How To Rock Break-ups And Make-ups

    By Meg Haston | Learn more and start reading below

    Meg Haston’s hit book series How to Rock continues with How To Rock Break-ups and Make-ups.

    After a humiliating tumble down the social ladder, Kacey Simon is back on top where she belongs. She’s lost her lisp, traded in her coke-bottle glasses for contacts, and learned that brutal honesty isn’t always the best policy. Best of all, she’s made up with Zander and her BFFs, and reclaimed her spot as Gravity’s lead singer. Her life is pitch-perfect—until Zander’s ex-girlfriend, Stevie, arrives in town. Boys want to date Stevie, girls want to be her, and Kacey wants to boot her butt out of Chicago, ASAP.

    It’s not easy for a star to share the spotlight, but the show must go on! Start reading and find out how Kacey rocks her competition in How to Rock Braces and Glasses.

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