666 Park Avenue

    What if your mother-in-law turned out to be an evil, cold-blooded witch . . . literally? When Jane Boyle is swept off her feet by dashing American heir Malcolm Doran, she leaves her home and job in Paris to start a new life with him in New York. But her fairy tale takes a darker turn when Jane discovers her own magical powers – and the price Malcolm’s family expects her to pay to become a Doran. Soon she and Malcolm are fighting for their relationship, and even their lives, in a war that threatens to rip apart the magical and mortal worlds.

    666 Park Avenue is now a TV series on ABC, coming in the fall of 2012. Go to the TV show page to find out more.

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    666 Park Avenue Series 

    • 111_666_park_avenue
      When Jane Boyle moves to New York with her dashing, fabulously wealthy fiancé Malcolm Doran, she quickly learns that there’s more to his family than meets the eye. But she has a surprising inheritance of her own, and a few tricks up her sleeve. Now she has to master her new-found magical abilities in order to protect herself, and Malcolm, before it’s too late. Don't miss this wickedly romantic romp that inspired the ABC TV series by the same name.
    • 111_666ParkAve2_darkglamour
      Gabriella Pierce’s fabulous follow-up to her debut supernatural romance, 666 Park Avenue, is a wickedly romantic chronicle of witches, covens, and curses, and the darkness lurking behind New York high society. Fans of Meg Cabot’s Insatiable and LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries will love this edgy paranormal tale of an unfortunate bride whose Prince Charming turns out to be the son of an elite Upper East Side witch.
    • 666_3_LostSouls_111wide
      Jane Boyle's mother-in-law, Lynne, is evil. In fact, she's the embodiment of a powerful, body-snatching demon. Now, by attempting to tap into powers stronger than her enemy's, Jane must destroy Lynne before she finds her next unwilling host. Her estranged husband Malcolm is her only ally--if she can learn to trust him again before it's too late.