Scott Westerfeld

    Scott WesterfeldScott Westerfeld is the young adult novelist author most famous for his series, The Uglies. Some of his other works include the Midnighters trilogy and the Leviathan trilogy. Not only an author, Scott used to write music for New York dancers. Born in Texas, Scott now lives in both New York and Australia.

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    Books by Scott Westerfield 

    • The Midnighters Book 1
      When Jessica arrives in Bixby, Oklahoma, so that her mother can work at a high-tech aerospace company, she discovers that she isn't just a regular fifteen year old. Jessica is a Midnighter, which means that she can enter "Blue Hour" or the extra hour that exists only at the instant of Midnight. Throughout the series, Jessica allies herself with the other Midnighters of Bixby as they encounter and explore the creatures and world of the "Blue Hour".