Zoey Dean

    Author of The A-List and Talent series, Zoey Dean has written many young adult novels. She lives in Beverly Hills, but spends a lot of time vacationing in the Caribbean.

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    Books by Zoey Dean 

    • The A-List Book 1
      Welcome to the A-List.
    • A-List Book 11: Hollywood Royalty
      Some people are born with it.
    • Talent Book Cover
      Come join Mac and her BFFs as they take on the world of glamour and stardom. With Mac's keen eye for noticing people with talent, this thirteen-year-old is ready to take her friends to the Big Time. But of course, Hollywood can be harsher than a Middle School cafeteria - if only just a little. Will Mac and her BFFs make it into the Inner Circle world of Hollywood or will they wind up on the outside looking in?
    • How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls
      A recent Yale grad takes a hib tutoring seventeen-year-old identical twins in Palm Beach, Florida.
    • Hollywood is like High School with Money
      A social butterfly 16-year-old uses her queen bee tactics to help her mother's assistant succeed in the Hollywood popularity contest.