to lose. All eyes are on Reed to see if Billings' history will repeat itself—after all, every Billings House leader before her met a tragic end.
    • Private Book 7
      Reed plans a fundraiser in NYC to save Billings House. Everyone's buzzing about the event, and Reed's never felt so popular or powerful . . . until questions surface about the recent death of one of Reed's fellow Billings Girls. As party excitement fades to scared whispers, one thing becomes clear: Someone will do anything to see Billings—and Reed—go down.
    • Private Book 8
      Easton Academy is rocked by its second murder. No one knows who the killer is, but everyone agrees that Reed, who was recently named Billings' president, gained the most from the victim's death. To clear her name, Reed must uncover her fallen classmate's secret. And, as any true Billings Girl knows, secrets can kill.
    • Private Book 9
      Reed leaves the drama of Easton behind for an exclusive island getaway, where she'll reunite with former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor. They'll spend their days tanning on white-sand beaches and their nights partying on sixty-foot yachts, but even in paradise, trouble is destined to find them.
    • Private Book 10
      Far from Easton Academy, on the island of St. Barths, Reed loves her ocean view, her circle of friends…and Upton _______. It's a shame one of Upton's exes will do whatever it takes to get Reed out if the picture…
    • Private Book 11
      Reed returns to Easton to find that Billings House has been destroyed. Noelle wants to walk away, but Reed refuses to back down. It's up to her to determine the fate of the Billings Girls, and she won't stop until they're stronger than ever.
    • Private Book 12
      Against all odds, Reed re-established Billings as a glamorous undeground literary society. Then something horrible happened: Noelle disappeared. Now Reed fears that unless she finds Noelle soon, she'll lose her friend forever. . . .
    • Private Book 13
      Reed and Noelle now know a shocking secret about the original Billings Girls . . . and each other. But the truth about their past can't save them from the tragedy that befalls Easton next. All the signs indicate that Reed and her friends are cursed, and some of them won't survive it.
    • Private Book 14
      After the shocking revelation that Reed and Noelle are descended from witches, and the harrowing ordeal at Reed’s birthday party that followed, the Billings Girls are faced with their final test: getting out of Easton alive.
    • Private Prequel
      Ariana Osgood was supposed to spend Last Christmas with her boyfriend, but she got snowed in with bad-boy Thomas Pearson. Read Last Christmas, the PRIVATE prequel, and find out what happened next. It will change everything you thought you knew about PRIVATE.
    • Private Prequel: Book of Spells
      This prequel goes back to when it all began with a dusty leather-bound spell book. With the book of spells in hand, the Billings Girls possess enough power to form a secret coven. Bonded in sisterhood, they wield their magic to free themselves from the watchful eyes of their headmistress—and to bolster their courage with the boys of Easton Academy. But what starts out as innocent fun, soon turns sinister. From 1915 to 2010, fun always leads to something sinister when it involves the Billings Girls.