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    Photo Credit: Andrea Flanagan

    Photo Credit: Andrea Flanagan

    A.N. Willis spent way too many late nights in high school watching sci-fi shows, resulting in a possibly unhealthy obsession with yellow-eyed androids, renegade FBI agents, and wormholes to distant galaxies. She feels at home anywhere she can see the mountains.

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    1. Dzemal Said:

      she wants to stay and that she loves me but her actions give me mixed felignes. I asked her to cut all ties with this man and she has contacted him 3 times since then (one phone call that she told me about, one text, and one IM on facebook). I have been a mess and admitted that I may be paranoid and clingy, but I feel that is to be expected, especially since we are not even past the one month mark and I am still dealing with some very strong and conflicting emotions. Her opinion is that I am trying to control her / her movements and where she goes. This past weekend she spent the day out running errands and I got upset about that even though I knew that was what she was doing. I don’t believe she was cheating and I believe the affair is over, but I want to see the same desire from her to spend time together and I suppose I want her to jump through some hoops to prove that to me. I feel that in some way she has been validated by the affair and wants / needs more time doing what she wants. The words she uses are escapism and down time , which is partially why I feel she had the affair in the first place to get away from stress at home, and I also know that she was feeling neglected by me (believe me I am not justifying her behavior). I really want to stay and work it out, I know I made mistakes that while I feel she dealt with them completely in the wrong way, I understand that they played a role regardless. I think we could have a great relationship if we are able to move forward. But, I don’t think she is willing to put her ego aside to give me what I need. I also don’t want to lose my self respect in the process and i think I am very close to that point. This upcoming weekend she has a girls sleepover planned at our house on Saturday with some close friends and I am all for that I think it’s a great idea for her to spend some time with her girlfriends. But on Friday she plans to go out to a monthly club event with her friends where there is good chance that she will run into the person she had the affair with. I have asked her not to go and that I would like us to spend that time together. She has offered to spend the earlier part of the day together but flat out REFUSES to drop her plans to go out with her friends. We even got into an argument over it. I am not myself, I even cried and told her that I felt like she was choosing her friends over me, because she knew how much I didn’t want her to go. I KNOW that what I am asking may be manipulative and / or controlling, but I also think I have the right to ask her. Do you think that she is being unreasonable or that I am asking too much?Thank you all for your responses and i am in total agreement just needed to hear it! Some background .yes we both work but i make a lot more money than she does and I know that is one of the reasons that she wants to stay. I also wanted to make this work for our family (two kids) if at all possible, but i am not willing to just lay down for her (anymore). We used to go out together all the time, but this year I started staying at home (I’m 36, she’s 33) because I was just over the club scene and didn’t want to be around the kids anymore. The man she slept with is 21 and was a model in a fashion show for a boutique we just started. I KNOW she wants her own lifestyle and wants her cake and eat it too, but I want my family and have been trying to hang in there (since that is what she says she wants). This sucks but I’m done with putting up with this B.S

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