Eve Book - 1The Eve trilogy begins sixteen years after a deadly virus has wiped out most of the earth’s population. Eve herself is a kick-ass heroine in a post-apocalyptic world, hurdling toward a fate no strong-willed girl could accept. She escapes to win her freedom and finds love and unthinkable danger along the way.

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    Eve the Series 

    • Eve Book Cover
      In this stunning first installment of Anna Carey's trilogy, Eve learns the shocking truth about the altered world she now occupies — and the fate that awaits her beyond her school. Alone and raised to be fearful of men, she sets out to change her destiny.
    • Once Book Cover
      In this breathless sequel to Eve, Anna Carey returns to her tale of romance, adventure, and sacrifice in a world that is both wonderfully strange and chillingly familiar. A shocking secret about Eve's past--and the harsh reality of her future are revealed in this must-read Eve novel.
    • Eve3_Rise_109wide
      Anna Carey delivers a jaw-dropping conclusion to her post-apocalyptic Eve trilogy with Rise. What stands between Eve and a new, free world, is the ultimate act of rebellion: Eve is called upon to kill her father, the King. How far will she go when she has nothing left to lose?

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