Elizabeth Woods

    Elizabeth Woods is the pen name of Emma Carlson Berne, the critically acclaimed author of Choker, Figment, and Still Waters. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and two little boys in a house overrun by stinkbugs.

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    Books By Elizabeth Emma Woods 

    • Figment_111wide
      Both an irresistible romance and a nail-biting thriller, Figment delivers a new twist on forbidden love, in a world where the truth is as unpredictable as love itself. Read a free chapter of this must-read psychological thriller.
    • Choker Book Cover
      Would you hide a suspected killer? What if the suspect were your only friend? Cara is lonely and depressed until her old friend Zoe reappears needing a place to hide out. Together, the two friends are invincible--but in this shocking page-turner, Cara will have to choose between living a blissful lie and accusing her best friend of murder.