Let’s Get Lost

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    Adi Alsaid‘s debut novel, Let’s Get Lost, delivers a captivating, coming-of-age cross-country road trip. A story about love, loss, and finding yourself, it will keep readers enthralled and pleasingly off-balance in equal measure.

    Reminiscent of John Green’s Paper Towns, Alsaid’s debut is a gem among contemporary novels.” —School Library Journal
    “An entertaining and romantic road-trip debut.” —Kirkus Reviews
    “An impressive novel by a rising star with effortless style and voice.” —Kirkus Reviews
    “Captivating, mysterious, fun, and deep . . . for readers of John Green.” —Fresh Fiction
    “A captivating cross-country journey, where four strangers’ adventures collide into one riveting tale of finding yourself.”

    Let’s Get Lost is the story of Leila, a mysterious and enigmatic girl whose epic trip north brings her into the lives of four very different teens. Hudson, Bree, Elliot and Sonia have one thing in common: they are all desperately in need of a friend, someone to guide them as their lives change irrevocably. And the caring, adventurous Leila is just the person to help. But who is Leila really—and who will help her find her way? As the miles go by and Leila reveals partial glimpses of herself to her different traveling companions, the reader gradually gains a fuller understanding of our mysterious traveler and the unforgettable reasons behind her journey in this must-read novel.

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    “Five love stories, beautifully woven together by a special girl in search of adventure, hope, and full appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. A do-not-miss.—Justine magazine
    “This book is a must-read for anyone who is a fan of John Green. It’s heart-warming plot and unique characters encompass you in the book almost immediately, making you feel happy and refreshed when you finish the last chapter.” —Sarah L., YALSA teen reviewer
    Mesmerizing. A story of love, loss, ambition, and finding the true meaning of life.” —Glitter magazine

    Adi’s debut novel breaks boundaries the way his life has broken boundaries. Born to Israeli parents, Adi was raised in Latin America and attended college in the United States before returning to Mexico to write and coach basketball. Showcasing his deep love for travel and complete fluency in three languages, Adi’s writing is as thoughtful and artistic as it is compulsively readable.
    Read the excerpt from Part II, Chapter 3 of Let’s Get Lost below for a taste of the must-read adventure that awaits you.

    Read our Q&A with Adi Alsaid to get up close and personal with the author.

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