Cecily von Ziegesar

    Cecily von ZiegesarCecily von Ziegesar is the author of the original Gossip Girl novels upon which the hit TV show is based, and the creator of the It Girl and The Carlyles series. She is also the author of Class (Hyperion) now out in paperback. Cecily lives in Brooklyn with her husband, two children, two cats and a dog, who all watch Gossip Girl together on Monday nights. She is currently writing something new, which she hopes to finish one day, and which she hopes you will enjoy. It’s a sweet life, but someone’s got to live it.

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    Books By Cecily von Ziegesar 

    • Gossip Girl Book 1
      The series follows the glamour and gossip surrounding the Upper East Side's "it" crowd.
    • The It Girl
      In this Gossip Girl spin-off series, Jenny Humphrey has been shipped away to boarding school at the elite Waverly Academy -- but she can't escape her crazy Manhattan past.

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