The Frenemies Series 

    • Frenemies
      When Avalon confronts Halley over her artsy new look, it's time to question whether their seemingly forever friendship has finally gone out of style. Find out how lifelong friends became sworn frenemies in this first installment of Alexa Young's series.
    • Faketastic
      Once a frenemy, always a frenemy? When Halley embarrasses Avalon in front of the whole school, Avalon is forced to choose between her old friend and the new ones who stood by her. Find out what happens next in this second installment of the Frenemies series.
    • Frenemies3_111wide
      Reunited at LA Fashion week, Halley and Avalon fake-it-to-make-a-good-impression on designer, Gia Lamberti--but when Gia steals their designs, the sworn enemies are forced to team up for a take down.
    • Frenemies4_111wide
      Shunned at school for starring in a fashion reality show, Halley and Avalon are forced to hang out as b-list outcasts. Is what holds the besties-turned-worsties together stronger than what's been keeping them apart? Read the irresistible final installment of the Frenemies series and find out.