Melinda Metz

    Melinda Metz iMelinda Metz Author Page Headshots the acclaimed young-adult novelist of over sixty books, including the series Roswell High. Melinda often writes with her writing partner, Laura J. Burns. Originally from California, Melinda now lives in North Carolina with her dog.

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    Books by Melinda Metz 

    • Roswell High Book 1
      What if Aliens went to your high school? Max and Isabel Evans, along with their friend Michael Guerin are alien survivors of a 1970 UFO crash known as the Roswell UFO Incident but now attend the Ulysses F. Olsen high school of Roswell, New Mexico. Although they have kept their true identity secret for decades, circumstances lead them to share their origins with some of their human classmates. The teens bond as they learn to trust one another and protect their phenomenal secret.
    • Echoes Book Cover
      When Rae Voight touches your fingerprints, she knows your thoughts.