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    All about the author of The Probability of Miracles.

    When she’s not writing, Wendy Wunder teaches yoga and spends time with her family in Boston.

    She grew up in back woods New Jersey and lived in New York and San Francisco before landing in Boston for graduate school.

    She has worked in: radio, textbooks, international book sales, libraries, restaurants, catering, and academia—not necessarily in that order and sometimes all at once. Highlights of these jobs were: serving hors d’oeuvres to Robin Williams at George Lucas’s fiftieth birthday party, and, at the radio station, talking to the traffic chopper on a walkie talkie.

    She loves reading, dancing, skiing, theater, the color green, a good sentence, the seasons, amusement parks, writing dialogue, car camping, road atlases, Jerseyana, trips to IKEA, reading trashy magazines on airplanes, self-tanning products, and anyplace you can walk barefoot.

    She likes to read slightly lyrical books that have a sense of humor. You can spot her writing at the Bates Room in the Boston Public Library, where she is often in trouble with the overzealous security guards who–rather unfairly, she thinks–won’t let her eat, drink or nap.

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    1. Saiya Zulberti Said:

      Hi Ms.Wendy Wunder,
      I am a 6th grade students and in my English class we are doing a project called Novel Studies. I chose to read your book for my Novel Studies and I found that it was exquisite. We had four tasks to choose from and I chose to write an email to you. The thing is, is that I cannot seem to find your email anywhere and as you can assume I’m not aloud a Facebook or twitter either.

      I would really enjoy communicating with you and to ask you a few questions about your writing and your books. I really hope that this will go through to you because I would really appreciate some feedback or reply. I understand if you cant get back to me because you are a very busy person, but your reply would be greatly admired. Thank you a lot I really enjoyed your book.

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