Gender Bender

    All about the book, Gender Bender.

    Gender Blender Book Cover

    By Blake Nelson

    Emma Baker and Tom Witherspoon weren’t always enemies. They used to be friends when they were little kids. But now they’re in sixth grade and everything’s different. Emma hangs out with a group of girls who call themselves Grrlzillas. Tom only has guy friends who like to get into trouble and play sports. Emma and Tom are so different that now they can’t stand each other. So when they get paired up in health class for a section on gender issues, neither of them is pleased. Their assignment is to spend at least 15 minutes everyday talking to each other and discussing how gender affects their lives. Not in their wildest dreams will they realize the crash course in gender issues that lies ahead. It all happened because of the arrowhead that Tom found in the woods. He was carrying it around in his pocket when he decided to sneak into the gym after school and try out the trampoline. Emma, a gymnast, saw Tom there and wasn’t happy about it. She was supposed to be practicing her routine. He wasn’t supposed to be there! Emma and Tom both ended up on the trampoline at the same time fighting over who belonged, when all of a sudden, THOCK! Their heads smacked together and everything went black. When they woke up, everything was different. VERY different. Tom was in Emma’s body and Emma was in Tom’s! What could be more challenging than trying to figure out how to switch back bodies? That’s exactly the problem that Emma and Tom have to figure out. How can they undo this bizarre body switch — fast?

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