Francine Pascal

    Francine Pascal Author Page HeadshotBorn in NYC, Francine is an East Coast girl, spending most of her time in the city (unless of course she’s at her home in the South of France). Francine always knew she wanted to be a writer and got started writing professionally right after college. Francine is best known for the Sweet Valley High series, for which she not only created all of the characters, but also developed the plot for all seven hundred books. She also has continued to develop the characters through Sweet Valley High Confidential – Ten Years Later and a serial blog called, The Sweet Life, which catches up with the twins in their 30s. Francine Pascal’s success doesn’t show signs of stopping and the Sweet Valley High series will be made into a musical movie extravaganza.

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    Books by Francine Pascal 

    • Sweet Valley High 1
      Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are two identical twins living in sunny Sweet Valley, California. Though alike in looks, Jessica and Elizabeth have extremely different personalities. While Jessica likes to be the it-girl, Elizabeth is content to follow in her sisters shadow. Join the sisters as they go through the trials and tribulations of high school.