Cali Girls

    It’s not easy being a Cali girl. Join the fun as laid out summer plans turn into wild road trips, festive parties, and unforgettable adventures!

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    Cali Girls Series 

    • Cali Girls Book 1: Getting Lost with Boys
      Red bikini – packed. Map of California – marked up with the travel plan. Sister’s cute but obnoxious ex – along for the ride?
    • Cali Girls Book 2: The Secrets of Boys
      What’s a Cali girl to do when she’s torn between three different boys?
    • Cali Girls Book 3: Perfect Boy
      Can a serial flirt become a dedicated girlfriend for the right guy?
    • Cali Girls Book 4: Waking Up To Boys
      Can one tomboy get the boy she's always wanted?
    • Cali Girls Book 5: Forbidden Boy
      What do you do when your worst enemy is also the boy of your dreams?
    • Cali Girls Book 6: The Other Boy
      What's a Cali girl to do when she starts to fall for a a blue-eyed boy… who's not her boyfriend?
    • Cali Girls Book 7: Flirting with Boys
      How not to run a resort – let your boyfriend and the most valuable guest get in a fight over you…